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9th December 2005 Archive

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  • 'Are You Being Served?'

    'Scuze me while I p*** off Sky

    Networks 09 06:02

  • Mercury and BEA extend performance deal

    Application profiling

    Developer 09 09:12

  • Simplified RUP debuts with Windows programmers

    Refining the process

    Developer 09 09:17

  • Creative restokes MP3 player patent threat

    Rattling sabre to speed negotiations

    Peripherals 09 10:22

  • SonyBMG backtracks on buggy bug fix

    Wearing out the rewind button

    Security 09 11:14

  • Apple to extinguish FireWire?

    Intel-based iBooks to be USB 2.0 only, website claims

    Hardware 09 11:19

  • UK 'on target' for 1m unbundled lines in 2006

    Bulk migration taking off too

    Networks 09 11:25

  • Kick the Dog: a Reg flame special

    The Rotting Dog gets roasted

    Letters 09 11:38

  • MS punts 'sub-$300 PDA phone' plan

    Looking for vendors to pick up the tab

    Mobile 09 11:43

  • Siemens to carve up services arm

    Pass the problem

    The Channel 09 12:23

  • Publishers scrap over DTI ecommerce initiative extension

    Aggravated over aggregators

    Media 09 13:39

  • BT to spend £££s plugging VoIP

    Simplifies branding

    VoIP 09 13:42

  • Sony still primed for Spring 2006 PS3 debut

    Launch to co-incide with Blu-ray roll-out?

    Games 09 13:50

  • Intel readies rootkit- rooting hardware

    System protection chips due 2008-09

    Hardware 09 13:54

  • Holy potato set to wow eBay

    Crucifix appears in humble spud

    Bootnotes 09 13:56

  • Software piracy: BSA walks the plank

    Figures don't add up, cry readers

    Letters 09 14:13

  • Govt call centres fail to handle call numbers

    119m calls ditched, say Lib Dems

    Policy 09 15:09

  • Napster launches in Germany

    1.5m songs available to rent or buy

    Hardware 09 15:13

  • BOFH: Beware the lie-detecting mouse


    BOFH 09 15:26

  • Wikipedia waddles onto DVD and print in Germany

    Almost for free

    Media 09 15:36

  • Government pitches ID cards as fix for online ID fraud

    But not entirely convincingly...

    Media 09 15:56

  • Alienware Area-51 m5500 notebook

    Lacking that special Alienware 'something'?

    Hardware 09 16:02

  • Microsoft tackles pirate software firm

    See that there plank, me hearty...

    Software 09 16:30

  • Click fraud suit changes hand

    'These ad figures make no sense'

    Financial News 09 16:40

  • NTL stands by £817m bid for Virgin Mobile

    'Better value for all Virgin Mobile shareholders'

    Mobile 09 16:44

  • DfES to build index of the UK's kids - all 11 million of them

    How do you secure a multi-disciplinary information exchange system?

    Media 09 17:49

  • The sophist and the open source baking farce

    Don't take the biscuit

    Applications 09 22:58