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Is the WiMAX-4G train leaving without Intel?

WiMAX World Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose? Wireless has increasingly been the subject of Californian utopians' fantasies for several years now. The propellerheads were coming, we were told, and armed with technology such as smart radios, the evil incumbent telcos would be overthrown, along with hated authority figures regulators such as the FCC would melt away.

AA call centre staff get toilet checks

The Automobile Association's call centre staff will be taking stop watches to the toilet to make sure they don't breach new work rules which limit the time they can spend on the loo.
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SOA? It’s A People Thing

One of the major issues with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is that technology companies are the primary drivers of its development, yet its implementation has little to do with technology. This does create a situation where having an `SOA’ offering becomes an important tick-box for the technology vendors, with each offering geared strongly towards each vendor’s preferred technology solution. But in practice, the implementation of a service infrastructure is really a function of management, and the implementers are now most likely to be an evolution of the applications developer.

Opera takes to the sky with Thales deal

Opera is to supply its browser for the TopSeries in-flight entertainment system Thales sells to operators of the larger Boeing and Airbus planes. So next time you are browsing the web at 30,000 feet, you know who to thank.
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AOL founder finally prised out of Time Warner

Farewell, then Steve Case. The man who founded AOL and saved it from dotcom meltdown by turning it into a gigantic suicide truck aimed at Time Warner, finally left the board today.

HP hopes users warm to Itanium blade servers

HP has started slinging an Itanium-based blade at customers looking to run HP-UX on compact systems.
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Removing Sony's CD 'rootkit' kills Windows

Sysinternals' Mark Russinovich has performed an analysis of the copy restriction measures deployed by Sony Music on its latest CDs: which he bluntly calls a 'root kit'. Using conventional tools to remove Sony's digital media malware will leave ordinary users with Windows systems unable to play CDs.
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Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.3

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.4.3, the latest update to its operating system.
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Voda flogs Swedish operation

Vodafone is flogging its Swedish operation to Telenor for around €1bn (£700m) because it "makes sense".

Oracle offers free beta

Oracle is offering a free, beta version of its XE database product. The "Express Edition" is available as a free download for developers and students to play around with. But software vendors can also distribute it.
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Nvidia wrestles desktop graphics lead from ATI

Nvidia has reclaimed the leadership of the desktop graphics chip market from arch-rival ATI, third-quarter figures from market watcher Jon Peddie Research (JPR) reveals.
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AMD, IBM to develop 32nm, 22nm chip making tech

AMD and IBM have extended their chip fabrication process development pact, the two companies confirmed yesterday.
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Juniper's pan-Euro disty deal

InTechnology has done a deal with Juniper Networks to distribute its products across Europe.
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Pretec readies smallest USB Flash drive yet

Memory card specialist Pretec is to introduce what may be the world's smalled USB Flash drive.
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Compel to tell AGM it's on track

Compel is holding its AGM this afternoon and will tell shareholders it is on track to hit financial targets for the year.
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Hubble spies two maybe-moons orbiting Pluto

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope think they may have identified two previously unknown moons orbiting Pluto.

AMD trims Opteron prices

AMD quietly cut the prices of its Opteron 1xx 64-bit server processor family yesterday - the company's third round of price adjustments in seven days.
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Green light for Venus mission launch

Venus Express, Europe's first mission to our sister planet, has been given the all clear and a new launch date, after the satellite was grounded because of contamination from the rocket launcher.
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Morse suffers poor first half

Morse said sales were poor in the first half of the year but it expects things to pick up during the second half. It expects a greater proportion than before to be earned in the second half of the year, due to its shift away from pure reselling.

Dell stays mum on job cuts

Dell is poised for its biggest job-slashing program for four years, according to reports.
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Bulldog makes fresh start

Bulldog is kicking off a new marketing campaign today in the hope it can draw a line under the unpleasantness of the last couple of months.
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Stem cell hopefuls swamp Korean research website

The website of the World Stem Cell Hub in Seoul was reduced to a crawl for several hours earlier today after it bgean accepting applications for patients with spinal injuries or Parkinson's disease willing to take part in stem cell research, AP reports.
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US telco mergers get FCC rubber stamp

Two mega mergers in the US telecoms sector got the green light yesterday after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said it was satisfied the deals offered "significant benefits" to punters.

October breaks malware production records

October saw the biggest increase in virus numbers since anti-virus firm Sophos began tracking outbreaks in 1988. The security vendor now identifies and protects against a total of 112,142 viruses, an increase of 1,685 on September.
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Could yoghurt save us from MRSA?

