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DVD it in many colours

Sun and Oracle promise to work together for 10 more years

Sun Microsystems and Oracle today renewed their vows in front of loved ones, employees and hacks.
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IntelliJ IDEA 5.0: can it survive the Eclipse onslaught?

Review The rise and rise of Eclipse is a mixed blessing for developers. There are obvious benefits in the existence of such a high-quality tools platform, free and open source, and seemingly everyone bar Sun and Microsoft has signed up to use it. The downside is the pressure it puts on other independent tools vendors.
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Mercury buys Systinet for SOA goodness

Mercury Interactive is buying into SOA with the $105m cash acquisition of privately held Systinet.

European IT spending shrinking

IT spending across Europe is under even more pressure and budgets will grow by just 1.6 per cent in 2006, compared to 2.9 per cent last year.
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Contractors not 'tax dodgers' - PCG

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is having a strop over an ad it claims portrays self-employed people as tax dodgers.
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Sprint Nextel in Clearwire spectrum swap

Sprint Nextel and Clearwire are the biggest holders of 2.5GHz spectrum in the US and both are looking to build major WiMAX-class networks. But they are likely to steer clear of head-on competition, in order to accelerate their roll-outs and strengthen the potential of new broadband wireless services to shift the balance of power in US telecoms and provide a counterweight to the Bell operators, with a full wireless triple play.
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Thin-client firm offers fat margins

A German maker of thin-client hardware has set up shop in the UK. Called IGEL Technology, the company has hired Simon Richards, previously at Wyse, to build a channel-only business here.

Systems Union hails record results

Systems Union Group will announce record results when it files accounts for the year ended 31 December 2005.
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BT cuts ribbon on new Openreach biz

The great and the good of the UK's telco sector are converging on central London to celebrate the formal launch of BT's network access business, Openreach.
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Google and Yahoo step up mobile ambitions

Google and Yahoo, for the second time, announced new mobile activities on the same day. Their approaches, while quite different, will increasingly bring the giants into conflict in the emerging market for delivering consistent services and content across home, PC and mobile devices – and will enable them to challenge the handset makers and carriers to be the dominant mobile brands.

Mentec goes completely Mentec

Mentec, the Irish Great Plains reseller, is having an image makeover in a bid to reflect its integration with its recent UK acquisitions.
TuneBuckle iPod Nano belt

Levi's tailors jeans to fit iPod

Jeans-maker Levi Strauss has designed a pair of denim trousers with an integrated iPod remote control. The jeans also provide an iPod dock and retractable earphones.
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AOL buys video-search firm

AOL is buying in talent to strengthen its video-search function as more and more big players get interested in the technology.
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More cracks appear in Windows

Microsoft released two more critical patches on Tuesday - days after it released an emergency fix for a critical WMF vulnerability that has been exploited by hackers and virus writers. The two latest updates - which, unlike the WMF patch, came out as part of Microsoft's regular Patch Tuesday update cycle - fix a flaw in the way Microsoft Windows processes embedded web fonts (MS06-002) and a Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) decoding vulnerability (MS06-003).
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Another computer factory to close in Scotland

There's yet more bad news for tech workers in Scotland after a second computer firm announced plans to shut down its factory.
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Downloads, iPods make music more 'disposable'

A University of Leicester psychologist has concluded that modern listeners don't value music as much as their 19th-century counterparts did - and he blames the iPod and music downloading.
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Vultures under threat worldwide

Vultures worldwide are under threat from a commonly used livestock painkiller which destroys their kidneys, the BBC reports.
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Catch as catch can

Stob Exception handling is a comparative newcomer to the programmer’s toolset.
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Pinder takes chair at Becta

Andrew Pinder is to head up UK IT quango the British Education Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA), the government announced today.
Joe Fay, 11 2006

Microsoft wins FAT patent case

The US Patent Office has upheld Microsoft's claim of patent rights over its File Allocation Table.
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Microsoft drops hotel in English Channel

We have, in the past, made merry with Microsoft and its command of cartography - notably when its MapPoint recommended that the best way to drive between the Norwegian towns of Haugesund and Trondheim was a 2,600 jaunt via the North Sea and English Channel - one of many curious jaunts.
Griffin EarThumps earphones

Griffin EarThumps earphones

Review I've long stopped listening to portable music players on London's Underground. You have to turn the volume so high to rise above the background racket, it quickly gets uncomfortable. I began to worry about my hearing.

Scammers offer defunct MS mag to developers

Fraudsters are attempting to sell subscriptions to a defunct magazine in a lame attempt to defraud Microsoft developers.
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Korean uni 'sorry' for stem cell scandal

The president of Seoul National University has apologised for the Hwang Woo-suk scandal which has seen the stem cell scientist exposed as a fraud, out of a job and today stripped of his title as Korea's first "supreme scientist", Reuters reports.

