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Action on song lyric websites is misguided

CommentThe Music Publishers’ Association of America (MPA) has announced a legal campaign targeted at unlicensed sheet music, lyrics and 'tab' sites, threatening to throw site owners into jail. But these unfortunate actions could do more damage than good.
Jonathan Irons, 19 Dec 2005

Carphone swallows Onetel, Tele2

The Carphone Warehouse is splashing out more than £150m to acquire Onetel and Tele2 as part of ambitious plans to challenge the dominance of UK telco BT.
Tim Richardson, 19 Dec 2005

Dell recalls 35,000 notebook batteries

Dell has asked the owners of 35,000 Inspiron, Precision and Lattitude laptops to send back their batteries. According to the PC maker, the batteries in question may be faulty. If they are, they could overheat and catch fire.
Tony Smith, 19 Dec 2005

HP goes HD DVD

HP has formally embraced HD DVD, the next-generation optical disc format it has been opposing for the past few years.
Tony Smith, 19 Dec 2005

Hosted CRM: prepare your boat to be floated

Quocirca's Changing ChannelsIf hosted CRM floats your boat, 2006 is going to be an exciting year. The noise created by salesforce.com and others over the last few years has created a momentum for hosted offerings in the CRM market as a whole. The vendors are heading down the hosted route faster than their customers and prospects, but if they create enough momentum some end-users may be dragged there more quickly than they were planning.
Quocirca, 19 Dec 2005

Gmail goes mobile

Gmail users can now access their account on the move as search giant Google launches Gmail Mobile
ElectricNews.net, 19 Dec 2005

Private investors sniff around NTL/Telewest

A group of private investors is still interested in buying UK cableco NTL once it has completed its merger with Telewest, The Sunday Times reports. The group - comprising Apax Partners, Cinven, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Premier, Providence Equity Partners - wants to spend around £8bn on the business.
Tim Richardson, 19 Dec 2005
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Update glitch spins out IE7 beta testers

Last week's update for Internet Explorer has tripped up users testing an early pre-release version of IE7. Microsoft has traced back "scattered reports of odd browser behaviour" to a common cause of running IE7 Beta1 alongside IE6.
John Leyden, 19 Dec 2005

Warner Chappell backtracks over PearLyrics legal threat

Music publisher Warner Chappell has let song lyric search tool PearLyrics off the hook.
Tony Smith, 19 Dec 2005

'Chav' caps banned from easyInternetCafe

If you're in Glasgow or Edinburgh and feel the need to pop into easyInternetCafe to check your email over Christmas, make sure you remove your baseball cap first. Otherwise, you won't be allowed in.
Tim Richardson, 19 Dec 2005

Festive trouser pump wafts into eBay

Ah, the evocative smells of Xmas - the alpine-fresh aroma of pine needles, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the faint bouquet of granny's sweet sherry. And, of course, the deadly, nose-crippling whiff of the brussel-sprout-fuelled trouser cough, creeping across the Yule living room like a blanket of phosgene:
Lester Haines, 19 Dec 2005

NZ devil Santas terrorise Auckland

The shaken residents of Auckland, New Zealand, are today recovering from a terrifying ordeal provoked by 40 rioting Santas who robbed stores, assaulted security guards and, shockingly, "urinated from highway overpasses", as The Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Lester Haines, 19 Dec 2005

MS pulls plug on Mac IE

Microsoft will formally kill the Mac version of Internet Explorer on 31 January 2006, the software giant has admitted.
Tony Smith, 19 Dec 2005

US scramjet hits Mach 5

US defence contractor Alliant Techsystems has successfully tested a rocket-launched scramjet at Mach 5.5. The project, in association with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Office of Naval Research (ONR) - and which forms part of the Freeflight Atmospheric Scramjet Test Technique (FASTT) programme - did not reach the heady Mach 10 achieved by the hydrogen-fuelled X-43A back in November 2004, but it is the first "freeflight of a scramjet-powered vehicle using conventional liquid hydrocarbon jet fuel".
Lester Haines, 19 Dec 2005

EU slaps import duty on large LCD screens

The EU plans to impose a 14 per cent import duty on imports of larger LCD screens, leading pundits to forecast a huge hike in sticker prices.
Jan Libbenga, 19 Dec 2005

Chile and Peru fight merciless hacker war

Long gone are the good old days when obstreperous Latin American nations would invade each other over a World Cup qualifying match* - nowadays your belligerent sons of Cortez are battling it out in cyberspace.
Lester Haines, 19 Dec 2005

Pipex rejigs SME sales team

Pipex is restructuring its SME sales team in Hertfordshire but denied claims that the shake-up would lead to job losses.
Tim Richardson, 19 Dec 2005

Terror phone clone scam exposed

Affiliates of terrorist organization Hezbollah cloned the mobiles of senior executives of Canadian operator Rogers Communications, including chief exec Ted Rogers. Even though the firm had technology in place to trigger alerts over suspicious departures in call activity, Rogers staffers were too frightened of inconveniencing bosses to do anything about the fraud, Canadian paper the Globe and Mail reports.
John Leyden, 19 Dec 2005

UK shelters from smut Trojan blitz

UK businesses were targeted in a blitz of 215,000 emails containing a new Trojan on Monday (19 December), according to email filtering firm BlackSpider Technologies. The malware - called Small-BXP - comes in the payload to a message that poses as a receipt for access to an online porn site.
John Leyden, 19 Dec 2005

$10m for a Wikipedia for grown-ups

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger is to launch an alternative to the utopian, all-comers, anything-goes web site, and has raised $10m to hire experts to help edit it.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Dec 2005

Gates joins PC as 'person' of year

Twenty-three years after the PC, the device responsible for much of his personal fortune, was named Time Magazine's "person of the year," Bill Gates has been honored in kind.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Dec 2005

How Pixar's graphics gods made Lucas and Jobs look really smart

Book reviewWhen first looking at Michael Rubin's droidMaker, you can't help but be nervous that another 400 pages have been wasted on the special effects magic behind Star Wars. Thankfully, that's not the case - far from it. DroidMaker really captures the 20-year technology journey that runs through Lucasfilm for a period and ends with Pixar Animation Studios. In short, it's the tale of relentless technophiles, visionary patrons and a film revolution.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Dec 2005

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