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What is Web 2.0? You redefine the paradigm

Friday Poll Results Three weeks ago we asked you - what does "Web 2.0" mean? What is it, really? No one who promotes the buzzword seems to be able to explain it. Even after a few mystical incantations of "collective intelligence" - we were none the wiser.
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Tinfoil hats attract mind-control signals, boffins learn

Wearing a tinfoil hat to deflect government mind-control radio waves is even more foolish than most people think. According to several (apparent) students from MIT who tested several hat designs, there was "a 30 db amplification at 2.6 Ghz and a 20 db amplification at 1.2 Ghz, regardless of the position of the antenna on the cranium."

Dell slows down in third quarter

Dell waddled through a sticky third quarter in which the company met lowered revenue totals and coughed up hundreds of millions for faulty products and layoffs.
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BBC film exposes phone scam misery

The shady world of rogue diallers and premium rate phone scams comes under the spotlight today following an investigation by the BBC's Money Programme.

Apple's lockdown patent lacks method and apparatus

Apple faces an uphill battle to get a crucial patent application accepted, say senior systems experts who have reviewed the proposal.
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Just in from Gizmoville

Tech Digest Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, Bayraider keeps tabs on the best and worst of eBay and Propellerhead answers your PC queries.
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Plusnet turns to Tiscali for LLU

PlusNet is to piggyback onto Tiscali's unbundled broadband network in what's believed to be Tiscali's first deal as a wholesale LLU provider.

ATI to ship chipset updates 'by end of year'

ATI will release its next members of the Radeon Xpress family by the end of the year.
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Yahoo! pulls! out! of! race! for! AOL!

Yahoo! has dipped out of a possible tie-up with AOL after the pair couldn't agree terms, the WSJ reported yesterday.
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Asus GPS PDAs hit UK streets this month

Asus will this month ship its latest GPS-oriented PocketPCs in the UK, the MyPal A632 and A636.
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Apple quietly bundles anti-scratch case with iPod Nano

Apple has apparently begun bundling a soft fabric slip-case with its iPod Nano, recent buyers of the diminutive digital-music player have claimed.
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Boeing 777 breaks non-stop flight record

A Boeing 777LR (Longer Range) airliner yesterday broke the world record for the longest distance travelled non-stop by a commercial aircraft when it landed at London's Heathrow after a marathon 11,664 nautical mile, 22 hour, 42 minute flight from Hong Kong.

Iomega touts anti-shock micro HDD

Iomega has brought the "drop-shock technology" increasingly finding a place in notebook hard disk drives to its line of compact external HDDs, the company said yesterday.
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Busy signal at 911?

A software update on Monday night left Louisville residents unable to call 911 for help. For 2 hours the 32 phone lines were jammed, with dispatchers unable to disconnect the calls they had taken previously.
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Mac anti-rip code surfaces on Sony BMG CD

Sony BMG's controversial DRM code controversy may have now spread to Macs.
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Sony BMG faces digital-rights seige

The criticism of music giant Sony BMG Music Entertainment and its surreptitious copy protection software went up an octave this week as attorneys and law firms readied nearly a half dozen legal complaints against the company on behalf of consumers.
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Emmys to honour mobile content

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences - the body responsible for dishing out niche-market Emmys, including those for daytime TV, sports and news - is to honour original mobile content with a new category of award, the New York Times reports.
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BOFH: Hi Honey I'm home

Episode 30 "WHERE THE **F#@K** HAVE YOU BEEN?" the Boss screams at me the moment I try my key in the door to mission control.
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SMS.co.uk sale fails to attract winning bid

The sale of the domain sms.co.uk has suffered a hiccup after bidders failed to match the reserve price.
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Pensioners in drunken elk terror ordeal

Armed Swedish police were this week obliged to confront a herd of drunken elk which had surrounded an old people's home in Östra Göinge, near Malmö, the Guardian reports.
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Court restrains US spyware outfit

A US operation which allegedly hit 600 blogs with spyware attached to free downloads has been temporarily shut down by a Los Angeles court pending further action by the Federal Trade Commission.
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Bird flu flamingo culled in Kuwait

A migratory wild flamingo discovered last week on a beach in Kuwait was carrying the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu virus, the BBC reports. It is the first confirmed case of the disease in the Middle East.
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Kelly Brook nude beach romp splashes onto net

Brit actress Kelly Brook is getting more exposure on the web this week than she might like after website What Would Tyler Durden Do? (NSFW) posted nude scenes from her movie Three for the benefit of the internet viewing audience worldwide.
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Copper supplies drugs to schoolgirl, 10

A Lincolnshire mum has been left "annoyed" and "gobsmacked" after her 10-year-old daughter returned from school with a bag of amphetamines - courtesy of the local Old Bill.
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Good work so far on efficiency.gov, more to be done

The UK government is making good progress toward meeting the targets outlined in the Gershon efficiency review, but the hard work is still to come. To meet targets, government departments and local authorities need to share best practice, so that everyone can gain from it.
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Don't fancy being tagged? Wear a skirt

A teenager charged with GBH who failed to comply with the conditions of her bail has escaped being tagged after successfully convincing magistrates that the ankle-borne electronic device would look "stupid" with her preferred choice of attire.
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419ers ejected from Gaza Strip

Here's some more hot-off-the-presses sizzling 419 action to round off the week - this time from the Gaza Strip:
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C&W absorbs Energis

Energis is now officially owned by Cable & Wireless (C&W) following the completion of the £600m acquisition today.
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Google marks Armistice Day

We at El Reg have been known to take the ocassional pop at search monolith Google - especially regarding its erratic policy of marking anniversaries and commemorations with a make-over of its logo.
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Club 3D ships 'fastest' Radeon X1800 XT-based board

Graphics card company Club 3D today said its 512MB Radeon X1800 XT-based board is now available to gamers across Europe.
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PartyGaming grabs MultiPoker.com

PartyGaming - the online gaming outfit - is forking out $14.5m to snap up a Scandinavian poker outfit.
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Darkness falls on despairing (and bogus) IT pros

Letters The bogus Lord BOFH has kept you all agog this week. This, for the uninitiated, is the story of a man who assumed the identity of a dead baby. Catch up on the details here before you take a stroll through your fellow readers' thoughts on all things Buckingham related:
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US DoJ offers to jail copyright infringers

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has proposed tough new copyright enforcement laws that would criminalise consumers simply for trying to make unauthorised copies of music, movies and software, whether they are successful or not.
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BBC unwraps new series' Cybermen

The BBC has revealed what the major villains from next season of Doctor Who will look like.
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Big Google is much worse than Big Oil

And ninethly Chess is as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency - Raymond Chandler