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Year zero for Sun's recovery . . . again

AnalysisOpen source and subscription-based pricing are taxing the best brains of software providers. Sun Microsystems became the latest to grapple with the issues this week, announcing it would no longer charge for its software.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Dec 2005

What's it all about, ALF

Serena is well-known for cross-platform change management but it has been expanding its offering of late, to cover more of the Application Lifecycle. Its SAFE (Serena Application Framework for Enterprises) vision centres on configuration/change management and version control but now includes business process modelling and automation, requirements management, issue and problem management, IT governance and methodologies for development and support, build management, deployment and production support – but not coding automation or testing (see the product summary here).
David Norfolk, 02 Dec 2005

Read the letter that won the internet governance battle

The World Summit in Tunis last month was overshadowed by the global argument over internet governance.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Dec 2005
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Zone Labs sued over spyware classification

Marketing company 180solutions filed a lawsuit against desktop-security firm Zone Labs taking issue with a warning generated by the security firm's personal firewall software, which labels 180solutions advertising client as spyware.
Robert Lemos, 02 Dec 2005

Nvidia to out-sell ATI in 2005 - analyst

Nvidia will sell more chips this year than ATI, reversing a trend established in 2004, the latest market forecast from researcher iSuppli reveals.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2005
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SOA means change - and keep changing

Most companies currently flying round the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) candle have a buzz phrase or two to hand that they hope will help users make more sense of what might be possible with the technologies involved – especially theirs – but one of the best to emerge recently came from Shahin Khan of Azul Systems, speaking at a round table on future trends in SOA, which the company co-hosted with JBoss.
Martin Banks, 02 Dec 2005

Fibernet gets a nibble

Fibernet has played down speculation that it could be the latest operator to be caught up in the current round of telco consolidation.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2005

IBM to be 2005's fastest-growing chip maker

AMD may be eating into Intel's x86 processor market share, but its arch-rival will remain the world's biggest chip maker by a long margin when 2005 comes to a close.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2005

Son of the £300 ID card - the £290 ID scheme propaganda DVD

Should the entertainment industry panic about the Home Office's shock entry into DVD production? Probably not, if figures revealed this week by Home Secretary Charles Clarke are anything to go on. In answer to a parliamentary question from Tory Home Affairs spokesman David Davis, Clarke said that so far a whopping 250 copies of his ID card propaganda film Passport to Perdition* had been produced at a total cost of £71,892.96, inc VAT.
John Lettice, 02 Dec 2005

Restructuring costs drive Novell into the red

Novell has swung from profit of $15m last year to record a fourth quarter loss of $5m, despite an upsurge in revenue. For the quarter ending 31 October, Novell reported revenue of $320m, compared to revenue of $301m for Q42004. Excluding restructuring charges of $38m, the enterprise software supplier said it would have earned $33m.
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2005

ATI, Nvidia, SIS gain from Intel's chipset famine

The effect of Intel's chipset shortage is clear for all to see in the latest 2005 market data from Mercury Research: the chip giant's share of the chipset business has tumbled from a peak of 69 per cent in Q1 to an estimated 53 per cent in Q4.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2005

Orange unveils new 'Calling Tunes' service

Orange has launched a new music service that enables its punters to add more bells and whistles to their phones. Calling Tunes, as it's known, lets Orange punters choose music to play callers while they wait for the phone to be answered.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2005
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US media tries to block AMD-vs-Intel gagging orders

AMD vs IntelAMD's legal battle with Intel has gained considerable media interest - to the extent that more than 24 news-gathering enterprises are no longer simply reporting the story but have become a part of it.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2005
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Non-execs reject Computacenter buy-out bid

Computacenter’s independent directors have turned down a bid by the reseller giant’s founders and senior management to take the firm private, the Daily Telegraph reported today.
Team Register, 02 Dec 2005

MS anti-virus beta. Hmmm...

