20th January 2006 Archive

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  • UK.gov loves computer contractors (true)

    Taking up private sector slack

    Management 20 07:03

  • ONS struggles to define ecommerce revenues

    Could do better, UK statisticians admit

    Small Biz 20 07:03

  • Swindon goes large on outsourcing

    Gig worth up to £500m

    Policy 20 08:58

  • IT industry prepares for the worst over ID cards

    'Don't blame us, blame government'

    Media 20 09:49

  • AOL UK to spend £120m on local loop unbundling

    Can now compete 'on a level playing field' with BT

    Networks 20 10:23

  • AMD looks to quintuple CPU cache capacity

    Capacitorless memory could be the key

    Hardware 20 10:36

  • Rambus Q4 income drops 35 per cent

    Despite record revenues

    Financial News 20 10:47

  • New Horizons off to Pluto

    Successful launch for NASA mission

    Science 20 11:04

  • Tesco VoIP service flawed, say rivals

    Not comparing apples and oranges

    VoIP 20 11:24

  • ATI R580 GPU benchmarked

    Sample graphics board leaks out

    Hardware 20 11:45

  • Mobile phones don't cause brain tumours

    Handset usage doesn't increase cancer risk

    Phones 20 11:56

  • US man kills himself 'live' on gamers' forum

    Controversy surrounds suicide

    Media 20 11:59

  • BOFH: 'Did you know..?'

    Yes, we did - we're Systems and Networks

    BOFH 20 12:07

  • Phones4U raves about '3G Christmas'

    Corners third of 3G sales

    Financial News 20 12:10

  • Acer to integrate 3G into notebooks

    HSDPA too, for even faster downloads

    Hardware 20 12:20

  • 802.11n Wi-Fi spec nailed down, at last

    Broadcom already sampling compatible chips

    Data Networking 20 13:03

  • Banks make it easy for scammers

    Too fat to act?

    Security 20 14:51

  • Million $ pixel site faces legal threat

    Winner of eBay auction not happy

    Financial News 20 14:55

  • Asus Extreme AX1800XT TOP

    Too late, too pricey?

    Hardware 20 15:01

  • Sex.com owner sells up to chase $65m damages

    Epic domain fight continues without domain

    Media 20 15:13

  • Pipex hosting service floored by electrical fault

    One in seven punters hit

    Broadband 20 15:17

  • Vive la France!

    No cheese, no monkeys, no surrender

    Bootnotes 20 15:51

  • German court orders shutdown of Wikipedia

    Dispute over naming of dead hacker

    Media 20 16:00

  • Apple to open stores in Germany, reseller claims

    A '99.9 per cent probability'

    Hardware 20 16:23

  • UK splashes out £5bn on bumper e-Xmas

    Online spending continues to soar

    Financial News 20 16:24

  • South Korea warns Japan over Hynix DRAM tax

    Will go to WTO if import levy imposed

    The Channel 20 16:26

  • IT security a problem, says FBI

    It's done a survey

    Security 20 16:28

  • USwitch calls in advisors to prep sale

    Or maybe an IPO

    Financial News 20 16:29

  • Motorola makes up for lost time with Kreatel buy

    Set-top maker buy puts Morotola in frame for full IPTV

    Peripherals 20 16:45

  • Eurovision Search contest: a search engine for Europe

    The winner is: Boom bang-a-bang

    Applications 20 16:57

  • Intel answers Itanium mystery with riddle

    One full Swope

    Servers 20 20:02

  • Mistakes found in 98% of US patents

    Indian proofreaders to the rescue!

    Developer 20 22:56

  • There's no such thing as an open source business

    Unless it uses Apache

    Applications 20 23:23