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3G boosts Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments earned a profit of $2.3bn on revenues of $13.39bn for 2005, the company reported yesterday, up from $1.8bn and $12.58bn for 2004.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jan 2006

Java Opera poses smartphone challenge

Opera, which owes much of its success to its smart-phone browsers, today offers a reason not to buy a smart phone. The Norwegian company will take the wraps off its Mini browser: a Java applet that can run on around 700m phones.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jan 2006
iRiver U10 media player

Supremes shun RIM - again

The US Supreme Court has rejected Research in Motion's latest request that it weigh in on the Blackberry maker's battle with US intellectual property holding company NTP.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2006

T-Mobile preps UK launch for Blackberry 8700g

T-Mobile will next month begin shipping Research in Motion's latest Blackberry, the 8700, in the UK, marking the device's debut in Britain.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2006

Nokia and Intel turn on mobile TV alliance

Intel, Motorola, Nokia and Texas Instruments are teaming up to promote the use of TV on mobile phones and other devices. The Mobile DTV alliance will work to promote the Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld (DVB-H) standard and encourage best practice.
John Oates, 24 Jan 2006
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MS spends large to appear small

Microsoft is spending $120m to persuade the world it is not a big American company. The new advertising will be more tightly tied to local markets and will enhance the work Microsoft is doing in education and security.
John Oates, 24 Jan 2006

ECS readies budget CrossFire Socket 939 mobo

Elitegroup has pledged to ship a budget ATI CrossFire-enabled motherboard for AMD's Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors by the end of the month.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2006
ECS RD480-A939 mobo

Intel ships low-spec P4s for low-cost PCs

Intel has begun shipping a pair of low-cost Pentium 4 5xx class CPUs that have yet to be added to its public price list. The chip giant is also preparing to offer a low-price dual-core Pentium D 8xx processor in two months' time.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2006

EC grants MS fine delay

Microsoft has asked the European Commission for an extension to the deadline for it to comply with the anti-trust ruling reached in 2004. The EC originally gave Microsoft until Wednesday to improve access to its server software.
John Oates, 24 Jan 2006
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Bot herder pleads guilty to 'zombie' sales

A 20-year-old California man has pleaded guilty to federal charges that he sold access to networks of compromised PCs and made money from illicitly installed adware, prosecutors announced on Monday.
SecurityFocus, 24 Jan 2006

Gut feelings drive firms' IT decisions

Over a tenth of UK small businesses are making uninformed IT decisions based on "gut feelings", a new study has revealed.
Startups.co.uk, 24 Jan 2006

The 'f' in framework

CommentThere are but 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand the binary numbering system and those who don't. Sadly, I think that's probably the funniest programmer joke I've ever heard. Underlying it, however, is something that has important ramifications in the world of software development - the tendency for human beings to divide everything in the world into categories.
David Putman, 24 Jan 2006

3G demand grows, says Voda

Demand for 3G phones is beginning to take off, Vodafone reported today, echoing claims by mobile phone retailer Phones4U that 2005 was "a 3G Christmas".
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2006

Yahoo! phishing warning

Websense is warning internet users of a new phishing scam targeting Yahoo! users.
John Oates, 24 Jan 2006

PlusNet swells broadband numbers

PlusNet racked up 176,000 broadband punters at the end of 2005, helping to boost turnover by 27 per cent.
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2006
ECS RD480-A939 mobo

Vodafone readies HSDPA 3G card for notebooks

Vodafone is gearing up to extend its Mobile Connect Card notebook mobile phone connectivity add-in line-up with a card that supports the High Speed Data Packet Access (HSDPA) bandwidth-boosting upgrade to 3G networks.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2006
SGI logo hardware close-up

EMC meets Wall St in Q4

Storage giant EMC spared Wall Street any shocks with its Q4 numbers this morning.
Team Register, 24 Jan 2006
Nokia 6125

Council clamps down on kids using mobile phones

Schools on Merseyside are being urged to ban the use of mobile phone among school kids.
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2006
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Walsall escapes scrutiny of scuppered Fujitsu deal

The District Auditor has refused a request to investigate Walsall Council Cabinet's secret negotiations over an aborted £500m outsourcing deal with Fujitsu.
Mark Ballard, 24 Jan 2006

Oz flying car takes reader flak

LettersOur piece yesterday on the Oz flying car spotted over Perth shortly before making the transdimensional leap to hyper light speed provoked a large number of sceptics among you to question our judgement in the matter:
Lester Haines, 24 Jan 2006
Option GlobeTrotter HSDPA card

ATI ships Radeon X1900 XT, XTX and CrossFire Edn

ATI has launched its Radeon X1900 graphics chip, aka the R580, offering the 90nm part as the X1900 CrossFire Edition (CFE), X1900 XT and X1900 XTX, as anticipated.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2006

Murdoch to bring MySpace to UK

News International has sent the social networking world into a tizz by saying its US-based MySpace.com will hit the UK within a month.
Joe Fay, 24 Jan 2006

