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Beyond the web, Google opens Base

A Google executive has denied that its new Base service, unveiled as a beta today, was "a play in any kind of e-commerce space", but only the foolish would take Salar Kamangar, vice president of product management at Google, at his word.
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Sun giving away Studio

Studio 11 has become Sun Microsystems' latest application development environment to break the price barrier and be given away for free.
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iTunes price rise a cert - EMI boss

EMI Music's chief executive Alain Levy has said that there's now a consensus that the price of hit songs will rise on digital download sites. Apple charges 99 cents per song on its iTunes Music Store regardless of the song's popularity - something that the industry is keen to change.

Nokia buys Intellisync

Nokia is paying $430m to acquire Intellisync, or $5.25 per share - $100m more than the company's market valuation.
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GoogleNet conquers Mountain View

Google's first foray into providing blanket wireless internet coverage has proved victorious, with its home town of Mountain View giving the local company a five-year monopoly on providing Wi-Fi access.
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iPod wrist controller

Tech Digest Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, Bayraider keeps tabs on the best and worst of eBay and Games Digest has the latest gaming news.

Apple to intro Intel iBook 'with big price cut'

Apple will announce new iBook consumer notebooks at Macworld Expo in January 2006 - just over a month from now - and they will be based on Intel processors.

Intel to 'revise' Pentium M naming scheme

Intel is to introduce a new processor numbering scheme when its 65nm 'Yonah' chip debuts early next year, sources from within Taiwan's motherboard maker community have claimed.
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UK's first 'most wanted' website goes titsup

An FBI-style website listing some of the UK's 'most wanted' crims has gone titsup within hours of going live.
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Sony in USB lead porn punt shocker

Pity if you will poor old Sony. First they get themselves into all sorts of trouble with the rootkit DRM CDs fiasco, then incur the wrath of the e-tailing community by ramping up wholesale kit prices for online stores, then, well, how can it get any worse?
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Tesco targets incest demographic

Its motto may be "Every Little Helps", but surely there are depths which UK supermarket monolith Tesco will not trawl in order to squeeze a smidge more cash from the shopping public?
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Microsoft may look again at virus notification

Customer feedback over the last few days of Microsoft's IT Forum in Barcelona has prompted the vendor to look again at the early notification process for vulnerabilities.

Club 3D completes UK distie set-up with Enta signing

Enta is to distribute graphics card maker Club 3D's ATI-based boards in the UK, the two companies announced today.
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RIM touts 'NTP-beating' Blackberry update

Research in Motion (RIM) is close to shipping a software update which, it believes, will free it from the threat of an injunction banning the sale of its Blackberry email devices in the US.
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Counterfeiters send jammed printer for repair

Arizona authorities this week charged suspected members of a criminal ring thought responsible for 10 per cent of all fake money in the state after some members sent a printer, jammed with counterfeit bills, out for repair.

UK manufacturer coughs £10k for unlicensed software

A Nottingham-based maker of tags that deter shoplifters has made an out-of-court settlement with the Business Software Alliance for £10,000 following an investigation into its unlawful use of unlicensed Adobe, Apple and Microsoft products.
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Users don't trust websites with personal info

Only 16 per cent of people are confident that internet sites will treat their personal information properly, according to a new survey by the Information Commissioner's Office that found widespread concern about data protection laws and practices.
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Europe's heavy lifter takes to the sky

Europe's heavy lifting rocket, Ariane 5 ECA, has successfully blasted off from French Guiana with two telecoms satellites on board. It is only the launcher's third outing, after it was lost on its maiden voyage.
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Wanadoo 'UK's number one' VoIP outfit, says Wanadoo

Wanadoo - which was humiliated by BT yesterday following a spat over an ad - reckons it's the UK's top broadband telephony outfit with more than 80,000 registered users.

T-Mobile brings Sidekick II to UK

T-Mobile has finally launched Danger's Blackberry-for-consumers second-generation Hiptop device in the UK, branding the machine the Sidekick II and bundling it with the carrier's new Web'n'Walk GPRS tariff.

Intel 975X multi-GPU chipset slips out

Intel this week quietly launched its anticipated 975X Express desktop chipset, pitched at the dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition processor.

Dimension Data’s 'very good year'

Dimension Data gave itself a pat on the back yesterday for a “very good year”, which saw it return to the black.

