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Google buys into digital radio ads

Advertising giant Google has paid $106m for dMarc, which provides media-buying technology for digital radio. dMarc also provides the technology infrastructure for "station automation" - enabling the unmanned "ghost" stations so beloved by ClearChannel, and loathed by everyone else. dMarc claims to have 4,600 stations under its umbrella.
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Intel stuns market with Q4 sales miss

Lower than expected PC chip sales forced Intel into a rare revenue miss during its fourth quarter. Investors then punished the chip-maker in the after-hours markets, sending Intel shares down as much as 10 per cent.

Third XP Service Pack slips to boost Vista sales tools

Microsoft is planning its third Windows XP Service Pack (SP) for release in 2007, three years after the last SP, in order to concentrate engineering resources on Windows Vista.
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Yahoo! lowers! outlook!

Despite posting a record fourth quarter, Wall Street punished Yahoo! for lowering its outlook today.
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Developers asked to queue for Windows IM beta test

Developers eager to join Microsoft Windows Messenger beta program can now register their interest online.

HP tired of being a mere JBoss supporter

HP has broadened its ties with open source application server vendor JBoss in the hope of offering more middleware options to customers.
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IBM serves mixed grill in Q4

IBM's fourth quarter looked weak including the impact of its old PC business. Excluding the PC baggage, IBM's fourth quarter merely looked mediocre.
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Consumer group calls for anti-DRM laws

A UK-based consumer rights group has called for MPs to introduce new laws to ensure consumers' rights to use digital content are protected. The use of digital rights management technology on CDs, DVDs and music downloads to control or restrict the use of copyrighted digital works shows that the current regime of self-regulation is failing to protect consumers' rights, according to the National Consumer Council (NCC).

Improving Intel chipset supplies to push up DDR 2 prices

Taiwanese DRAM makers have pointed to rising supplies of Intel's 945-class chipsets as another factor driving up DDR 2 SDRAM prices.
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Local Directgov goes live

Yesterday saw the official launch of the Local Directgov programme.

Dell offers dual-core desktop replacement rig

Dell has unveiled its first Core Duo-based notebook, the Inspiron 9400. The 17in-widescreen monster is a Centrino-branded machine, and ships with either a 1.83GHz Core Duo T2400 CPU or a 1.67GHz Core Solo T1300 chip. Upgrades to the Core Duo T2300, T2500 and T2600 processors are available on a build-to-order basis.
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T-Mobile walloped for 'dangerous driving' ad

T-Mobile UK has pulled an ad aimed at business users who want to stay connected on the move because it "condoned dangerous driving".
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MS says no to Xbox 360 Blu-ray support

Microsoft may not offer an external Blu-ray Disc drive for the Xbox 360 after all. The software giant this week said it remains "fully committed" to HD DVD and has "absolutely no plans to support other optical formats".

DSG dreams of 'digital Christmas'

The performance of DSG - the high-street electricals retailer behind Dixons, Currys and PC World - was boosted over the festive period thanks to punters splashing out on a "digital Christmas".
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LogicaCMG cites operating profitability

LogicaCMG claimed a “significant improvement in operating profitability” in 2005 in a trading statement this morning.
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Data protection used as smokescreen

Privacy laws have become a convenient excuse for authorities who want to keep secrets, say medical researchers.
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I'm dreaming of a utility data centre

Only time will tell just how much of business IT’s future they will come to represent, but Utility Data Centres (UDC) are bound to play a significant part in most companies’ IT infrastructure plans over the coming years.
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Million $ pixel site blackmailed

Milliondollarhomepage.com has been pummelled over the past week by extortionists looking to cash-in on the success of the pixel-flogging site.
CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller

Cool your cup with USB

Isn't USB a wonderful thing? Not only will it connect to your computer cameras, hard disks, iPods, more Flash drives than you can shake a stick at, and even sex toys, but it will now keep your cola cool.
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Sony Rootkit: electronic Black Death