Cost and confidentiality concerns undermine NHS IT plan

Support is dwindling among medical practitioners for the multi-billion pound modernisation of the NHS’ IT systems, a major new study shows.
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EC waves through O2 buy-out

The European Commission has cleared Telefonica's takeover of O2, Eurocrats announced yesterday.
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Topless car spares wow eBay

NSFW Long gone are the days when any shiny new motor car would be rolled out at some motor show with a near-naked hussy draped across the bonnet enticing the howling mob of (male) press and public to "come and adjust my twin carburettors" and "ooh, just the thought of fuel injection makes me go all dizzy".
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Neuros preps DVD-quality, HDD-enabled video recorders

Neuros is to update its MPEG-4 Video Recorder with a new industrial design and an integrated hard-disk drive. It is also preparing to revive its Digital Audio Computer (DAC) line of MP3 players, basing both systems on both a common hardware platform and open-source firmware.
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'Quantum-Optical' chip maker shows 6.8GHz CPU

Controversial computer company Atom Chip has said it will open the claims it makes about its ultra-compact memory technology and its 6.8GHz notebook CPU to independent scrutiny.
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Revenge of the Sith is the People's Choice

Think of it what you may, but Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith last night won the People's Choice Award for best film when the great and the good gathered in LA to celebrate all that is wonderful in mainstream entertainment.
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IT grads damn university courses

UK IT graduates complain that their university courses do not prepare them for work in the real world and that the Government is not doing enough to help them find jobs.
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Face transplant woman hits the streets

The French face transplant recipient who received part of the visage of a brain-dead donor back in November has been out and about "without drawing stares", her surgeon has said.
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Official: iPod owners are not thieves

iPod owners might be daft fashion victims who are easily parted from their money, but they are not thieves, despite what Steve Ballmer may, or may not, have said.
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Apple stock price equals Intel's first x86 CPU

Apple's shares yesterday closed at $80.86 on the day CEO Steve Jobs introduced the first-ever Macintosh computers based on Intel microprocessors.
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Sky unveils VoD service

Sky has unveiled details of a video-on-demand (VoD) service which gives punters access to sport and movies via a broadband connection
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Booming Infosys feels growing pains

Indian offshoring giant Infosys posted a profit of about $146m in its most recent quarter, up 30 per cent year-on-year, as revenues grew 35 per cent to $559m.

US patents get open-source flavour

The US Patent and Trademark Office is working with open-source developers to improve the way patents are applied to software.
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Spielberg's Munich mired in Bafta awards muddle

Steven Spielberg's Munich has effectively been knocked out of the running for next month's Bafta awards after a batch of DVDs sent to voters eligible to judge the UK award were coded incorrectly for European viewing. Copies of the film were earlier held up for a month in UK Customs.
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School data not good enough

Educational computer systems in Britain face a radical overhaul in order to improve authorities' intelligence about the children in their care.
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SAP beats estimates, but shares fall

Stronger than expected sales of software licenses by SAP weren't rewarded by the market today. SAP will show a rise in revenue to €2.75bn for the fourth quarter according to company guidance, of which $1.18bn is from software sales.
iTablet Mac tablet

Tablet Mac draws bidders on eBay

Tired of waiting for Apple's long-rumoured tablet Mac to ship? Then US-based hardware mod project site, ThePlaceforitAll.com, may have the answer. It today offered the first of 100 12in iBooks re-tooled as a tablet, complete with stylus and touch-sensitive screen.
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Oracle helps Ashcroft board the terror gravy train

Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft has hit the ground running in his new lobbying business - mostly thanks to Larry Ellison.
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Apple bitten by iTunes security bugs

Security researchers have discovered four critical vulnerabilities involving Apple's QuickTime media player software and the download application for Apple's iTunes music store. The flaws create a means for hackers to take control of affected systems, according to eEye Digital Security, the firm that discovered the bugs.
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Papa LSD makes the trip to 100

Heroic comedian Bill Hicks once called for the news media to run a positive story on LSD consumption - a "Boy sees God and humanity's inner-beauty" piece meant to counter the "Boy jumps out of window and splatters" tales. We can come pretty close to achieving this goal by reporting that Albert Hofmann - the discoverer of LSD - has turned 100 today.
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'Live' Visual Studio on drawing board

Microsoft is starting work on a "live" version of its Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and is courting input from Windows developers on the project.
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Google and CBS release embarrassment of a video store

Review "This is a truly historical meeting of the established and new media," said Les Moonves, the head of CBS, about his network's new video partnership with Google. Um, no, Les. So far, it's just a really crap web site.

Hungry CA takes a bite out of PC protection

Two weeks into the New Year and Computer Associates International (CA) has bought its second company, again targeting improved systems performance.

Investors toy with Sun and HP

This has been a fine week for proving the sage wisdom of Wall Street, particularly where hardware companies are concerned.