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IPTV gets cool reception in UK

Broadband TV has yet to take off in the UK despite the fact that it is regarded as one of the oldest IPTV markets in Europe.

Lads from Lagos set up Anfield branch

Fraudsters are posing as representatives of a lottery sponsored by Liverpool Football Club in an attempt to defraud gulliable net users.
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Texas puts Sony BMG in its sights

The Attorney General for the state of Texas filed a lawsuit against Sony BMG Music Entertainment on Monday, calling the media giant's copy-protection technology "illegal spyware".
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What does your MP think about the price of eggs?

The people behind TheyWorkForYou.com and WritetoThem.com have launched a new site aimed at encouraging dialogue between the public and their MPs.

Intel preps two-stage 'Napa' retail roll-out

Exclusive Intel Celeron M processors based on the upcoming 65nm 'Yonah' core will appear in Q2 2006, according to the chip giant's latest roadmap.
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Telcos united on anti-patent laws

Vodafone, Orange, T-mobile and other big telcos are joining up to tell Europe's main standards body to tighten up its rules on intellectual property.
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Initial Xbox 360 reviews good not great

The latest from the UK’s leading games blog - Games Digest. From the makers of Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny.
Motorola HS500 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola bundles Bluetooth for Skype

Motorola has begun shipping its first Bluetooth headset co-branded with VoIP service Skype, punting the pack into the US retail market through RadioShack.
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Suits predict another bumper e-Xmas

Festive shoppers have already been busy flashing their cash online, according to accountants KPMG.
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419ers break world's shortest email record

God alone knows what happened to Liberia's Charles Taylor and his distraught widow plus mewling and orphaned infants boarding a Red Cross plane to Nigeria where the former dictator had thoughtfully deposited $23,000,000 (TWENTY-THREE MILLION DOLLARS) in a safe deposit box in Lagos just waiting for some willing business partner to receive the funds into the bosom of his bank account, but it appears the Lads from Lagos have decided it's time to cut the crap and get straight down to it:
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LSE clarifies ID Card cost claims

The London School of Economics (LSE) has issued a statement clarifying its position on its National ID card research. The announcement follows press reports that project costs could go as high as £40bn. The LSE says that its original estimate of a £19.2bn high watermark stands and no other figure should be attributed to them.
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Apple iTunes slams into top ten music retail chart

Apple's iTunes Music Store is now one of the US' top ten leading music retailers, market watcher NPD has claimed.

Exploit code unpicks IE flaw

Hackers have created a potent exploit for a six-month old vulnerability in Internet Explorer which was previously believed to be only a Denial of Service risk. A fresh exploit posted on computerterrorism.com proves that the security bug can be exploited to gain system access, even on systems running Windows XP with Service Pack 2. The flaw stems from a failure by IE to properly handle requests to the window() object.
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No corporate sponsors for Darwin exhibition

The evolution vs. creationism debate in the US is now so contentious that the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York has been unable to find a sponsor for its new exhibition detailing the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin.
Asus EAX800 Silencer

VIA unveils multi-GPU AMD chipset

VIA today introduced its long-awaited AMD-oriented desktop chipset with multi-GPU support, the K8T900.
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Vienna goes Oh! for open source

The city of Vienna's move to open source is going well but will never embrace every desktop machine.
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Baffled cops probe sex of bald flasher

We know that the UK's police forces are currently pushed to the very limits of their resources, what with combating alcopop-deranged, binge-drinking hoodies and enduring long stints behind the radar gun, but surely someone down at Hull constabulary can made an educated guess regarding the sex of this flashing ne'er-do-well, currently starring in the UK's Most Wanted?
Asus EAX800 Silencer

Asus offers no-noise graphics card for Xmas

Asus will shortly ship what it dubs as "zero noise" - 'silent' to the rest of us - graphics card that eschews buzzing fans in favour of a "large" heat-sink.
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Microsoft opens file formats

Faced with increasing pressure from public bodies worried that storing documents in proprietary formats could lead to future problems Microsoft is submmitting its file formats to a European standards body.

