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Intel unwraps 65nm 'Presler', 'Cedar Mill'

Intel has debuted its latest dual-core desktop Pentium D processors, launching the chip family as the 9xx series.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006

Intel prices up 65nm dual, single-core 'Yonah'

Intel has started shipping its 65nm dual-core mobile Pentium processor, Yonah, along with Centrino bundles based on the new processor.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006
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'Sossaman' launches as 'low-voltage' Xeon DP

Intel has launched 'Sossaman', its low-power Xeon DP server processor based on its Pentium M mobile chip. The company has also added the first dual-core CPU to its Xeon DP line-up.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006

NTL tipped to up bid for Virgin Mobile

NTL is expected to up its offer for Virgin Mobile, according to reports, although there are doubts as to whether the revised bid by the UK cableco will be enough to secure a deal.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2006

Google to 'launch own PC'

Google is planning to provide an own-brand Windows-less PC and sell the low-cost system through a partnership with retail giant Wal-Mart. The machine and/or the sales deal could be announced as early as this coming Friday.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006

Data security moves front and center in 2005

High-profile leaks of financial data left more than 50 million accounts containing credit card information and, in some cases, confidential details at risk in 2005. Phishing attacks, targeted Trojan horses and web-based exploits compromised millions of PCs last year to create centrally controlled networks known as bot nets.
SecurityFocus, 03 Jan 2006

El Reg's review of reviews

If you can still remember 2005, you've probably had a very, very quiet Christmas.
Team Register, 03 Jan 2006

The Cloud targets UK with city centre Wi-Fi hotspots

Nine UK city centres are to get blanket wireless broadband coverage as part of a deal between Wi-Fi operator The Cloud and telecoms giant BT.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2006
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World+dog scrambles to fight Windows flaw

Microsoft rushed out a temporary fix on Monday to defend against a dangerous new Windows Meta File vulnerability that became the focus of numerous exploits late last week. Redmond's workaround disables some functions in Windows and is only partially effective. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Security researchers at the SANS Institute advise users to both unregister affected library (DLL files) and to use an unofficial patch, as explained here.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2006
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AMD spends $75m to license Rambus tech

AMD has licensed a raft of Rambus' memory controller technology patents, including intellectual property embedded in the DDR 2 and DDR 3 standards, the FB-DIMM and Rambus' own XDR system.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006

UK top Euro broadband nation, say analysts

The UK has leapfrogged France as Europe's number-one broadband nation, according to estimates by research outfit Point Topic.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2006

Two-track mind for MP3 Surround

Having seemingly failed to persuade the digital music world to upgrade to MP3 Pro, the format's founder, Germany's Fraunhofer Institute, is trying again, this time with MP3 Surround, a multi-channel implementation of the hugely popular music codec.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006
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CODASciSys drives East

CODASciSys is spending upto €2.4m buying its Hungarian and German distributors.
Team Register, 03 Jan 2006
New Intel logos

Intel confirms 'Core' branding

Intel today made public the new processor branding scheme that leaked out of the company late last year.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006

TomTom threatens TamTam developer

Route-planning software and GPS navigation hardware developer TomTom has successfully forced a small Mac software developer to stop offering code that allows users to maintain TomTom's Go device from a Macintosh.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2006

Swansea IT staff shunted to Capgemini

IT staff at Swansea Council have been transferred to Capgemini as part of a controversial £83m e-government outsourcing project designed to modernise the way the council provides its public services.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2006

Domain scam duo fined AU$2.3m

A pair of fraudsters who made millions using a domain registration scam have been ordered to pay AU$2.3m (£980,000) by an Australian court.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2006

Blair appears in online love story

It is billed by the Prime Minister's Office as a "rare glimpse into his world"; and so it is because rarely nowadays are the cameras so kind to Tony Blair.
Mark Ballard, 03 Jan 2006

Mercury nudged off the NASDAQ

Mercury Interactive is being de-listed from the Nasdaq after missing a second deadline for restating its financials in the wake of a company share-trading scandal.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Jan 2006

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