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'Intel Inside' sent to the place where brands go to die

It's time to retire your "Intel Inside" jokes and start coming up with some "Leap Ahead" humor. Intel is changing its branding campaign after 14 years.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Dec 2005

'You're nothing but a payroll'

FoTWWe've been accused of a lot of things over the years. This week's flame, however, sets a new low. Andy in Virginia has charged us with being the payroll for Rocker Partners - a firm that Overstock.com's CEO Patrick Byrne has sued.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Dec 2005

Shining a light on patents

2005 in reviewThis will be known as the year in which the killjoys were startled by whoopee cushions every time they tried to park their fat wallets on some feeble creative freedom.
Mark Ballard, 30 Dec 2005

Hangovers: drunken readers offer hope

LettersWelcome to the last Reg letters of 2005 - an unsuprisingly swift trawl through what was left in the bottom of the mailbag after the Xmas hangover wore off. More on hangovers in a minute. Try this for openers, regarding ETL - whatever the hell that is:
Lester Haines, 30 Dec 2005
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Google AdSense Trojan prowls cyberspace

Hackers have developed a Trojan horse program that produces fake Google ads posing as the real thing. The as-yet unnamed Trojan replaces legitimate ads served via Google AdSense with promos for penis pills, porn sites and the like. The ads are, of course, not contextualised and infection would be relatively easy to detect.
John Leyden, 30 Dec 2005

Dial MMS for Marijuana

A teenage drug-dealing network that promoted its wares using MMS messages has been busted after a mother found incriminating messages on her child's mobile. Massachusetts police arrested six local teenagers last week following a tip-off for a parent of one of the gang's intended marijuana customers, according to local reports.
John Leyden, 30 Dec 2005

Ex-envoy unleashes blog-based attack on UK's torture denials

Former ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray has harnessed the Internet in his long-running feud with the UK Government. A forthcoming book covering his time as ambassador is currently being blocked by the Foreign Office, which has demanded he remove references to two documents from the book and his web site. Murray has responded by publishing the documents in full there, and by encouraging bloggers to disseminate the documents as widely as possible.
John Lettice, 30 Dec 2005

London estate broadband offers 'spot the ASBO suspect' TV channel

When it comes to surveillance, the UK is a world-beater, and way out in front of the rest of the country in terms of CCTV cameras per square mile is London where, as Andy Warhol might have said, everybody can be famous every 15 metres. But who can we get to watch all of those screens? Well, what about the entire population of "one of the UK's most deprived areas", soon to be "the largest ICT literate broadband community in Europe"?
John Lettice, 30 Dec 2005

Sshhh... One-chip, real-time smartphones are here

2006 PreviewBy this time next year the bar for mobile technology will have been raised rather higher than it is today, in what promises to be the most significant hardware advance for several years. But in a surprising contrast to most technology introductions, which either trumpet arcane features (eg, "32 bitiness"), or are noisily hype features before they're ready for use, this is a move the manufacturers don't even want to talk about.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Dec 2005

Readers revolted and joyous that Jimmy Wales lives

Stern responseThe globules tried hard to find inaccuracies in my obituary for Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Despite the "rigor" of the citizen journalists' investigations, they failed to discover a single error in the piece. This goes to show that a trained professional will always outclass amateurs.
Otto Z. Stern, 30 Dec 2005

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