IXEurope to open third London datacentre

IXEurope plans to open its third datacentre in London in January to meet increased demand from the corporate sector.
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Google wants your culture

Stretching its promise to "Do no evil" to near breaking point Google is backing a plan from the Library of Congress to digitise and store the world's culture.
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Eclipse broadband no longer titsup

Eclipse Internet says its broadband service is now back to normal after going titsup yesterday evening although punters may have to reset their kit to restore their connection.
Hauppauge WinTV HVR-900 USB tuner

Hauppauge hails Flash drive-sized Freeview tuner

Hauppauge Digital today launched what it calls the "TV stick" - a digital television tuner compressed into a compact, USB Flash drive-sized package.
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Fayrewood bid talks terminated

Fayrewood's mystery suitor is suiting no more: the AIM-listed computer distie announced today that takeover talks, announced on 26 August, have been terminated.

Black Box to avoid software crashes

Imagine if you will the following situation. A customer of yours phones to report that his system has failed in a mysterious way. You are given a good error report with details of the transactions. So you try to replicate the problem. Nothing happens.

PwC warns of WEEE complexity

Consultants at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are warning their clients that forthcoming WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive will be more than just another regulatory hoop to jump through.

Feisty Mercury comes out fighting

Mercury Interactive marketing chief Christopher Lochhead was in London on Monday to reassure investors, customers and employees that the company remains on track despite a US fraud investigation that prompted the departure of three of its most senior executives.
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Punters angry as Eclipse admits still suffering ADSL probs

Customers have reacted angrily to assurances made by ISP Eclipse that its broadband service is up and running again.
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The World Summit in pictures

WSIS Tunis Since the Internet is a multi-faceted beast, we felt it only right that we also make use of its ability to displays photos. As such here is a brief pictorial review of the World Summit in Tunis this week:

SANS compiles Top 20 security vulns list

Bugs in anti-virus scanners and web-based applications joined flaws in Microsoft and Cisco networking products in a list of the 20 most serious vulnerabilities discovered this year.

EDS coughs up over Tax Credit debacle

EDS is to stump up £71.25m to settle its dispute with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Revenue over the disastrous system the services giant built to support the UK’s Tax Credit system in 2003.
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FBI warns over Sober worm

The latest variants of the prolific Sober worm series pose as messages from either FBI or CIA investigators in an attempt to dupe Windoze users into opening infectious attachments. The trick was last used in February.
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Cybermen solve plane door crisis with gaffer tape

Letters Two IT related letters and a whole load of rambling thoughts on topics as diverse as cybermen and airplane doors.
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Sony unsinged by rootkit CD fiasco

Analysis What next for CD buyers?

CTO hole plugged at Novell

IBM and Lucent Technologies' veteran Jeffrey Jaffe has been named as Novell's next chief technology officer following an eight-month search.
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On the true meaning of Holidays™ Inc.

Seasonal Letters Last week we brought you the story of how a Wal-Mart employee gave a heroically inappropriate technical answer to a question from a customer concerned that the company had replaced "Christmas" with "Holidays" in some of its promotional material

RSS 'extensions' published by Microsoft

Microsoft has released details of a set of proposed extensions to Really Simple Syndication (RSS), billed as making it easier to receive and share data.
Cat 5 cable

These supercomputers could be yours

SC05 It often feels like AMD receives an inordinate amount of hype for the Opteron processor. Without question, the chip runs great, and AMD has gained market share on Intel as a result. Still, however, Intel owns such a massive portion of the server processor market that AMD remains a relatively minor player.
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Get a Reg logo on Google maps and win $10,000

Those of you who want to take Google ads to the next level may be interested in a deal offered by Los Angeles radio host Phil Hendrie. The comic has put up a large lump sum to anyone who can have their banner spotted from space by Google maps.