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The Linux Kernel Primer

Book reviewThe Linux kernel is one of those places that mere mortals fear to tread. It's a scary place to explore and beyond doing an occasional compile, most developers steer clear of delving into the heart of the Linux operating system. However, there are those who are tempted by the 'here be dragons' signs and decide they want, or need, to get down into the internals of the kernel. For those intrepid individuals the 'Linux Kernel Primer' promises to be the guidebook they need as they start the journey.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 04 Dec 2005

Java Puzzlers

Book review'Java Puzzlers' is unlike any Java book we've seen before. Promising the reader an exploration of 'traps, pitfalls and corner cases', this is by turns entertaining, infuriating and downright puzzling. It is also truly illuminating, and serves to educate while it entertains. One would expect no more from the combined talents of Joshua Bloch (author of the classic Effective Java, one of our most highly recommended intermediate/advanced Java titles), and Neal Gafter (formerly of Sun and now Java evangelist at Google).
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 04 Dec 2005

The Software Development Edge

Book ReviewJoe Marasco was a very successful project manager at Rational Software, and now, at the end of a distinguished career, he sets out some of his accumulated wisdom and insights in this anthology of essays devoted to software development and management.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 04 Dec 2005

Write Portable Code

Book reviewPortability is one of those virtues we would all love to have in our code. One of the drivers of Java's popularity was the promise of portability across platforms, and of course that same promise exists in many of the more popular scripting languages, such as Python, Ruby and so on.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 04 Dec 2005

It’s anybody’s guess

CommentIf you were to ask me how long it takes me to get to work each morning, I would tell you, “It usually takes about an hour, door-to-door.” I’m pretty sure most of you could also give a reasonably accurate description of your journey to work, too.
David Putman, 04 Dec 2005

Hands on with Macromedia Flex 2.0

The assumption behind Flex is that an unadorned browser is insufficient as a universal client. Microsoft beats this same drum, and promotes .NET smart clients as the means of adding the performance and rich user interface that only a local application can achieve.
Tim Anderson, 04 Dec 2005

Hands on with SQL Server 2005

ReviewSQL Server is a client-server based, relational database engine. That puts it head-to-head with the likes of IBM’s DB2 and Oracle’s Oracle… or so Microsoft dearly wants us to believe.
Mark Whitehorn, 04 Dec 2005

Boffins defended in TV pirates battle

Legitimate researchers need protection from the heavy-handed tactics of US satellite TV provider DirecTV, according to two digital civil rights groups which filed a friend-of-the-court brief with a US Appeals Court on Wednesday.
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Dec 2005
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Federal flaw database commits to grading system

A federal database of software vulnerabilities funded by the US Department of Homeland Security has decided on a common method of ranking flaw severity and has assigned scores to the more than 13,000 vulnerabilities currently contained in its database, the group announced last week.
Robert Lemos, 04 Dec 2005

Netgear admits wireless speed claims are misleading

CommentThe real question in the Netgear class action case is why it only applied to NetGear, given the absurd figures quoted by all Wi-Fi hotspot providers.
Guy Kewney, 04 Dec 2005

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