16th January 2006 Archive

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  • Tory and Lib peers aim to ice ID cards until Blair's overthrow

    Costings look ball-crushingly tight, apparently...

    Media 16 00:03

  • Cutting choice to get more choice

    Standard platforms move choice to the right place

    Servers 16 09:32

  • Cisco gets into consumer electronics

    Or consumer electronics get Cisco'd

    Data Networking 16 09:36

  • UK gov calls for online gambling summit

    Let's have a heated debate...

    Financial News 16 10:17

  • Rambus sues Micron

    Opens second front in Northern California

    Hardware 16 10:20

  • HP readying compact Wi-Fi PDA phone?

    Signs Quanta to make version of O2 XDA Atom, apparently

    Phones 16 10:35

  • NTL ups bid for Virgin

    They're chatting again

    Financial News 16 10:46

  • Asus moots Lamborghini-branded phones

    Wants to take the marque beyond laptops

    Phones 16 10:48

  • Scottish beach in radium contamination probe

    Dumped luminous aircraft dials suspected

    Science 16 10:53

  • The Freedom of Information Act, one year on

    Picking over 12 months of dirty laundry

    Media 16 11:03

  • Intel readies 65nm 'Yonah'-based Celeron M 4xx series

    Ultra-low voltage Core Duo part too

    Hardware 16 11:23

  • Stardust floats gently to Earth

    Comet-sample capsule successfully recovered

    Science 16 11:29

  • Intel 'Santa Rosa' Centrino to sport 800MHz FSB

    802.11n WLAN support in the mix too

    Hardware 16 11:40

  • Etailer bounces back after oil depot fire

    Insurance covers loss

    Financial News 16 11:43

  • US tests e-Passports

    Singapore and Australia get in on the act

    Security 16 11:51

  • Forget global warming - think boiling oceans

    The end is nigh, says Gaia scientist James Lovelock

    Science 16 11:59

  • Intel readies 65nm Celeron D CPUs

    Faster Presler and Cedar Mills, too

    Hardware 16 12:01

  • Nokia readies Bluetooth 2.0 clamshell phone

    Quad-band Nokia 6125 pitched a Europeans

    Phones 16 12:48

  • Selfridges to sell pricey iPod lessons

    They're free round the corner at the Apple shop

    Peripherals 16 13:11

  • BT hires kids' favourites for IPTV service

    Can Bob the Builder fix it for BT?

    Networks 16 13:21

  • Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth stereo headphones

    Unwired for sound?

    Broadband 16 13:46

  • The Reg reaches 4m people a month

    And that's a fact

    The Company 16 13:58

  • Reasons to be cheerful about Office 12?

    Low-cost intelligence for the masses

    Developer 16 14:20

  • Tax man asks to appeal Arctic decision

    Mom and Pop IT biz goes back to court over tax

    Business 16 14:27

  • Fujitsu loses £500m Walsall Council deal

    Thanks for all your ideas - we can handle it from here

    Policy 16 14:43

  • BT Phone Book to be printed in Spain

    180 UK jobs at risk

    Networks 16 15:00

  • Unipalm ups security range

    Patch management

    The Channel 16 15:27

  • Unequal equivalence

    When is a number not a number?

    Developer 16 16:02

  • Galileo satellite gives forth

    First signals received

    Science 16 16:08

  • Northern Ireland boasts blanket broadband coverage

    The full monty, 100 per cent, the lot...

    Broadband 16 16:36

  • UK lifts lid on unmanned stealth aircraft

    'Corax' surveillance vehicle poses for press

    Science 16 16:38

  • Intel Core Duo T2700 to bring VT to Centrino?

    Chip maker keeps mum on mobile virtualisation support

    Hardware 16 16:55

  • Napster rejects restructure reports

    Not up for sale, either, company claims

    Hardware 16 17:21

  • BT hangs up on internet payphone

    Not so engaging

    Broadband 16 17:22

  • Union woos IBM with love hearts

    Militants spread love not spittle

    Management 16 18:24

  • Researcher: Sony BMG rootkit still widespread

    'The global scope is the big mystery here'

    Security 16 18:35