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'Are You Being Served?'

CommentThe Sky TV people have never been as difficult or frustrating as BT.
Team Register, 09 Dec 2005

Mercury and BEA extend performance deal

BEA Systems will bundle application diagnostics software from Mercury Interactive with new versions of its Java application server and JRockit JVM toolkit.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Dec 2005

Simplified RUP debuts with Windows programmers

Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS) users will become the first large community of developers to experience a version of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) that has been streamlined to bring consistent application development processes to a "mass market".
Gavin Clarke, 09 Dec 2005

Creative restokes MP3 player patent threat

Creative has once again touted its ownership of a key digital music player user-interface patent, though the comapny's CEO, Sim Wong Hoo, didn't go as far as to threaten any rival companies - guess who - specifically.
Tony Smith, 09 Dec 2005

SonyBMG backtracks on buggy bug fix

SonyBMG’s efforts to regain some credibility with PC users came unstuck again after it admitted that a patch for flawed content protection software included with some its CDs actually creates more problems for users.
Team Register, 09 Dec 2005

Apple to extinguish FireWire?

Is Apple about to drop FireWire - the connectivity standard it created and for so long fostered - from the Mac line-up?
Tony Smith, 09 Dec 2005

UK 'on target' for 1m unbundled lines in 2006

The UK is on target to hit one million unbundled lines during 2006, according to the organisation responsible for overseeing the development of Local Loop Unbundling in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2005

Kick the Dog: a Reg flame special

LettersPoor old Rotting Dog: seems the lad has got his Koreas a bit mixed up - a fact not lost on our well-educated readership who can tell their Pyongyangs from their elbows.
Lester Haines, 09 Dec 2005

MS punts 'sub-$300 PDA phone' plan

Microsoft is reported to be looking for a smart-phone manufacturer to produce a low-cost Windows Mobile device. The motivation: to boost the company's share of the mobile-device operating system market.
Tony Smith, 09 Dec 2005

Siemens to carve up services arm

Siemens is expected to break up its IT services division after failing to offload the business as a job lot.
Team Register, 09 Dec 2005

Publishers scrap over DTI ecommerce initiative extension

AnalysisOnline publishing could be set for revolution next spring if the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) extends the Electronic Commerce Directive to online service providers.
Emily Turner, 09 Dec 2005

BT to spend £££s plugging VoIP

BT plans to spend millions plugging its broadband telephony service next year as it looks to ramp up its investment in VoIP.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2005

Sony still primed for Spring 2006 PS3 debut

Sony has re-iterated its plan to ship the PlayStation 3 by Spring 2006. The announcement follows Electronic Arts CEO Larry Probst's prediction that the console won't debut until next Autumn.
Tony Smith, 09 Dec 2005

Intel readies rootkit- rooting hardware

Intel has begun developing rootkit-detection technology with a view to preventing malicious code from modifying the host system's memory.
Tony Smith, 09 Dec 2005

Holy potato set to wow eBay

Verily, the Lord moveth in mysterious ways, and nowhere has his mysteriousness manifested itself more clearly than in the land of fruits and nuts. Read on:
Lester Haines, 09 Dec 2005

Software piracy: BSA walks the plank

LettersWe have a bulging sackful of letters this Friday for your reading pleasure, so let's get straight down to it with the BSA's claim that cutting software piracy would boost the UK economy. Well, it would say that, wouldn't it?
Lester Haines, 09 Dec 2005

Govt call centres fail to handle call numbers

More than a third of calls to UK Government helplines fail to connect, according to information obtained by the Liberal Democrats.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2005

Napster launches in Germany

Napster has opened its 1.5m-song catalogue to music downloaders in Germany, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 09 Dec 2005

BOFH: Beware the lie-detecting mouse

Episode 34"You've got to be kidding!" the PFY slurs, putting down his glass of port. "It's Friday at 4:30 - you can't expect me to do anything!"
Simon Travaglia, 09 Dec 2005

Wikipedia waddles onto DVD and print in Germany

German publishing house Directmedia is taking Wikipedia offline. The German version of the online encyclopedia will be available on a DVD and in print, Heise online reports.
Jan Libbenga, 09 Dec 2005

Government pitches ID cards as fix for online ID fraud

The Home Office is considering pitching the UK identity card scheme as a fix for online and 'card not present' fraud, according to answers given to parliamentary questions by Home Office Minister Andy Burnham earlier this week. The Home Office has previously indicated that it foresees the possibility of ID cards being used to support financial transactions at some point in the future (for example, when the deployment of future generations of ATMs might allow the ID card to 'piggy back' on the banking networks), but it now seems that it anticipates more immediate financial uses for the ID cards.
John Lettice, 09 Dec 2005

Microsoft tackles pirate software firm

A Microsoft investigation into the sale of counterfeit software on eBay has led to the closure of an online operation responsible for the sale of over £3 million worth of fake Microsoft software.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Dec 2005

Click fraud suit changes hand

Click Defense, a web analytics firm that intiated proceedings against Google in June, alleging that the search engine was failing to stop click fraud, is to be replaced as lead plaintiff in the suit by web hosting firm Advanced Internet Technology (AIT).
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Dec 2005

NTL stands by £817m bid for Virgin Mobile

NTL reckon its £817m bid for Virgin Mobile is a good offer representing "better value for all Virgin Mobile shareholders" - even though it's been rejected by the cellco.
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2005

DfES to build index of the UK's kids - all 11 million of them

Government plans for an "Information Sharing Index" identifying every child in England will be subject to trials early next year, with a full scale system intended to be live by the end of 2008. The Index, which is intended to help a wide range of workers in education, health, social services and youth offending exchange information about children, was first mooted in 2003 via the Every Child Matters Green paper, in the wake of the death of Victoria Climbié.
John Lettice, 09 Dec 2005
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The sophist and the open source baking farce

Into the ValleyOne of the biggest threats to open source software has arisen from a most unlikely place - the food and beverage industry. Steve Gundrum, CEO of food engineering house Mattson, has teamed with sophist and celebrity author Malcolm Gladwell to bastardize the fundamental concepts behind open source software development, turning the OSS idea into nothing more than another term for inefficient collaboration.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Dec 2005

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