28th November 2005 Archive

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  • MS goes fishing, hooks Cray co-founder

    Supercomputer boffin bolsters MS line-up...

    Servers 28 Nov 09:50

  • DiData buys African telco provider

    Picks up Plessey

    The Channel 28 Nov 10:24

  • Government websites fail to meet standards

    Elderly, disabled not being served

    Policy 28 Nov 10:47

  • Legend takeover talks result due soon

    Might happen, might not...

    Financial News 28 Nov 10:57

  • PlusNet swallows Metronet

    Job cuts not ruled out

    Financial News 28 Nov 11:29

  • Google tests click-to-call

    Google to harness awesome power of the call centre

    VoIP 28 Nov 11:36

  • EC outlines anti-terror database measures


    Media 28 Nov 11:46

  • SETI@Home goes BOINC

    Hunt for ET folded into distributed computing project

    Science 28 Nov 12:02

  • Software group wants role in EC MS case

    Open sourcers line up to give MS a shoeing

    Financial News 28 Nov 12:47

  • Trademark dispute prompts Purple Sun rebranding

    Somewhere the Sun don't shine

    Security 28 Nov 12:49

  • Orange debuts new Blackberry flavour

    French to get 8700f first

    Mobile 28 Nov 13:39

  • Report points to Xbox 360 shortage

    Europeans scrap over just 300,000 boxes

    Consoles 28 Nov 13:50

  • Techscape: A Wordwise veteran

    Moir of a technologist or an entrepreneur

    Applications 28 Nov 13:56

  • $200K Lego brick blagger suspect nabbed

    Enough bricks to build his own jail

    Bootnotes 28 Nov 14:35

  • BBC pulls plug on Dalek lesbian romp flick

    Abducted by the Daleks off eBay

    Bootnotes 28 Nov 14:38

  • Japanese asteroid probe hits paydirt

    Well probably...

    Science 28 Nov 14:41

  • Vote now for the worst corporate anthem - ever!

    Warning: this is not for the faint-hearted

    Bootnotes 28 Nov 15:01

  • Ex FEMA honcho turns pro with disaster consulting outfit

    The avian flu pandemic should be a breeze

    Bootnotes 28 Nov 15:11

  • Saddam's uniform pops up on net

    The 'ultimate artifact' says auction outfit

    Bootnotes 28 Nov 15:42

  • Iceland left in the cold after cable cut

    Rats and diggers love broadband cable lines

    Broadband 28 Nov 16:02

  • Romantic love quickly dies

    Brain chemicals - not amoré - linked to passion

    Science 28 Nov 16:23

  • Singaporean boffins test chicken-hugging e-suit

    Net-controlled tactile experience

    Bootnotes 28 Nov 16:25

  • NHTCU warns over Sober worm

    Cyber-blitz enters second week

    Security 28 Nov 17:15

  • Stratus and NEC to make strong servers together

    Tolerant to a fault

    Servers 28 Nov 21:37