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10% of US net users 'addicted, needing therapy'

The American obsession with therapy may almost be considered as a neurosis in its own right. But quacks see promising material in a growing number of internet addicts.

HP buys your trust or your Trustgenix

Start-up hungry HP has fed on another software company, acquiring identity management specialist Trustgenix.
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ICANN shrugs off dotcom lawsuits

Internet overseeing organisation ICANN has dimissed two lawsuits against it as "attempts to manipulate the public comment process" over future ownership of all dotcoms.
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Weary Judge wants RIM to write the cheque

US District Judge James Spencer indicated today that he wants Research In Motion to settle its patent dispute with NTP once and for all.
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Depolarizing the copyright debate

British think-tank the Institute For Public Policy Research wants to bring some reality to the digital copyright debate, with the publication of a report today designed to nudge the government in the right direction.
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Microsoft launches anti-virus public beta

Microsoft has released a free beta of its upcoming anti-virus application.

CA lets Ingres go

Comment When I first heard about Computer Associates letting Ingres go my reaction was negative, to say the least. But having discussed the matter with CA I am not as concerned as I was, though questions still remain.
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Apple to unveil Intel laptop next month - analyst

Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner has added his voice to those predicting Apple will announce a notebook computer based on an Intel processor in January 2006.
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Tiscali gets the 'Hump' over Herbert

Tiscali refused to give a pensioner an email addy with his own name - because part of it was deemed "offensive" by the ISP.

Intel: chipset shortage to run through H1 2006

Intel's chipset supplies will remain "tight" throughout H1 2006, CFO Andy Bryant admitted yesterday.
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Pru to scoff rest of Egg

Prudential - the financial outfit with a majority stake in UK internet bank Egg - has completed a strategic about-turn by announcing plans to acquire the remaining slice of the business owned by shareholders.
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Evesham wins AOpen MiniPC UK exclusive

Exclusive AOpen's Mac Mini-like Mini PC is coming to the UK next week, The Register can reveal, courtesy of an exclusive deal between the manufacturer and reseller Evesham.
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Trojan exploits unpatched IE flaw

The release of a Trojan that exploits an unpatched IE hole has prompted speculation that Microsoft may release an emergency out-of-cycle security patch. The Delf-DH Trojan downloader uses an Internet Explorer vulnerability to infect unprotected Windows users who stray onto maliciously constructed websites. Delf-DH downloads other malware onto infected machines changing settings in order to monitor user activity and redirect surfers onto porn sites.

Mac OS X security under scrutiny

When the SANS Institute, a computer-security training organization, released its Top-20 vulnerabilities last week, the rankings continued an annual ritual aimed at highlighting the worst flaws for network administrators. This year, the list had something different, however: the group flagged the collective vulnerabilities in Apple's Mac OS X operating system as a major threat.
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MP3.com founder opens net music archive, play service

MP3.com and Lindows/Linspire founder Michael Robertson has re-launched the service that got him into so much hot water with the music industry back in the late 1990s.
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French cellcos fined €534m for collusion

Three French mobile operators - Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom - have been fined a whopping €534m (£363m) for sharing information and rigging the country's cellphone market.
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Samsung admits it rigged DRAM prices

Samsung yesterday pleaded guilty to conspiring with other memory makers to fix prices.
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Telewest goes live with HDTV

Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, TV Scoop has all the hottest cult TV news and HDTVUK has all the latest High Def stories.
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iPod Shuffle bug fix leaves key bug unfixed

Apple has updated the iPod Shuffle's firmware to version 1.1.3, saying only that the new code includes "bug fixes" but without detailing the release's improvements.
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Umbongo Linux Firestorm browser 1.56/2 - like wow!

The Rotting Dog Blog The Rotting Dog Blog Damn Limeys November 27, 2005 - 20:11 pm Jesus. Looks like the Limeys and the Spanish are kicking off about this CIA terror flight business. According to ListenToMe.me.me.uk the US has been transporting terrorists to camps in Poland or somesuch former Soviet republic in unmarked planes. Apparently, they …
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Skype does video VoIP

Skype - which is being acquired eBay for $2.6bn - is to offer video calls as part of the latest version of its internet telephony software.

Capita wins over second city

Capita looks set to grab a massive chunk of local government business Birmingham though a joint venture with the council.

Spoofing trick foxes wiretaps

Security researchers have discovered a way to trick some wiretap systems used in the US into switching themselves off, while leaving phones still usable. University of Pennsylvania researchers have also discovered it might be possible to falsify a record of numbers dialed recorded by older spy devices. "These countermeasures do not require cooperation with the called party, elaborate equipment, or special skill," the researchers write in a paper Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems published in the IEEE's Security & Privacy journal this week.
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Your Communications up for sale

Your Communications - the telco that's part of United Utilities (UU) based in the North West of England - is definitely up for sale.
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Candid Dalek shares thesp titbits

Stob Do you remember, earlier in the year, there was an episode of Doctor Who where the Dalek stuck its sink plunger through a computer screen and downloaded the entire internet? And then went on to commit suicide?
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Japanese 'iPod tax' threat fades

Japanese consumers will not have to pay an 'iPod tax', the country's government has decided.

Revised open source GPL expected spring 2007

Plans to update the General Public Licence (GPL), which underpins the distribution of most open source software, were released by the Free Software Foundation and the Software Freedom Law Center yesterday.

Panda bares claws over illegal OEM sales

"Alternative" software firms Ability Software and Panda Software UK are taking a stand against the illegal sale of their OEM products which they say is eating into their profits. Both companies, part of Formjet plc, said they would issue warnings to any organisation that offers OEM CD versions of either Ability Office (an alternative office suite), Titanium Antivirus or Platinum Internet Security (alternative consumer security products) directly to consumers or end-user businesses.
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Nokia unwraps 3G threesome

Nokia today introduced its latest three 3G handsets, pitched at business users.

E-tailer unwittingly sold counterfeit software

A British website has been caught selling counterfeit Microsoft software which it obtained from what it thought to be a legitimate Chinese source. Microsoft was alerted when a customer of Monitorship.co.uk used Microsoft's Product Identification Service.
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EU ministers approve biometric ID, fingerprint data sharing

The European biometric ID card takes another step forward this week, with the European Justice and Home Affairs Council set to approve "minimum security standards" for national ID cards. Alongside this the Council will be roadmapping the rollout of Europe's biometric visa system, which will contain the fingerprints of 70 million people within the next few years, and hearing European Commission proposals for greater sharing of fingerprint data.
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RIM battles PDA patent holder in UK court

Research in Motion (RIM) has begun legal proceedings in the UK to invalidate a patent owned by a firm currently suing the Blackberry maker in the US for alleged infringement of said intellectual property.

Intel taps intelligent toilet expert as new CTO

Intel may well be looking to put a difficult two years behind it with an executive reshuffle that includes the appointment of a new CTO.
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ICANN kills .xxx porn domain

The proposed .xxx porn domain has been kicked into the long grass just days before it was due to meet final approval.

Oboe is your iPod everywhere

Analysis Now we know why MP3.com founder Michael Robertson hired 'DVD Jon' Lech Johansen.