18th November 2005 Archive

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  • HP makes layoffs pay in Q4

    Hardware up but printing powerhouse slows

    Financial News 18 01:10

  • Media freedom issue blows up in Tunis

    Swiss delegates hounded by Tunisian media

    Media 18 09:05

  • BEA turns branding iron on Plumtree

    Licensing fee growth

    Applications 18 09:13

  • Sony's CD rootkit infringes DVD Jon's copyright

    How did that happen?

    Media 18 09:16

  • Cut-down smartphones from T-Mobile and O2

    The Vario and Xda mini S arrive

    Mobile 18 10:25

  • Wal-Mart employee fired for Christmas email

    Happy Holidays!

    Bootnotes 18 10:31

  • Infineon confirms memory biz spin-off

    Just when the DRAM market is about to slump, says analyst

    Financial News 18 10:33

  • Einstein endorses development tool

    On Collabnet and blame culture

    Developer 18 10:53

  • CSI in computer forensics gaffe

    Hey Greg, don't turn on the PC

    Security 18 10:54

  • ABC broadband conference cancelled

    Clashed with Govt-backed summit

    Broadband 18 10:55

  • Panasonic preps Blu-ray, DVD, CD chip

    Writes any format... except HD DVD

    Hardware 18 11:09

  • Industry body to certify adware

    It's all about TRUSTe

    Security 18 11:18

  • Mobo maker confirms next Pentium Extreme Edition

    PEE 955 to slug it out with Athlon FX-60

    Hardware 18 11:23

  • Gravity lenses focus attention on galaxy formation

    Astronomers ID 19 more examples

    Science 18 11:34

  • Creative launches Flash, OLED Zen Neeon

    New models join HDD-based line-up

    Peripherals 18 11:59

  • CeBIT to compete with IFA

    Show within a show

    Personal 18 12:10

  • Exploit code targets unpatched Windows flaw

    Persistence of memory

    Security 18 12:23

  • Website campaigns for squirrel genocide

    Tufty gets tough on tree-dwelling rats

    Bootnotes 18 12:31

  • Apple's iTunes 'owns' UK digital music market

    Higher share than its competitors combined

    Hardware 18 12:46

  • Evesham BlueMedia BM-6380 GPS navigator

    Science 18 12:53

  • $11.5bn bid for TDC

    Group bear hug

    Financial News 18 12:56

  • The Bastard, in the Comms Room with the Cooling Pipe


    BOFH 18 13:17

  • Satellite radar tracking sees off toothfish pirates

    Actual pirates, in boats, with earrings

    Science 18 13:36

  • Shadowcrew six plead guilty to credit card fraud

    Dragged into the light

    Security 18 14:08

  • UK storage biz drags InTechnology deep into the red

    Whacks costs

    The Channel 18 14:57

  • Timeshare spammer jailed

    CAN-SPAM convict incarcerated

    Security 18 15:16

  • Posh Richemont latest to sue Stelios

    Time for easyWatch to appear in court

    Broadband 18 15:42

  • Sony's rootkit drives squirrels to new careers in adult movies

    Your thoughts on the week's events

    Letters 18 16:01

  • Password-stealing keyloggers skyrocket

    Breeding like phishes

    Security 18 16:32

  • EMI irks Apple over iPod anti-rip CD compatibility claim

    Not playing fair with FairPlay?

    Media 18 16:45

  • Fears rise as Google tries to emulate Microsoft

    We prefer Exxon as our master

    Letters 18 17:54

  • Cisco charges the tube with $6.9bn set-top-box buy

    Scientific-Atlanta opens video portal

    Financial News 18 20:22

  • Cell server maker promises pint-sized powerhouse

    'Turismo' mightier than blades

    Servers 18 22:04