Humble yoghurt could be a more effective defence against super bugs such as MRSA than all the antiseptics and antibiotics in the world, according to a researcher at University College London (UCL).
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German boffins snap hi-res rat brain activity

German scientists have taken a movie of a rat's mental clockworks using a unique brain-chip interface they say could pave the way for mind-controlled prosthetic limbs.
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Reseller posts Splinter Cell game unlock code

Top marks to US reseller Tiger Direct for (essentially) giving away a copy of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory to every potential customer of Leadtek's WinFast PX 7800 GT TDH graphics card.
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Sony offers iTunes-like PSP media tool

Sony has launched the PlayStation Portable's answer to Apple's iTunes jukebox software: a PC-based application designed to keep the mobile device stocked with music, video, photography and other content.
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Union demands assurances over O2 jobs

The union representing some 3,000 staff at O2 has called on the cellco to give written assurances that jobs will not be axed following the take-over by Telefonica.
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Shout goes out over PHP security bugs

Security researchers have identified numerous new vulnerabilities in PHP - the popular, open source web development environment. The critical security flaws create a possible means for hackers to conduct cross-site scripting attacks, bypass certain security restrictions or even (at least potentially) compromise a vulnerable system.
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Creative Zen Vision personal video player

Review We might not like the idea, but manufacturers around the world are intent on telling us that we must and will watch movies on the go. One of the first companies to try and get you to swallow this mantra was Creative, and its latest attempt is its update to the Portable Media Center, the Zen Vision, writes Stuart Miles.
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Jesus appears in Romanian wardrobe

A Romanian family is bracing itself for a veritable crusade of pilgrims after discovering the likeness of Jesus flanked by Saints Peter and Paul in a humble wardrobe, Ananova reports.
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Vodafone blackout cuts calls to Orange

Vodafone's mobile network wobbled last night leaving punters unable to call anyone on the Orange network.

Google blinks on office suite

Global search merchant Google is contemplating hiring engineers to help build OpenOffice applications.
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Asteroid hunters text government over toilet sanctions

Letters The AA was caught out this week in a most unfortunate piece of worker-wrangling. Call centre staff, it seems, are watched very closely to make sure they are not spending valuable company time on the lav.

BT Ireland tipped to buy networking outfit

BT Ireland looks set to acquire Dublin-based networking outfit Cara Group in a deal that could be announced as early as this week
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Bank-robbing witch foiled by magic dye pack

A female Hallowe'en blagger dressed as a witch robbed two banks in less than an hour - but failed to use her magic powers to ward off the effects of an exploding dye pack, AP reports.
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Sri Lanka blocks South Pacific in rogue dialer crackdown

Sri Lanka is to block direct dialling to 13 countries, mostly in the South Pacific, in a move designed to combat the growing menace of rogue autodiallers. The ban comes into force on Tuesday (1 November), AFP reports.
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RIM unveils Intel-based Blackberry

Research In Motion will ship its Intel-based Blackberry 8700c in three weeks' time, the company said today.

Intel shoves dual-core Xeon MP out the door

Intel has again pushed ahead with being behind on the dual-core server processor front. The chipmaker today said its dual-core Xeon intended for servers with four or more processors has started shipping today, instead of in early 2006 as originally planned. This puts Intel just about seven months behind AMD, which shipped its dual-core, four-way+ Opteron in April.
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Dell ends four-way, dual-core chip boycott

At long last, Dell can now go head-to-head with its main competitors and offer a four-way server that uses dual-core chips.

SCO lodges 'infringing' code with court

After two and a half years of waiting for the shoe to drop, the SCO Group has finally filed the evidence it alleges was misused by IBM, and incorporated into the Linux kernel, to a Utah court.
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'Replace CEOs with cans of beets'

FoTW Just to prepare you all for the joy that lies ahead later this week when we publish the complete Stern Response mailbag, I've decided to issue this flame in its full, unedited glory. Now you know what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Web hosted, ad-supported Windows: streaming to your PC

Microsoft patted itself on the back for completing .NET, while announcing 'live' Windows and Office offerings today. With these offerings, Microsoft hopes it can counter Google and tap into the trend for "software as a service."
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Google revs up its scanners

Google Print is revving up its scanners once again, vowing to churn through more books from the Stanford University and University of Michigan collections. Google imposed a moratorium on the scanning project in August, but threatened to resume scanning by the start of November, which is today.