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Dutch church bids for sex.eu

A Dutch Full Gospel Church was seconds too late to bid on sex.eu, the most sought after domain name using the European Union's own top level domain.
Jan Libbenga, 13 Dec 2005

Real revives radio-style Euro music service

RealNetworks will today step up its efforts to win a share of European music fans' listening time - not to mention their spending power - by relaunching its RadioPass subscription service as RealMusic.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

Users inundated with pop-ups

There are many examples where users are now being inundated with pop-up messages asking them to respond to things they don't know about or don't understand, and it leads to weaker security overall.
Scott Granneman, 13 Dec 2005

Intel to sell $1.4bn debt

Intel is to raise $1.4bn in a special bond issue, the company said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

Telewest tops JD Power broadband ISP chart

Telewest has topped a list of the UK's six leading broadband ISPs while NTL - the cableco that is currently in the process of buying Telewest - came last in the 2005 UK Residential Broadband Internet Service Providers Satisfaction Study by JD Power and Associates.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2005

Xbox 360 file system de-coded

The Xbox 360's DVD file system has been exposed, a coding group calling itself Pi, has claimed.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

Firms count the cost of security threats

Security threats soared during 2005, along with the risk of financial losses, but a new report shows that companies still aren't heeding the warnings.
ElectricNews.net, 13 Dec 2005

Hackers topple Kremlin-sponsored broadcaster

Malicious hackers succeeded in forcing a Russian government-run TV station off the air on Monday just two days after its launch. Russia Today broadcasts in English and is designed to counterbalance what the Kremlin perceives is unfair treatment of Russia by foreign broadcasters.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2005

Mio unveils GPS-equipped PocketPC

Mio has launched its latest PocketPC with integrated GPS. The DigiWalker A201 is the slightly chunkier follow-up to the Mio 168, this time boasting a GPS receiver that not only folds up from the back of the device but can swivel to allow the unit to be used in landscape mode. Rotating the antenna automatically reformats the display.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

BT shunts broadband support to India - 886 jobs at risk

Up to 886 jobs in the UK could be axed after BT awarded a major broadband tech support contract to an outsourcing firm in India.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2005

Warehouse appliances: boom or bust?

CommentFrom the number of vendors entering the market as suppliers of data warehouse appliances you would think that this was a major growth area. It probably is. And you would also think it was easy. It isn't.
Philip Howard, 13 Dec 2005
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Ingram Micro cosies up to Overstock.com

Overstock.com, America's favourite online retailer, has struck a deal to sell Ingram Micro's excess US inventory - i.e. - stuff that would otherwise rot on the shelves.
Team Register, 13 Dec 2005

Toshiba may delay HD DVD launch - again

Toshiba today blamed the brains behind the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) for any delay it may experience shipping HD DVD drives and players into the Japanese market this year.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

Supreme Court sides with SanDisk in Flash clash

Ritek, Memorex and Pretec must go back to court and face up to SanDisk's allegations that they infringed one of its Flash memory card patents, the US Supreme Court has ruled.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

Virtual war is worrying

Somewhere in the world right now, someone is getting killed in a war. Probably in Iraq, I suspect. As the casualty list grows higher every day, the death of many soldiers - and many Iraqi fighters - is reduced to an ever-diminishing footnote by Western administrations and news conduits.
Wil Harris, 13 Dec 2005

ID fraudsters target job centre staff

Crooks may have defrauded the UK tax credit system out of millions after exploiting a lack of safeguards in an internet site designed to service claimants.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2005

TDK samples 'cartridge-free' Blu-ray Disc

TDK has begun sampling recordable and rewriteable Blu-ray Discs that don't need to be kept in cartridges, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

Sony BMG shortlisted for 'internet villain' gong

Sony BMG, the European Commission (EC) and Russia have all been nominated for this year's "internet villain" award.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2005

iPass to buy GoRemote

Enterprise-oriented remote-access connectivity provider iPass is to acquire its erstwhile arch-rival GoRemote - aka Gric - for $76.5m in cash, the pair announced last night.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005

MSN and MCI do VoIP

The increasingly crowded internet telephony market just got a little more squished after Microsoft announced it is hooking up with MCI to offer PC-to-phone calling.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2005
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PeopleSoft becomes one with Oracle Fusion

The PeopleSoft enterprise suite has been certified to run on Java and web services implementations from database giant Oracle.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Dec 2005

Disney tempts kids with cartoons for calories

Fast food, DRM-laced kids cartoons and constant whinging. Yes, parents have a bright future to look forward to should Disney get its way with a US patent proposal.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Dec 2005

Voda gobbles Turkey cellco

Vodafone is splashing out $4.55bn (£2.57bn) on Turkey's second biggest mobile operator as part of plans to enter one of Europe's biggest markets.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2005

MTV gets the Urge to download music

MTV Networks is to launch a digital music service next year.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2005
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Sun pours Niagara II all over Great Lakes

ExclusiveIt's all a gush in Sun Microsystems' low-end SPARC server business with code-names flowing toward El Reg at speed. Last week, we brought you the details on Niagara II, and this week we bring you Michigan and Huron.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Dec 2005

MySQL goes a bundle with Business Objects

MySQL and BusinessObjects are to flog three business intelligence (BI) bundles combining products from both companies.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Dec 2005

Apache database slips out with Sun

Sun Microsystems is to ship an open source edition of an IBM database with its Solaris stack to reinforce its credentials as a database distributor.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Dec 2005

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