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Microsoft backtracks on WMF patch

Microsoft has yielded to pressure and released a patch for the latest Windows security vulnerability – breaking its regular once-a-month update schedule.
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NewSCO broadens case against Novell

SCO Group is asking a US court to expand its slander case against Novell in a legal move aimed at Novell's SuSE business.
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Dell ridicules Microsoft as a 'so called' high-end gamer

CES Dismissing Microsoft's Xbox 360 as "so called high-definition gaming," Michael Dell today unveiled a stunning new limited edition Dell gaming PC packed with four Nvidia graphics processors and a "factory over-clocked" 4.26GHz chip.
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Intel recruits top Hollywood talent to make Viiv thrive

CES Intel rolled out Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman and Danny DeVito to help sell its Viiv technology here at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The star power, however, did little to convince us that this Viiv thing is more than a wishy-washy brand.
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CA swallows Wily

Systems giant Computer Associates International (CA) has scored the year's first acquisition, snapping up application management specialist Wily Technology.
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Outsourcing as process driver

I really liked Geoffrey McCaleb's piece on outsourcing today. As he says, "It almost sounds too good to be true. Which, of course, means it is".
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Google Talk accused of patent infringement

Google Talk, the internet telephony service currently being tested by Google, has become the subject of a new lawsuit alleging that the technology infringes two patents owned by holding company Rates Technology.
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'Robot agents' to help settle disputes

A new system which provides fast online arbitration, mediation and conciliation services to help organisations quickly resolve disputes has been launched.
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BT PC snafu leaves 3,000 families disappointed

BT is shelling out more than £150,000 as a "goodwill gesture" after failing to deliver some 3,000 PCs to consumers in Scotland in time for Christmas.

Enta takes on LG

Enta is now stocking LG’s line-up of optical disk drives.
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How to sue a British spammer

Chartered engineer Nigel Roberts became the first person to win a court judgment over a company's breach of the UK's anti-spam law late last year. His success received widespread media coverage – and now he's encouraging others to do the same.

IT Suppliers: Your perceptions

Reg Reader Studies Back in December we asked you, our beloved readers, to give us your perceptions of the major IT vendors.
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PC-WARE buys Danish dealer

PC-WARE, the big German-owned reseller, is buying Danish reseller Ravenholm Computing Group for an undisclosed sum.
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Medion issues profit warning

Shares in Medion AG, the German-based consumer electronics and PC maker, fell 22 per cent today, after the company issued a profit warning to the Frankfurt stock exchange.
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BOFH: 17 minutes of goodwill

Episode 1 The good thing about the New Year is that past differences are put behind oneself and the year's started with a clean slate. Everything's that little bit nicer and you get the feeling that in some small way you're contributing to the ongoing goodwill of the workplace. True, my attempts and maintaining a positive outlook in previous years have failed dismally but this time I'll really give it a go...

HP gives CSC the eye

Potential buyers are sniffing around Computer Sciences Corp after taking a festive break, according to reports.
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Cheerleading not fatal: official

Letters Our piece earlier this week about the possible health risks of cheerleading (death being the most noteworthy, hence the shamelessly sensationalist headline), provoked the following immediate response:
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Cellco staff muddled by own tariffs

If you're confused by the complexity of mobile phone tariffs, you're not alone. According to research just published staff working for the cellcos are just as muddled.

Data sharing tops UK banks' anti-fraud agenda

Data sharing and co-ordination top the agenda of UK banks in the fight against financial fraud, according to an exit poll at a recent financial crime conference. The survey - conducted by data integrity firm Datanomic after a conference organized by the British Bankers Association (BBA) - found data sharing was a key concern for banks this year, with 40 per cent of delegates listing it as a top concern.
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EMC 'rebalancing' workers

Storage giant EMC said today that it will “rebalance” its work force to the tune of 1,000 positions even as it revealed it will beat its own expectations for the fourth quarter.
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IBM shatters the American dream

IBM, the bastion of capitalist surety, has downgraded its employee pension plan again.
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Scientists moot gravity-busting hyperdrive

The US military is considering testing the principle behind a type of space drive which holds the promise of reaching Mars in just three hours. The problem is, as New Scientist explains, it's entirely theoretical and many physicists admit they don't understand the science behind it.
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Talks hint at Futurama revival

Futurama - the animated TV series from Simpsons creator Matt Groening - may be resurrected two years after the show was axed by Fox. Reruns on the Cartoon Network and Comedy Central combined with strong DVD sales have kept the series alive. This interest has sparked discussions between 20th Century Fox TV and series creators Groening and David X. Cohen about reviving the show in much the same way Family Guy was brought back from the dead, Variety reports.
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Cash'n'Carrion switches on to PayPal

Site news Cash'n'Carrion, The Register's mighty retail emporium, has fallen to PayPal.
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Blu-ray Disc developers complete specification

CES The Blu-ray Disc specification has been completed, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced last night, just three days after dotting the i's and crossing the t's on the format.
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300 Scottish jobs to go at ex-IBM plant

Some 300 jobs are to be axed in Scotland after US-based Sanmina-SCI told staff that it was closing its computer plant in Greenock.

Asus revs Lamborghini laptops

CES Asus has signed a deal with Italian automobile maker Lamborghini to produce a line of notebooks that sport the car company's logo.
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Cowon previews 4GB 0.85in HDD MP3 player

CES South Korea's Cowon this week demo'd at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas what it claims is the world's first micro media player based on a 0.85in hard disk drive.
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Handheld PC runs two OSes on two CPUs

CES DualCor will ship its dual-CPU PDA-PC combo in March, the privately held start-up revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today.
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DBA as Service?

I got to meet Will Edward, VP EMEA at Embarcadero, this week. I was a DBA once so I always have a soft spot for DBA tools vendors like Embarcadero (and Quest, BMC etc) - I only wish we'd had such tools when I was doing the job.