28th December 2005 Archive

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  • New model shows Cray with 8 per cent less staff

    Canada and Europe not so crucial

    Financial News 28 06:05

  • Man charged with assault by swallowed cell phone

    Police dial-up a new story

    Bootnotes 28 07:03

  • Of Sybase, iAnywhere and Extended Systems

    For once the marketing is accurate

    Developer 28 08:02

  • Of bubbles and developers

    The big events of 2005

    Developer 28 08:02

  • Tory and Lib Lords plan to hobble ID cards scheme

    Amendment would make registration optional

    Media 28 10:09

  • Galileo satellite takes to the skies

    Giove-A 'demonstrator' is go

    Science 28 13:33

  • Best gadgets of 2005

    We'll have five of each please

    Personal 28 13:42

  • Doctor Who secures 2005's top TV moment

    The Empty Child wows UK viewers

    Bootnotes 28 14:22

  • Virus poses as MSN Messenger 8

    Botnet client masquerades as beta code

    Security 28 14:27

  • Marriott starts credit check service after losing data tapes

    206,000 people might enroll

    Storage 28 17:56

  • Japanese firms confirm talks to create chip powerhouse

    Take that, Taiwan, US and China

    Financial News 28 18:48

  • Nortel listens when the Tasman is testifying

    $100m speedy router buy

    Financial News 28 19:15

  • Nissan and MS team on 'URGE to sit on your rear' concept car

    Where do you not want to go today?

    Bootnotes 28 20:01

  • Man admits to eBay DDoS attack

    Leader of the bots

    Security 28 21:44