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Microsoft begs for Windows Vista feedback

Microsoft is talking up a simplified mechanism for providing feedback on the company's planned Windows Vista operating system, due later this year.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jan 2006

HP benches iTunes and promotes Real's Rhapsody

CESHP's career as an Apple reseller has come to an end. The computer maker is expected to announce that it has dropped iTunes as the main music software on its PC and picked up the Rhapsody service from Real Networks as a replacement. This move follows HP's July decision to stop selling rebadged iPods.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jan 2006

Lampposts wired for Wi-Fi

Boffins in Scotland are wiring up lampposts with solar panels and Wi-Fi technology to provide renewable street lighting and solar powered wireless broadband.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jan 2006

McAfee and Applix agree SEC settlement terms

McAfee is coughing up $50m and establishing an ethics "hotline" for customers and partners to report suspicious behavior by the company, following a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jan 2006

Gates makes case for Windows in consumer world

CESBill Gates headed a Microsoft executive line-up before the consumer and entertainment industries on Wednesday to make the case for adopting Windows in new devices and services rather than software from rivals.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jan 2006
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Oracle Raptor takes bite out of complexity

Oracle is a step closer to launching its planned graphical programming environment, designed to simplify development of database tasks.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jan 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Windows beats Linux - Unix on vulnerabilities - CERT

It might not feel like it, but Windows suffered fewer security vulnerabilities than Linux and Unix during 2005.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jan 2006

Phone scams top list of UK cons

Phone scams that promise punters non existent prizes are the UK's number one con, according to a survey by consumer group Which?.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jan 2006

Sex chat doctor struck off

The 42-year-old doctor who posed as a teenage girl and used this false identity to chat online with 26 genuine teenage girls using "indecent language about sex and underwear" was yesterday struck off by a General Medical Council fitness-to-practise panel.
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2006

Zero-day holiday

A few hundred million Windows XP machines lay vulnerable on the web today, a week after a zero-day exploit was discovered. Meanwhile, new approaches and ideas from the academic world - that focus exclusively on children - may give us hope for the future after all.
Kelly Martin, 05 Jan 2006

Science cans stem cell paper

The journal Science yesterday announced it would take the highly unusual step of retracting a paper written by disgraced stem cell researcher Hwang Woo-suk and colleagues as the scandal surrounding Hwang's suspect study on tailored embryonic stem cells refuses to lie down.
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2006

TomTom offers compensation over service outage

TomTom - the satellite navigation service - is offering its punters free traffic updates after its service was interrupted last month. The service interruption, which TomTom blames on problems with its ISP, follows similar problems in September, originally blamed on a server migration falling behind schedule. Both glitches affected TomTom's website and its TomTom Plus traffic update service.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2006
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Santa good to Fayrewood

Christmas trading matched expectations at Fayrewood, the pan-European distributor reported this week.
Mark Ballard, 05 Jan 2006

The outsourcing commandments

CommentSure it’s all the rage, but is the outsourcing of web and software application development all that it’s cracked up to be?
Geoffrey McCaleb, 05 Jan 2006

Are you an idiot? Click here

Well, it worked, because here you are. Now click here to discover how www.ClICkheREYouidIot.com (CHYI) is "harnessing the power of suggestion to better connect and converse with the consumer in today's diverse marketplace".
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2006

Yorkshire boasts blanket broadband

Every telephone exchange in Yorkshire has been wired up for broadband following the injection of £2.2m of public sector cash.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jan 2006
vulture tv reporter

Linksys wrestles with wireless webcam

Just a day after announcing that Ethernet power would drive all its wireless access points in future, Linksys unveiled a wireless webcam - which needs wires.
Guy Kewney, 05 Jan 2006
vulture tv reporter

Spear phishers target eBay

Security researchers have uncovered a campaign of targeted spam messages that seek to defraud eBay sellers. Cybercrooks are targeting eBay sellers by sending forged auction inquires from what appears to be eBay's "Question from eBay Member" message portal, according to US-based security reseller Greenview Data, which markets the SpamStopsHere junk mail filtering service.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2006

West Midlands picks Avanti to fill broadband gaps

The West Midlands looks set to receive blanket broadband coverage from next summer following a dealwith broadband outfit Avanti.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jan 2006

Florida spammer fined $11bn

A small Iowa-based ISP has been awarded $11.2bn (£6.5bn) in a record judgment against a Florida spammer. CIS Internet Services successfully sued James McCalla over claims he sent more than 280m illegal spam messages with fraudulent return addresses towards CIS accounts, punting mortgages, debt consolidation services, pornographic and gambling websites. The judgment by US District Judge Charles Wolle, issued in late December 2005, further bans McCalla from using the internet for three years.
John Leyden, 05 Jan 2006

Nokia scores hit with wireless internet device

The world's largest mobile manufacturer Nokia looks to have scored a major hit with a new wireless device that doesn't have any phone functionality. The Finnish firm announced on Wednesday that, against its expectations, it is to increase production of its 770 Internet Tablet handheld after achieving huge online sales since its launch in early November. In fact, demand for the product in Europe and the US is so great that the company has currently run out of stock and customers are facing a minimum two-week wait for the device.
ElectricNews.net, 05 Jan 2006

