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Ramesys flogs education reseller to management

The education reseller division of Ramesys has struck out for independence through an management buyout. backed by Lloyds TSB Development Capital. Terms were undisclosed. The management team under MD Bill Donoghue will retain the Ramesys name, while its former parent company is rebranding itself as RedSky IT.
Team Register, 08 Dec 2005

BEA to color up apps with classification Graffiti

BEA Systems has become the latest Silicon Valley tech company to succumb to the Web 2.0 bug by adopting a search strategy.
Gavin Clarke, 08 Dec 2005

Overstock CEO receives honorable mention as worst exec of the year

LettersJust three days after our story on the oddities of Overstock.com CEO Patrick Bryne appeared, the "Biggest O" went and earned another dubious distinction. Byrne received an honorable mention in CBS MarketWatch's survey of the worst CEOs in 2005.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Dec 2005

Steady as she goes, says Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro today updated guidance for Q4 ahead of an investor conference. All rather dull really, as the guidance is the same as issued on 27 October.
Team Register, 08 Dec 2005

EFF hatchet job spawns creepy reader love-in

LettersIn response to our recent story, EFF volunteers to lose important suit over Sony 'rootkit', Aravind writes, "Oh man, this should be worth a FotW, or at least a few honourable mentions. Looking forward to today's mailbag! Hopefully spills over to Friday's as well..."
Bonhomie Snoutintroff, 08 Dec 2005
fingers pointing at man

UK government wastes billions, MPs warn

Efforts to improve efficiency and value for money across government are being undermined by poor project management and leadership skills, MPs have warned.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 08 Dec 2005

Learning from the past

CommentI'm sitting thinking about our new Reg Developer site and its target audience – professional IT developers who already read The Register but who might like something more targeted on their specific world – when an IMS Newsletter drops on the mat.
David Norfolk, 08 Dec 2005
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Falling hardware sales hits ComputerLand UK

Half-year revenues fell at ComputerLand UK, the Nottingham-based reseller, on the back of lower product sales. Turnover for the six months to 31 October was down 10 per cent to £26.9m (H1 2005: £29.8m) and profit before tax was £0.8m (H1 2005: £1.1m).
Team Register, 08 Dec 2005

Virgin Mobile 'unanimously rejects' NTL offer

UpdateVirgin Mobile has "unanimously rejected" an £817m offer by UK cableco NTL insisting it's just not enough.
Tim Richardson, 08 Dec 2005

PartyGaming bets on bumper year

PartyGaming said today that full year results will likely be ahead of expectations after punters flocked to its newly launched virtual blackjack tables.
Team Register, 08 Dec 2005

World passes by UK.gov websites

Web surfers may be interested in working in the UK, but don’t give a fig about its world heritage sites, if figures wheedled out of the government by a LibDem MP are anything to go by.
Joe Fay, 08 Dec 2005

VIA preps C7-oriented 'mini PC' chipset

VIA is set to ship the latest chipset for its low-power x86-compatible C7 processor - aka 'Esther' - next quarter, the company said today. It will pitch the part at small form-factor PC makers and consumer electronics companies keen to break into the media centre market.
Tony Smith, 08 Dec 2005

BBC tunes into BT's IPTV service

BT's broadband TV service isn't due to be switched on until next autumn but already the UK's dominant fixed line telco is making a song and dance about hooking up with three content partners.
Tim Richardson, 08 Dec 2005
Blu-ray Disc Logo

Ex-Warner Home Video boss blasts Sony

The battle between the next-generation games consoles will determine the winner of the fight between the next-generation optical disc formats.
Tony Smith, 08 Dec 2005

Six Apart chief's 'nice' speech ends in name-calling

Les BlogsThe second LesBlogs geekfest in Paris saw Six Apart’s oh-so-nice president, Mena Trott, taking bloggers to task for incivility.
David Tebbutt, 08 Dec 2005

Mail Group buys property site

The owner of the Daily Mail newspaper group is splashing out £48m to acquire property website primelocation.com
Tim Richardson, 08 Dec 2005

Music giant stamps on song lyric search app

The developer of a song-lyric search utility has been forced to kill the application after being threatened with legal action by UK music publishing giant Warner/Chappell.
Tony Smith, 08 Dec 2005

Yahoo! targets! Skype! with! improved! VoIP! offer!

Yahoo! is adding more features to its existing VoIP service in a bid to gain a bigger of the rapidly growing broadband telephony market.
Tim Richardson, 08 Dec 2005

SleepyCat releases Berkeley DB 4.4

SleepyCat Software has launched Berkeley DB 4.4 the latest upgrade of its free-to-cheap database software. V4.4 has a long list of new features and efficiency enhancements, published on this press release.
Team Register, 08 Dec 2005

Hey, Korea - unbundle this!

The Rotting Dog Blog
The Rotting Dog, 08 Dec 2005
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Sober worm plans 5 January attack

Security outfit iDefense is reporting that the next Sober worm attack will take place on 5 January - the 87th anniversary of the founding of the Nazi party.
Lester Haines, 08 Dec 2005

No free Xbox 360 for Ballmer's kids

Pity if you will Steve Ballmer's kids - if they want an Xbox for Xmas dad will just have to go out and buy one like the crazed plebs who are as we speak fighting each other with knives just to get within striking distance of MS's new console.
Lester Haines, 08 Dec 2005

Finding lights under bushels

CommentIt is true that there was not a great deal of hot news lying around at HP’s annual bash, Software Universe, held this year in Nice. Even the departure last week of VP of the software division, Norah Denzil, caused only quizzical speculation as to why someone should depart having just delivered on a corporate objective to bring the division into profit for the fourth quarter of the company’s financial year.
Martin Banks, 08 Dec 2005

eBayer pays £470 for photo of Xbox 360

Here's one hot off the press: an unwary eBayer appears to have just paid £470 for what he or she obviously thought was an "XBOX 360 PREMIUM PACKAGE":
Lester Haines, 08 Dec 2005

Mobile WiMax spec becomes a standard

The IEEE this week formally ratified the mobile version of the WiMax wireless broadband system as a standard.
Tony Smith, 08 Dec 2005
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Cut software piracy, boost UK economy

A 10 per cent reduction in the UK's software piracy rate would result in 34,000 new jobs, £11bn of economic growth and a £2.8bn increase in tax revenues, according to a study commissioned by the Business Software Alliance.
OUT-LAW.COM, 08 Dec 2005

Dr. Strangepackets or: How distributed systems foiled nuclear strikes

Into the ValleyPoor Paul Baran has been forced to recount the motivations behind his work developing distributed networks and packet switching time and again. Such is the curse of a successful inventor, and to Baran's credit, he's as patient as ever when telling his story.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Dec 2005

Intel puts the squeeze on Q4 forecast

Intel today refined its fourth quarter revenue guidance, revealing that it would not likely reach the high-end of a previous forecast. This update failed to impress investors, who sent Intel's shares slightly lower in after-hours trading.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Dec 2005

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