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No new N-Gages until 2007

From the UK’s leading games blog - Games Digest, from the makers of Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny.
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Supremes look again at US patent law

eBay has won a first step to changing US patent law yesterday when the Supreme Court agreed to revisit rules under which companies are granted an injunction if they accuse another firm of infringing on patents.

Apple to 'add iPod Dock' to Mac Mini

Apple's abortive attempt to integrate an iPod Dock into the Mac Mini may yet come to fruition as the company prepares to enter the media centre arena using the diminutive computer.
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TDC buy-out expected soon

Danish telco TDC is within touching distance of being bought out as part of a $12bn (£7bn) take-over bid, reports the Financial Times. The paper cites unnamed sources who maintain that while the deal could still fall through even at this late stage, it does look as if TDC is about to become the latest telco to be snapped up.

Massachusetts reverses Microsoft ban

Massachusetts has reversed its decision to stop government departments using Microsoft file formats.
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Infineon CEO plays down memory biz IPO plan

Infineon may be backing away from a plan to IPO its soon-to-be-spun-off memory products division during the second half of 2006.
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Google or IBM to sponsor Man Utd?

Blue chip firms and mega-brands - including Google, Yahoo, IBM, Levi Strauss and Coca-Cola - are apparently lining up to take over the shirt sponsorship of Manchester United after Vodafone's decision to curtail its £9m a year shirt sponsorship deal. The Observer quotes unnamed City sources to support a theory that all are prepared to pay more than Vodafone in order to be associated with the Red Devils. Conspiracy theorists will note that Google recently established an office in Manchester.
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Say hello to Google ant

Proof absolute that Google' tentacles extend across the world's surface, touching even the most humble of God's creatures comes with the news that a California entomologist has named a species of ant after the search monolith.
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Nintendo to announce Revolution in May 2006

Nintendo will announce its next-generation games console, Revolution, next May, the company has revealed.
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University of California sued by monkey haters

The University of California is facing legal action in the US for promoting a commonly-held scientific theory.
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First media center with P2P support

A Dutch company has launched a mediacenter under the name of Lamabox, which takes all its content from P2P networks such as Edonkey, Bittorrent, Fasttrack (Kazaa), Gnutella and Overnet.
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Swiss ban GM farming

Swiss farmers will for the next five years be banned from farming GM plants and animals after voters decided on Sunday in favour of a moratorium on genetically-modified organisms. According to Reuters, the nays won the day with 55.7 per cent of the vote, which does not apply to GM research or the import of GM food.
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Kingston schtum on bid approach

Kingston Communications remained schtum today about a possible take-over bid. Earlier this month it confirmed that it had received an approach but declined to use today's publication of interims to furnish investors with any more news.
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Cybercrime 'more lucrative' than drugs

Global cybercrime turned over more money than drug trafficking last year, according to a US Treasury advisor. Valerie McNiven, an advisor to the US government on cybercrime, claimed1 that corporate espionage, child pornography, stock manipulation, phishing fraud and copyright offences cause more financial harm than the trade in illegal narcotics such as heroin and cocaine.
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Welsh scientists drill world's smallest hole

Researchers at Cardiff University's Manufacturing Engineering Centre have managed to drill holes in steel as small as 22 microns (0.022 mm) in diameter using a electro-discharge machining (EDM) process, and reckon they could be the smallest ever achieved.
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Dell hits the shelves in the US

Dell, famous for its rigourous direct-only model, is off-loading some old kit through discount wholesaler CostCo.
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Chinese! invade! Okinawa!

Japanese police yesterday arrested a former computer programmer who allegedly knocked up a fake Yahoo! Japan news site, then posted an article on it entitled "Chinese Military Invades Okinawa" and accredited to the Kyodo News Agency. According to an apparently genuine Yahoo! report, the site attracted 66,000 hits until it was taken out of commission on 19 October.
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3 Italia buys TV firm

3 Italia has become Europe's first mobile operator to own a national digital TV licence after it acquired Italian broadcaster Channel 7.

Spam filters thwart junk mail menace

ISP spam filters are able to block as many as 95 per cent of junk mail messages, according to a study by the US Federal Trade Commission. The US government consumer advocacy group reckons its study shows that technology can be an effective tool in keeping junk mail under control although all it really shows is that spam filtering is better than leaving email accounts exposed to the elements.
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Slashdot practises safe sex

Here's a top security tip for websites looking to protect themselves from unwanted penetration, premature user identification and cyberspacially-transmitted diseases - the Slashdot prophylactic login:
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OFT nabs Chester scammers

A Chester-based company that ripped off almost 17,000 people has promised not to run any more premium rate phone scams.
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Mobile patents war shifts to email

Analysis In the enterprise technology world, we increasingly see large vendors donating at least a token sample of key patents to the open source process for free in order to accelerate uptake of their favored platforms. The same trend will undoubtedly come to mobile communications eventually, driven by the increasing interest in Linux, Java and other open or semi-open systems.

Nokia updates 9300 smart phone with Wi-Fi

Nokia has added Wi-Fi 802.11g support to its 9300 smart phone.

Intel to take 'Averill' to market as Centrino-like platform

Intel will next year launch its third branded PC platform, after Centrino and Viiv, this time pitched at corporate desktops.

PC World notebook ad 'misleading', ASA rules

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will tomorrow slap Dixons Store Group's wrist over a "misleading" TV advert run on behalf of the Dixons-owned PC World chain promoting Intel's Centrino wireless notebook technology.
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Ah, Wordwise: I remember it well

Letters Here's a word of caution for editors: use terms like "Wordwise" in your headlines at your peril, since they are guaranteed to provoke teary-eyed nostalgia:

Game warns of not so merry Xmas

With the annual spending spree about to kick into top gear UK computer retailer Game has warned that this year is unlikely to be a very merry Christmas.

DCC scores in Pihsiang court fight

Business services group DCC has claimed victory over Taiwan's Pihsiang Machinery Manufacturing Company following a long-running legal dispute over a product supply agreement.
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The only thing worse than flying is open source code

And ninthly Worn down with labors from morning to night, and day to day; knowing them as fruitless to others as they are vexatious to myself, committed singly and in desperate and eternal contest against a host who are systematically undermining the public liberty and prosperity, even the rare hours of relaxation sacrificed to the society of persons in the same intentions, of whose hatred I am conscious even in those moments of conviviality when the heart wishes most to open itself to the effusions of friendship and confidence, cut off from my family and friends, my affairs abandoned to chaos and derangement, in short giving everything I love, in exchange for everything I hate - Thomas Jefferson
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Journo fired over rigged Mercedes brake tech test

A failed test of Mercedes' new radar braking system that resulted in a three-car pile-up last week has been exposed as a sham for the benefit of television that went horribly wrong. Mercedes engineers knew the radar technology wouldn't work in the steel warehouse the demo was supposed to take place in but they were bullied into "simulating" the test by AutoBild journalist, Michael Specht, according to reports.
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Hayabusa probe may be lost

The Japanese space agency JAXA has admitted that its Hayabusa probe may not be able to return to Earth because of thruster problems, Reuters reports. The bad news comes just a couple of days after triumphant scientists declared that Hayabusa had most likely succeeded in getting surface samples from asteroid Itokawa.

HP invites all the cool businesses to its data center club

HP has once again started to push "utility computing" on its customers in the form of a new Flexible Computing Club.