28th October 2005 Archive

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  • Wall Street puzzled by Microsoft's performance

    Be careful who you compare yourself to

    Financial News 28 00:11

  • Visual Studio and SQL Server '05 step closer

    Close, close, closer

    Applications 28 00:58

  • Verizon's MCI deal gets Washington green light

    Thank god that's over

    Financial News 28 10:00

  • MIT and Nokia open joint research facility

    Surprise! It's all about mobile devices

    Mobile 28 10:05

  • Sex.com thief arrested

    Stephen Cohen nabbed after five years on the run

    Financial News 28 10:30

  • Anti-Spyware definitions finalised

    Cover blown

    Security 28 10:36

  • Dutch Big Brother mum quits show

    Suffers attack of good sense

    Bootnotes 28 10:40

  • Janet Jackson in net strip shocker

    Nude sunbathing clip hits web

    Bootnotes 28 11:21

  • Level 3/Cogent agree new traffic deal

    End of the end of the peer show

    Data Networking 28 11:47

  • Info Commissioner criticises ID Cards Bill

    Privacy and Data Protection concerns

    Security 28 11:51

  • Hounslow outsources revenue and benefits

    £50m contract award announced

    Management 28 11:52

  • Manchester boffins hunt tropical storms in Darwin

    Why does it always rain on me?

    Science 28 11:58

  • Sales up but profits down at Ingram Micro

    Peaks and troughs

    Financial News 28 13:34

  • WD Q1 nets increased income

    More hard drives sold, with better margins

    Storage 28 13:38

  • Florida ponders violent game distribution limits

    Not for sale or rental to kids

    Consoles 28 13:48

  • PDA shipment slide continued through Q3

    Ray of light at the low end?

    Mobile 28 13:51

  • Mobile data a rip-off says email software vendor

    OpenHand wags a finger

    Mobile 28 14:08

  • Palm TX Wi-Fi PDA

    Back in black

    Reviews 28 14:29

  • Biometric monkeys get Imperial about student satellites

    And why not?

    Letters 28 15:00

  • Court squashes strawberry scent trade mark bid

    The sweet smell of legal failure

    Science 28 15:17

  • eBay scam gang face sentencing

    Husband and wife scammers

    Financial News 28 15:25

  • Girls: fancy an SMS-fired Bluetooth vibrator?

    Well, by an amazing coincidence...

    Bootnotes 28 15:28

  • Unspinning the government by text message

    RU vtng 2dy?

    Policy 28 15:31

  • Phone, chip makers demand EC Qualcomm probe

    WCDMA 3G technology licencing abuse allegations made

    Financial News 28 15:41

  • Palm kicks off Euro 3G smart-phone R&D drive

    Irish centre to develop carrier apps and more

    Mobile 28 16:22

  • Microsoft warns that Korea may have to do without Windows

    Veiled threat or confession?

    Financial News 28 17:25

  • Intel's Xeon chip kill is result of chaos in India

    Server chief leaves India and Intel behind

    Servers 28 19:02