Another day, another gadget buffet

CESCertified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies
Tech Digest, 05 Jan 2006

eBayer bids £1k for photo of 42in plasma

UpdatedHow much would you pay for a 42in Panasonic plasma TV worth more than £3,000? A thousand quid? It's an absolute snip down at eBay, where one lucky punter is about to secure himself said item at a never-to-repeated price:
Lester Haines, 05 Jan 2006
vulture tv reporter

RM to handle pupil data

RM Plc has been awarded a £16m extension on its contract to process pupil performance data for the Department for Education and Skills.
Mark Ballard, 05 Jan 2006

Sony launches true electronic book

CESSony is to bring its Librié e-1000 electronic book to the US in March, the company annnounced at CES today.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

Xbox 360 to get HD DVD drive

CESMicrosoft's XBox 360 will support the HD DVD next-generation optical disc format after all, the company's hardware chief, Robbie Bach, revealed at CES last night.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

HD DVD to debut in US in March

CESUS consumers will be able to buy HD DVD content and hardware at the end of Q1, companies backing the next-generation optical disc format announced yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

HD DVD to come to Europe this year, hints studio

CESHD DVD will come to Europe in 2006, it has emerged. France's Studio Canal, part of the Canal Plus media combine, this week said it will ship 30 titles on the next-generation optical disc format this year.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

Sony touts Bluetooth camcorder mic

CESSony will next month ship a cute Bluetooth microphone accessory for members of its DVD camcorder line-up. The ECM-HW1 is designed as a pick-up for audio that the camcorder's main mic can't always catch, particularly since it can be located up to 30m from the recording device.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

DNA pixie dust fails to solve all UK crime, shock horror

The Home Office has boasted of a quadrupling of detection of crime via DNA technology over the last five years, during which period the UK's National DNA Database has trebled in size, and now exceeds 3 million records. An enthusiastic report from the Home Office's Forensic Science & Pathology Unit (DNA Expansion Programme 2000-2005: Reporting achievement) lists impressive improvements in detection rates, thanks to DNA, which is "a powerful aid to crime investigation."
John Lettice, 05 Jan 2006

Sony Blu-ray Disc player coming 'this summer'

CESSony will ship Blu-ray Disc players to the US retail market in "early summer", the consumer electronics giant said yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

Four fired for strip club visit - WSJ

Morgan Stanley has fired four employees for visiting a strip club while attending a technology conference in Phoenix, Arizona, according to a report in today's Wall Street Journal.
Team Register, 05 Jan 2006

Bloggers have killed Official Secrets Act, claims Murray

Ordinarily we'd avoid mentioning the Government's unaccountable failure to gaol Craig Murray, in case we inadvertently reminded its members of something they missed from yesterday's 'To Do' list. But, as the man himself so plainly wants to draw attention to his continuing liberty, we might as well just go ahead. Bloggers, says Murray, have killed off the Official Secrets Act.
John Lettice, 05 Jan 2006

XM friends bring MP3s to satellite radio devices

CESXM Satellite has claimed a pair of firsts over rival Sirius Radio with the release of two new devices that can tune in satellite radio and play MP3s and the announcement that it has topped six-million subscribers.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jan 2006

What do you get if you cross an iPod with a DVD player?

CESMaybe the tiny video iPod screen doesn’t quite do it for you. Or, perhaps, you’re tired of lugging around a pretty clunky portable device just to watch DVDs. If so, you might want to check out the eVU device from e.Digital.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jan 2006
fingers pointing at man

Judge dismisses Hynix 'unclean hands' claim

A US District Court judge has dismissed Hynix's request to chuck out the patent infringement case brought against it by Rambus.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

OpenOffice supports U3 'portable Home folder' Flash drives

CESOpenOffice has been updated to support U3 USB Flash drives, the organisation behind the portable Home folder technology said today.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

JVC to ship 2x dual-layer DVD-RW discs next quarter

CESJVC today announced the world's first single-sided, dual-layer DVD-RW media will ship in Q2 - more than a year after the company unveiled the technology.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

Give me a lipstick MP3 player or give me death

CESOur first Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrap covers a little bit of everything - from a new twist on binoculars to a pen-sized scanner. If gadgets are your thing, please proceed with pace.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jan 2006

Samsung to ship Blu-ray 'first' with April player launch

CESSamsung today pledged to ship a Blu-ray Disc (BD) player ahead of rival manufacturers, getting its BD-P1000 machine to consumers in the "April timeframe", according to Jim Sandowski, head of Samsung USA's digital product marketing.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

Toshiba turns 90° to boost 0.85in HDDs to 10GB

CESToshiba today said it has finally begun shipping its long-awaited 4GB, 3600rpm 0.85in micro hard disk drives. The company also pledged to boost the drives' capacity to 10GB courtesy of perpendicular recording techniques.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

Samsung, SanDisk prep iPod Nano clones

CESTwo MP3 player makers today demonstrated their decision to compete with Apple's iPod Nano by... er... announcing virtually identically styled products. Step forward Samsung and SanDisk, whose YP-Z5 and and Sansa e200 players elicited immediate 'it looks like a Nano' calls from assembled hacks.
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2006

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