Letters First up today from the Vulture Central mailbag is this, pointing out a shocking howler in this week's Chip and PIN story:
Dbtel M50 handset

Dbtel preps iPod-like phone

How soon will it be before Taiwanese handset maker Dbtel has Apple's lawyers knocking on its door? If images appearing on the web are indeed of its upcoming M50 phone, it's hard to image the iPod maker not taking an interest.
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ID cards jinxed by lefties

Privacy is not the only reason to be worried about ID cards - there's also the bozos the government is getting to install the system that runs them, says Corporate Watch.
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Napster claims 100 per cent year-on-year subscriber growth

Napster today said it has doubled the number of people subscribing to its music rental services in the past 12 months.
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Walkman brand drives Sony Ericsson to record quarter

Sony Ericsson's Walkman-branded handsets and its focus on high-end camera phones pushed the company into a record quarter during the final three months of its 2005 fiscal year, the phone-maker said today.
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'Clear demand' for mobile TV, says O2

Another batch of research has been produced to suggest that punters are keen to view TV programmes on the move, with O2 claiming there is a "clear consumer demand" for a service that beams digital content direct to mobile phones.
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iPod t-shirt hits the shelves

Cash'n'Carrion Very much hot on the heels of the I do Sudoku in Hex t-shirt (which has proved a runaway bestseller, so if you want one, get in there sharpish), the chaps down at TechnoDepot have unleashed yet another hi-tech fashion statement.

Northamber gets case maker

ENlight UK has done a deal with Northamber to distribute its PC cases aimed at gamers.
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Readers crack Google Earth photo challenge

Thanks to all those readers who took the time to write in about our mystery Google Earth location and, specifically, the five selected features which we asked you to identify:
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GoldenPalace.com buys Captain Kirk's kidney stone

GoldenPalace.com has added to its world-class roster of tat by snapping up William Shatner's kidney stone for $25k (£14k). Shatner will donate the cash to housing charity Habitat for Humanity, the BBC reports.
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3G overhyped, says tech pioneer

The need for high-speed internet access on mobiles has been overestimated, according to a mobile-phone technology pioneer who poured cold water on the short-term potential for 3G network operators to realise ambitious business plans.
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Health Dept. to review high hospital phone charges

Ofcom has called on the Department of Health (DoH) to carry out a review into the cost of phoning patients in hospital. The review stems from an investigation launched by the comms regulator last summer amid allegations that people were being ripped off for telephoning patients in hospital.

DB2 - the secret database

DB2 is the most respectable and most powerful database engine in the world: it’s the pinnacle of database development. IBM makes a claim (undisputed to my knowledge) that more structured data is stored in DB2 than in any other database engine.

HMRC tax debacle spreads

Staff at Network Rail have become the latest victims of scammers preying on the UK’s tax credit scheme, the Times reports.
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IBM plans executive sweetener

IBM is planning to upgrade executive remuneration packages to compensate for freezing their pensions.
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Japan nervous as officials probe Livedoor

Investors in Japan are in a tizz after allegations surfaced about one of the country's most popular internet companies.
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Councillors demand explanation for outsourcing 'fiasco'

Pressure is growing on Walsall Council to give a full explanation for the failed negotiations over a £500m outsourcing deal with Fujitsu Services.

SAP exec caught praising Oracle's Larry Ellison

SAP's products and technology chief Shai Agassi has confirmed two things – he thinks Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison is a smart guy and his company will finally deliver its rival to Salesforce.com before March.

ZigBee bursts onto wireless PAN

Products based on ZigBee - the low power, mesh radio technology - will come on tap this year and make a big impact in industrial controls, according to demos at the IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium this week.

Google accused of being the next SAP

Is Google the next SAP?
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Microsoft greenlights 'live' use of WinFX beta code

Microsoft is greenlighting development and rollout of applications based on beta code contained in the WinFX programming framework and architecture.