LettersFirst up in this Friday's trawl of the Vulture Central mailbag are a few comments on Microsoft's launch of anti-virus public beta. Take it away, beloved readers:
Lester Haines, 02 Dec 2005
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Sunbelt rescues Kerio Firewall from oblivion

Sunbelt Software announced plans on Thursday to acquire Kerio's personal firewall business, bolstering its core anti-spyware offering with personal firewall technology. The acquisition is expected to be finalized by the end of the month. Terms of the deal are undisclosed.
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2005

Sun wants to be the Badger in Web 2.0

CommentSun Microsystem's President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz wants to ally the company with one of the year's biggest marketing flops, "Web 2.0".
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Dec 2005

Alaska man plans 20-ton domestic cyclotron

A 55-year-old Alaska man has met determined local resistance to his plan to assemble a 20-ton nuclear particle accelerator in his Anchorage home, Wired reports.
Lester Haines, 02 Dec 2005

WidowPC races to ship first dual-core notebook

Will WidowPC's Sting 917X2 notebook be the world's first dual-core laptop? Certainly a number of technology websites are claiming it is, but a check on the company's own website reveals the 5.1kg beast is only available on pre-order.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2005

Inventor deploys hoodie-busting sonic weapon

A Welsh invention which claims to repel rowdy teenage ne'er-do-wells while leaving lawabiding fortysomethings and septuagenarian war heroes to go about their business unmolested has been creating a bit of a stir in the UK and international press this week.
Lester Haines, 02 Dec 2005

UK firm fined £5k for fly-tipped computer kit

A UK company has been fined £5k for breaching regulations about storing computer waste.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2005

Warez servers in Germany confiscated

German police have confiscated five warez servers with 6 terabytes of illegal copies of movies and games in the German town of Coburg on the fringes of northern Bavaria. The servers, with names as Temptation and Paradise Island, were accessible to over 1,200 people for € 30 to 120 per month. Police arrested at least one 26 year old.
Jan Libbenga, 02 Dec 2005
Griffin Technology EarThumps

Griffin ships sound-isolating iPod 'phones

Another day, another Griffin Technology iPod accessory. Today it's the turn of EarThumps, a set of sound-isolating 'phones that the company claims "deliver clean transparent atmospheric highs, and deep, low bass".
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2005
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Anti-virus scanner added to Google Gmail

Google has introduced an anti-virus scanning service to Gmail. Each time users send and receive attachments, Gmail will automatically scan them for viruses. It's unclear whether Google developed the technology in-house (highly unlikely) or licensed it from a security firm, much less who that firm might be.
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2005

BOFH: the PFY goes AWOL

Episode 33It's a quiet afternoon in Mission Control when I'm woken from my slumber by a dull banging noise coming from the Tape Library room. The sound seems so familiar and yet still so elusive, and for some reason I just can't put my finger on it...
Simon Travaglia, 02 Dec 2005
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Podcast hijacked by 'extortionist'

Podcaster Erik Marcus has become the latest target of an age-old crime. His RSS feed has been redirected by a "cyber-squatter" who's demanding payment as a condition for releasing the hijacked feed.
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2005

Intel CEO goes clumping with Jobs, Charles and Camilla

CEO Paul Otellini has come a long way in his more than thirty years at Intel. These days he's bossing around co-founder Andy Grove and hobnobbing with royalty. Not bad for a man with a funny last name that means "little otter" in Italian.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Dec 2005

Cop cautions two-year-old driver

A two-year-old lad has been cautioned by a police officer in Leyland, Lancashire for driving his 2.5mph toy car on the pavement without tax or MOT, the Mirror reports.
Lester Haines, 02 Dec 2005

Youths strap hamster to rocket

Police in Scotland are hunting a group of youths who strapped a hamster to a firework rocket before setting it off.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2005

UK gets £100m stem cell boost

The UK's stem cell research programmes will benefit from £100m over the next two years after Gordon Brown doubled the government's financial committement to the technology, Reuters reports. Brown said the cash would go to "pre-commercial aspects of stem cell research" - considered high-risk by pharmaceutical companies - and the recently-established UK Stem Cell Foundation.
Lester Haines, 02 Dec 2005

Bats fingered for Ebola deaths

Bats could be responsible for spreading Ebola among human and ape populations in central Africa, scientists have claimed in Nature. Three species, all of which "had a geographical range that included regions where human outbreaks of Ebola had occurred", did not show any signs of infection, but offered "genetic evidence or an immune response" as signs of their guilt.
Lester Haines, 02 Dec 2005

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