Ofcom probes roaming charges

Ofcom has published a guide to help consumers avoid being ripped off when they use their mobile phones abroad.
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2006
ATI X1900 XTX graphics card

Orange all a-quiver over 'vibro-tactile' mobile phone

In a bid to put the buzz back into the mobile phone market, Orange UK has launched a version of Samsung's E770 handset that sports what inventor Immersion calls "vibro-tactile sensations".
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2006

Wally watering can heads for £10K

We needn't have worried about the poor old British Divers Marine Life Rescue group (BDMLR) who - as we reported yesterday - were facing 300 quid in parking fines and around another £5k in expenses related to the heroic but ultimately ill-fated mission to save Wally the bottle-nosed whale.
Lester Haines, 24 Jan 2006

Cingular sensation claimed for Q4

Cingular is crowing over a fourth quarter in which customer churn - people fleeing to other providers - fell to a new low (2.1 per cent). The US cellco recorded a net customer increase of 1.8m for the quarter ended December 31, 2005, to 54.1 million subscribers.
Drew Cullen, 24 Jan 2006
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Hey Bill, why am I still getting spam?

Two years ago today Bill Gates predicted that spam email would be eradicated as a problem within 24 months. The Microsoft chairman predicted the death of spam in a speech at the World Economic Forum on 24 January 2004.
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2006

Verizon Wireless edges closer to Cingular

Verizon Wireless did a little strip-tease for Wall Street today, offering a sneak peek at key performance indicators for Q4, ahead of Thursday's results announcement.
Drew Cullen, 24 Jan 2006

Russians to hold Thomas C. Greene for two years

LettersThis Tuesday's quick peruse of the Vulture Central mail bag kicks off with a couple of comments about Thomas C. Greene's Windows Back door musings. Technically sound, was the consensus, but what about the comments regarding Steve Gibson?:
Lester Haines, 24 Jan 2006

No Sony PS3 in UK until 2007, says analyst

It's been a fairly tough start to the year for both Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, but it looks like Sony's woe may be a touch worse.
Tech Digest, 24 Jan 2006

US calls sale scandal picks up steam

The scandal over the sale of mobile phone call records to data brokers in the US is gaining momentum. T-Mobile, the number four US mobile operator, has obtained an injunction against two firms - Data Find Solutions and 1st Source Information Specialists - that it alleges have illegally obtained customer records, Reuters reports.
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2006

Lexmark delivers jobs blow for Scotland

Lexmark, the printer maker, is ending production of inkjet cartridges in Rosyth, Scotland and is transferring manufacture to a cheaper, unnamed country. Up to 1,000 jobs could be affected.
Drew Cullen, 24 Jan 2006

PC use gives students an advantage in school

Students who use computers regularly are getting a headstart on their peers when it comes to school subjects, according to a new OECD study.
ElectricNews.net, 24 Jan 2006

Code Complete, Second Edition

Book reviewThis is a book about a sorely neglected part of software development: writing code. It's not a book about the specifics of a particular language, programming paradigm or development methodology. Nor is it about UML, design patterns or data structures. It's about coding. About low-level design, about naming conventions, about all those things we spend so much of our time doing, but which are conspicuously absent from most books on development.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 24 Jan 2006

Boo.com dusts down website for June relaunch

Boo.com - the high profile fashion flop that blew megabucks before going titsup within months of launching - could be about to make a dotcom comeback.
Team Register, 24 Jan 2006

Decoupling from passports added to ID Card Bill's woes

Government suffered further defeats on ID Cards last night, as the House of Lords voted to make the scheme voluntary, and to require a further Act of Parliament before ID cards can be made compulsory. The Government has already stated that it intends to reverse the Lords' amendments in the Commons, but as it now has to deal with several substantial changes, and the Dear Leader has several other controversial pieces of legislation on his plate, it may have a difficult time of it.
John Lettice, 24 Jan 2006
vulture tv reporter

UK.gov repels zero day WMF attack

Chinese hackers attacked UK Government targets during the Christmas holidays using the Microsoft Windows Meta File (WMF) exploit. The attacks - initiated before Microsoft's patch against the vulnerability was released on January 5 - came in the form of contamination emails that originated in China, according to email filtering firm MessageLabs, whose clients include the UK Government. It's unclear if independent hackers or the Chinese Government initiated the attack.
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2006

77% of Google users don't know it records personal data

More than three quarters of web surfers don't realize Google records and stores information that may identify them, results of a new opinion poll show.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jan 2006

One in three Europeans pick 3G contracts

A third of new mobile contracts in western Europe during Q405 were for 3G services.
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2006

Oracle rebuffs Sun's NetBeans

Weeks after the companies pledged their software love for another 10 years, Oracle has quietly - but firmly - rejected Sun Microsystems' NetBeans open source Java technology.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Jan 2006

Opera on Palm OS? Sort of...

Spare a thought for poor old Palm. Nokia has succeeded in convincing analysts, and portions of the press, that its $399 Linux Wi-Fi tablet, the Nokia 770, is "an entirely new device category". Even the Wall Street Journal said so.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jan 2006

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