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DVD it in many colours

HP confirms plan to attack Sun via Solaris

HP has gone really, really public about its support for Sun Microsystems Solaris 10 operating system by sending out an internal memo.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Jan 2006

MS, AOL and Yahoo! caved to Feds' fishing expedition

The US Justice Department confirmed yesterday that Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL have already complied with its request to hand over the details of queries submitted to the search engine - a fact that was disclosed in court documents this week. The DoJ wants the information, not for a criminal prosecution, but as background materia to bolster its attempt to revive a Clinton-era anti-pornography law.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Jan 2006

Windows back door rumor is bunk

Contrary to a recent rumor circulating on the internet, Microsoft did not intentionally back-door the majority of Windows systems by means of the WMF vulnerability. Although it is a serious issue that should be patched straight away, the idea that it's a secret back door is quite preposterous.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Jan 2006

Wild Packets

Good to talk to Chris Bell of WildPackets about networking again (apparently the much-maligned Token Rings are still out there - happy memories).
David Norfolk, 21 Jan 2006

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