5th January 2006 Archive

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  • Microsoft begs for Windows Vista feedback

    Have a go if you're hard enough

    Operating Systems 05 06:36

  • HP benches iTunes and promotes Real's Rhapsody

    Spits out Apple

    PCs 05 07:27

  • Lampposts wired for Wi-Fi

    Strike a light!

    Broadband 05 08:55

  • McAfee and Applix agree SEC settlement terms

    Dialling for dollars

    Financial News 05 08:56

  • Gates makes case for Windows in consumer world

    All play and no work

    Hardware 05 09:07

  • Oracle Raptor takes bite out of complexity

    Step forward for Oracle developers

    Developer 05 09:10

  • Windows beats Linux - Unix on vulnerabilities - CERT

    Good news and bad news

    Software 05 09:41

  • Phone scams top list of UK cons

    Dial our premium rate number to hear this story

    Networks 05 10:38

  • Sex chat doctor struck off

    'Katie Beckinsale' unfit to practice

    Media 05 10:47

  • Zero-day holiday

    Sobering up fast

    Security 05 11:08

  • Science cans stem cell paper

    Further disgrace for Hwang Woo-suk

    Science 05 11:18

  • TomTom offers compensation over service outage

    Route cause analysis

    Financial News 05 11:22

  • Santa good to Fayrewood

    Or at least as good as he said he was going to be

    The Channel 05 11:36

  • The outsourcing commandments

    Development outsourcing: tips, tricks and pitfalls

    Developer 05 11:53

  • Are you an idiot? Click here

    A fool and his money...

    Bootnotes 05 12:54

  • Yorkshire boasts blanket broadband

    Public cash wires up final 24 exchanges

    Networks 05 13:12

  • Linksys wrestles with wireless webcam

    Tackles 'remote power' problem, still needs a socket

    Data Networking 05 14:07

  • Spear phishers target eBay


    Security 05 14:20

  • West Midlands picks Avanti to fill broadband gaps

    Deal done

    Broadband 05 14:28

  • Florida spammer fined $11bn

    Iowa ISP scores symbolic victory

    Security 05 14:31

  • Nokia scores hit with wireless internet device

    Two-week wait for wireless wonder

    Hardware 05 14:58

  • Another day, another gadget buffet

    Cool VoIP and PSP apps and gadgets galore

    Peripherals 05 15:06

  • eBayer bids £1k for photo of 42in plasma

    Auction pulled after Reg vigilante action

    Media 05 15:33

  • RM to handle pupil data

    You boy

    Policy 05 15:43

  • Sony launches true electronic book

    Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy for real?

    Hardware 05 15:53

  • Xbox 360 to get HD DVD drive

    Externally, naturally

    Games 05 15:58

  • HD DVD to debut in US in March

    Toshiba produces players; studios, content

    Hardware 05 16:04

  • HD DVD to come to Europe this year, hints studio

    Studio Canal spills beans

    Peripherals 05 16:09

  • Sony touts Bluetooth camcorder mic

    Record 5.1-channel soundtracks up to 30m away

    Hardware 05 16:16

  • DNA pixie dust fails to solve all UK crime, shock horror

    So if it's as wonderful as the Home Office says, how come?

    Media 05 16:16

  • Sony Blu-ray Disc player coming 'this summer'

    Philips to ship H2, too

    Hardware 05 16:22

  • Four fired for strip club visit - WSJ

    Morgan Stanley elbows tech boys

    Management 05 16:34

  • Bloggers have killed Official Secrets Act, claims Murray

    Not exactly. But they're not exactly in prison, either...

    Media 05 17:38

  • XM friends bring MP3s to satellite radio devices

    Let our powers combine

    Hardware 05 19:07

  • What do you get if you cross an iPod with a DVD player?

    An eVU that you can't buy

    Hardware 05 19:35

  • Judge dismisses Hynix 'unclean hands' claim

    Rambus patent infringement claims to come to trial in March

    Financial News 05 20:08

  • OpenOffice supports U3 'portable Home folder' Flash drives

    Run productivity app on any PC

    Hardware 05 20:13

  • JVC to ship 2x dual-layer DVD-RW discs next quarter

    4x version to follow, apparently

    Peripherals 05 20:25

  • Give me a lipstick MP3 player or give me death

    OK, digital binoculars will do

    Hardware 05 22:01

  • Samsung to ship Blu-ray 'first' with April player launch

    At twice the price of an HD DVD rig, though...

    Peripherals 05 22:33

  • Toshiba turns 90° to boost 0.85in HDDs to 10GB

    And finally ships late, non-perpendicular 4GB version

    Hardware 05 22:48

  • Samsung, SanDisk prep iPod Nano clones

    Yet more small, black 2GB and 4GB MP3 players...

    Mobile 05 23:19