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World Summit blog: Hotels and women

You can directly measure the quality of a hotel by the amount of stuff in the room that leaves with the guest.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Nov 2005
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Gizmos from Cambridge

Cambridge has a long and valiant history in spawning pointy-headed rocket scientists, as well as a shorter but no-less valiant track record in trying to turn their ideas into viable products and businesses. So the chance to pop along to the St Johns Innovation Centre in Cambridge for an exhibition of some of their latest efforts was just the way to spend a morning exercising one’s curiosity about such.
Martin Banks, 13 Nov 2005

TechScape: When will things get better?

It's now been something over twenty quarters that technology CEOs, CTOs, VCs, investment bankers, tech analysts, pundits and anyone even slightly associated with the Technology sector has been whistling in the dark, keeping a stiff upper lip and exercising a kind of irrational optimism about the economy turning around. “Next quarter,” they say, “things’ll definitely get better next quarter.”
Team Register, 13 Nov 2005

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