29th December 2005 Archive

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  • Overstock shares fade as CEO warns of 'drugs or dead body' caper

    Mark Cuban now part of the fun

    Financial News 29 00:07

  • NSA involved in snooping cookie shocker

    What's next?

    Policy 29 01:26

  • The case for open source ETL

    What you see is what you get

    Developer 29 08:03

  • 2005 extended by one second

    Extra drinking time this New Year

    Science 29 11:07

  • Spammers eschew porn for penis patches

    Spice out of fashion in 2005

    Security 29 11:22

  • UK man wins landmark spam victory

    Spammers pay compensation for unsolicited mail

    Security 29 11:41

  • First among equals

    The contract metaphor is an effective way of approaching API design

    Developer 29 12:39

  • Claim back £300 per spam

    Net crusader creates legal precedent

    Security 29 12:43

  • Trojan alert over unpatched Windows flaw


    Security 29 12:46

  • InterDigital wins big in Nokia royalty spat

    That will be $250m. Plus interest, please

    Mobile 29 14:02

  • 2005: The year the US government undermined the internet

    And no, it's not what you're thinking

    Media 29 19:34

  • Open document man resigns from Mass CTO post

    Tired of being a lightning rod

    Applications 29 21:53

  • Sony 'rootkit' settlement clamps down on DRM

    Deal paves way for kinder, gentler music label

    Applications 29 23:16