'Vindictive' UK spammer jailed for six years

A 23-year-old man branded the UK's worst spammer has been jailed for six years for a string of offences including blackmail and threatening to kill.
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Private enterprise needed in space: NASA

NASA has said commercial investment will prove vital to its future efforts in space exploration. Ex-staffers backed the sentiment, saying NASA has too much on its plate to go it alone.
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World Summit blog: Buses, toilets and fear

WSIS Tunis Was there ever a more evil form of transport than a bus? They are so convincing. You can carry a lot of people and they can go wherever you want. Trains and trams are on tracks, cars are too small and cramped.
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Blu-ray backer HP threatens to back HD DVD too

When Blu-ray Disc debuts next Spring, long-time supporter HP may not be among the companies heralding the launch because the format ships without a technology the PC vendor wants included.
Leadtek DVT1000 T digital TV tuner card

Leadtek DTV1000 T digital TV tuner

Review There have always been TV tuner cards for PCs but it's fair to say that Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition has given them a new lease of life. So much so, in fact, that if a card isn't compatible with MCE, it's hardly worth mentioning.
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Welcome to the Rotting Dog Blog

Welcome to the Rotting Dog Blog November 13, 2005 - 12:15 pm Welcome indeed. I don't know about you, but I've found that the blogosphere has really opened my mind to a whole new world of personal freedom. Before Linus Torvalds invented the blog, I had pretty much nothing to say about anything. It's just like the news went in …
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Ofcom warned not to relax BT regulation just yet

Ofcom has been warned not to relax the rules that governs BT just yet despite its recent regulatory settlement with the UK's dominant telco.
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Classics suffer death by SMS

This has got a sort of horrible inevitability about it: student mobile service dot.mobile has compressed some of the great works of literature into a few lines of SMS so that time-strapped students can revised Hamlet, for example, without the inconvenience of having to carry a book around with them.
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Man flogs debt on eBay

Updated If you, like the average Reg hack, live a life of opulence and excess fuelled by limitless supplies of cash, then you have undoubtedly wondered how it would be to owe money for a short, experimental period.

Biometrics push passport fees past £50

Passport fees are set to soar to £51, thanks to a 21 per cent (£9) increase to pay for the inclusion of biometrics and other security measures. The increase will come into effect as of 1 December, the Home Office said.
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Sony unveils video VoIP service

Sony has unveiled a free video and voice service that could spell disaster for blind dates and spouses lying to their loved ones.
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Patriot Act 'compromise' makes matters worse

Updated First, the good news. Revisions to the so-called "Patriot" Act now circulating on Capitol Hill will give Congress some limited oversight on the use of national security letters, by requiring the FBI to report periodically on their use.

Sony DRM uninstaller 'worse than rootkit'

Hacker websites are using Sony's DRM uninstaller in an attempt to take over Windows PCs. Under pressure, Sony recently released a tool to remove the rootkit technology installed when users play Sony BMG CDs on Windows PCs. This happened after it was shown Sony's DRM code (First4Internet XCP program) created a handy means for hackers to hide malware from anti-virus scanning programs.
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'Most wanted' site still floored

The UK's first "FBI-style" web site listing some of the nation's most wanted villains is still down after going titsup early this morning.

SIA slashes chip sales forecast

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) yesterday warned that the global chip industry will perform less well in 2006 and 2007 than the organisation had previously forecast. However, it said 2005 will prove slightly more successful than anticipated.

Ex-MI5 boss, House of Lords give ID cards thumbs down

The House of Lords voted to reject the ID cards bill yesterday. The second house wants the draft legislation amended so that restrictions are placed on who would be allowed to use the cards to check a person's identity.

PathScale promises major Opteron cluster boost

SC05 PathScale may well be the trendiest company in the server market. It has bet on Linux clusters, Opteron and Infiniband. And its technology sits at the intersection of these three popular and growing segments of the hardware industry.

Microsoft goes limited with Office 12 beta

After months of teasing previews, Microsoft has finally given the next version of its desktop productivity suite its first, if limited, outing.

CMP Media dons Black Hat

Tradeshow and publishing firm CMP Media has acquired Black Hat, the company behind the incisive Black Hat briefings and conferences, in a deal valued at around $10m.

Rackable makes x86 SMP charge

SC05 Rackable Systems – the little server start-up that could – is shipping a new SMP-like system and a fresh line of "green computing" gear.
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Sun brings open source database to Solaris 10

Sun Microsystems has jumped feet first into the increasingly crowded open source database market by integrating and distributing Postgres with Solaris 10.

Penguin gets personal with Linux clusters

SC05 Penguin Computing has joined the deskside cluster movement with a new box that packs tons of horsepower in a package meant to be convenient for engineers.