16th December 2005 Archive

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  • AMD forced to be more modest with Spansion IPO

    Price target trimmed

    Financial News 16 00:36

  • Open Source in the mainstream

    Isn’t it all just software?

    Software 16 02:02

  • Intel India earns chance at Xeon redemption

    Second multi-core project begins

    Servers 16 09:21

  • Oracle's Q2 nicked by income drop

    Larry is happy PeopleSoft users are happy

    Financial News 16 09:23

  • Wikipedia science 31% more cronky than Britannica's

    Excellent for Klingon science, though

    Media 16 10:20

  • Samsung chairman in clear on bribery charge

    Insufficient evidence

    The Channel 16 10:25

  • Onetel still looking for a buyer

    It's good to talk

    Financial News 16 10:35

  • Adobe beats targets for Q4

    But CFO heads home

    Financial News 16 11:12

  • Opteron beats 'Dempsey' Xeon in performance- per-Watt test

    Intel's 'Bensley' platform benchmarked

    Hardware 16 11:25

  • The Build Master

    One for the Microsoft shops

    Developer 16 11:28

  • AMD wins access to Japanese Intel anti-trust 'evidence'

    Fair trade probe data can be used in lawsuit

    Hardware 16 12:00

  • Toucan cuts BT line rental bill

    Your Comms warns WLR not ready yet

    Networks 16 12:09

  • Orange France touts video spectacles

    But don't expect spectacular videos...

    Phones 16 12:17

  • BOFH: Can you call me a cab?

    Of course, sir - you're a...

    BOFH 16 12:31

  • Equipment recycling law delayed again

    Still waiting

    The Channel 16 13:05

  • Rock beats Widow to ship first dual-core notebook

    Reg readers on receiving end

    Hardware 16 13:06

  • MS and Google team to fund net lab

    RADical research

    Software 16 13:08

  • Arctic Systems tax ruling is victory for family businesses

    Keeping up with the Joneses

    Small Biz 16 13:26

  • Government moots ID card links for new UK voter database

    Honey, I broke the democratic process...

    Media 16 14:02

  • Kill Bill: attack of the phone monkeys

    Bill Robinson takes a kicking

    Letters 16 15:13

  • Got the clap? Email a friend

    STD e-postcard

    Bootnotes 16 15:17

  • IT sellers urged to tighten up distance selling rules

    OFT issues DSR guidelines

    The Channel 16 15:27

  • Dasher update pierces Windows flaw

    Keylogger variant works second time

    Security 16 15:31

  • Virtual War: readers fire back

    Plus German Wiki, Dutch maths and Swedish nymphs

    Letters 16 15:53

  • Imagine a cup

    Microsoft's annual student compo

    Developer 16 16:03

  • Typepad goes titsup

    Dilbert falls silent, thousands of posts missing

    Financial News 16 16:09

  • £15m+ lost in tax credit fraud

    Government payroll records used to steal IDs

    Security 16 16:31

  • Fuji FinePix S5600 Zoom

    A worthy upgrade?

    Reviews 16 16:42

  • With SCA, reality bites J2EE again

    But is that the whole story?

    Developer 16 16:49

  • Apple axes 'iRingTones' project

    Screw the carriers. OK, we won't

    Mobile 16 17:04

  • Mere think-tanks not welcome in EC MS anti-trust case

    Abstract academics can go elsewhere

    Developer 16 21:04

  • Spansion settles for IP Low

    $500m ain't bad

    Financial News 16 22:22

  • Microsoft sues resellers over MAPs 'abuse'

    Here be treasure!

    The Channel 16 22:34

  • NSA uses ECHELON against US citizens

    And the Pat Act is off for now

    Media 16 22:36

  • Researchers: Flaw auctions would improve security

    That's eBaytastic!

    Security 16 23:06

  • Spending on compliance and corporate governance soars

    One man's red tape is another man's gravy

    Management 16 23:51