23rd December 2005 Archive

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  • Judge orders Lucent to cough up $240m in bankruptcy case

    Winstar wins

    Data Networking 23 09:42

  • TechScape: I'm going to live forever

    Kurzweil's faith in the future

    Science 23 10:42

  • AMD admits low-end desktop chips in short supply

    Packaging bottleneck

    Hardware 23 10:59

  • Local councils adopt '24/7 culture'

    So that's what e-gov is all about

    Policy 23 11:05

  • Jews for Jesus sue Google

    Blog kerfuffle

    Bootnotes 23 11:24

  • ATI to launch Radeon X1900 'next month'

    R580 to debut on 24 January?

    Hardware 23 11:29

  • Sony to unveil 82in LCD TV


    Hardware 23 12:03

  • PDA for your pet

    and other high-tech shaggy dog stories

    Peripherals 23 12:07

  • Johnlewis.com reports record sales

    £100m and counting

    Financial News 23 12:08

  • Hangover cures don't work: official

    Sobering news

    Science 23 12:10

  • A nice case of Mumps?

    Mumps, now known as M, is a widely used language in American health care.

    Developer 23 12:18

  • Korean stem cell pioneer walks plank

    'Intentionally fabricated' study results

    Science 23 13:09

  • US tracks Xbox chippers via cellphone

    A mixed Yule mailbag

    Letters 23 13:24

  • Microsoft and Google throw in the Lee

    Chairs safe for now

    Management 23 19:52

  • Enraged woman vents by swallowing cell phone

    A mobile mouthful

    Bootnotes 23 20:13

  • Egg nog binge shuts down Reg offices

    Happy Holidays

    Site News 23 21:00

  • 'Take out a subscription to The Register. Then cancel it, and sign it Disgusted Wikipedian'

    Nothing stings like a gift rejected...

    Letters 23 21:51

  • San Francisco shows world how not to do Muni Wi-Fi

    Vendors invited to write their own monopoly

    Policy 23 21:59