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Watch out IBM and Dell, warns HP

HP watchers should expect further acquisitions in security and more business wins against IBM and Dell in services, PCs and services.
Gavin Clarke, 26 Oct 2005

Nokia, Moto drive world smart-phone sales

Palm's Treo smart phone out-shipped the company's traditional PDA products during Q3, the latest figures from market watcher Canalys reveals.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005
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Sage CRM goes online

Sage is launching a pay-as-you-go version of its CRM software available through a website.
John Oates, 26 Oct 2005

SiS looks to Q4 chipset sales surge

Intel's absence from the low-end chipset market - temporary or not - certainly appears to be aiding its competitors. Chipset maker SiS today said it expects Q4 chipset shipments to jump 32 per cent sequentially.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005
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Spammers punt 'snake oil' avian flu cure

Spammers are peddling drugs online that claim to combat bird flu. The junk mail campaigns tout offers to sell Tamiflu, the drug said to be the most effective in protecting humans from the H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus, implicated in the deaths of dozens of people in Asia. The drug is in high demand because of fears the virus could mutate into a form that can pass between humans.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2005
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Patriot drops CPU patent infringement lawsuit

Intellectual property company Patriot Scientific - best known for its patent infringement claim against Intel - has abandoned the lawsuit it brought against Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Matsushita and NEC.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005
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No creditors' meeting for Time/Tiny

Grant Thornton confirmed today that it will not be holding a creditors meeting for those owed money by Granville Technology, because there is "no prospect of a return to unsecured creditors".
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Oct 2005
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Adton touts Flash-based Serial ATA HDD

US storage specialist Adtron will next month ship a 3.5in Serial ATA drive based on Flash memory rather than magnetic media, the company said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005
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UMC heralds 'turnaround'

UMC, the world's second largest chip foundry, today announced a "fairly significant turnaround" for its business as it posted its Q3 FY2005 financial performance results.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005

Cell Journalist gets into spam game

Yesterday we revealed that Spy Media had accidentally exposed all its customers' email addresses by sending a welcome message with all addresses visible in the To: field.
John Oates, 26 Oct 2005
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Slim Devices restyles wireless MP3 player

Slim Devices will next week ship the third generation of its wireless digital music system, Squeezebox.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005

CA paddles back into the black

Enterprise software supplier Computer Associates is back in the black with profits of $41m for Q2 2006 compared to a loss of $98m for the same period last year. For the quarter ending 30 September 2005, CA pulled in revenues of $942m compared to $865m in Q2 2005. Looking ahead, CA predicts revenues of between $950m to $980m for Q3 2006.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2005

US telco boss in $241,000 strip club bill shocker

The boss of US IT firm Savvis is on unpaid leave while his firm attempts to get to the bottom of whether or not he blew $241,000 on his corporate credit card in a New York strip joint.
Lester Haines, 26 Oct 2005
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South Africa pushes electronic ID cards

The South African government is planning to speed up the introduction of electronic ID cards and passports, according to reports, in an effort to crack down on identity fraud. The switchover is expected to cost the government around R1.5bn (around £127m).
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Oct 2005

Amazon profits take a hit

Online retailer Amazon saw profits take a hit in its third quarter, due mainly to a $40m legal settlement.
ElectricNews.net, 26 Oct 2005

Age discrimination rife in UK

Age discrimination is widespread in UK organisations and many workers hold unrealistic perceptions about their own career prospects, according to new research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Oct 2005

Canon cameras go wireless

Canon takes its cameras wireless
Tech Digest, 26 Oct 2005

NEC N411i i-mode phone

ReviewI remember getting my first WAP phone. The hype surrounding the technology was massive and I was expecting an amazing experience. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed, and WAP proved to be slow, poorly implemented and often expensive. One of the things that annoyed me most about WAP, was that I was well aware that the Japanese were enjoying the benefits of i-mode, writes Riyad Emeran.
Trusted Reviews, 26 Oct 2005

ICANN prez welcomes new era of internet

The deal struck between ICANN and VeriSign in a meeting late on Monday has welcomed in a "new era" of the internet, president and CEO of ICANN, Paul Twomey told us last night.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Oct 2005

Cyber-cafe owner arrested for turfing out 419 fraud

A Nigerian cyber-cafe owner has reportedly been arrested for attempting to bar a 419 scammer from operating in his premises. Despite Nigerian government claims to be cracking down on advance fee fraud scams some local police are said to be more interested in collecting protection money, according to postings on a Nigerian bulletin board.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2005

Nokia unveils CDMA phone quartet

Nokia today launched four handsets designed to operate over CDMA networks. Two of the new mobiles focus on emerging markets, the Finnish giant said.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005

Dell launches back-up system for dummies

Dell is offering US customers the option of adding an automatic back-up system to their new PC when they buy one of three models from its Dimension range.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Oct 2005
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Mitek: out of CVA and into wholesale

Mitek Computer Components has restructured itself as a wholesaler rather than distributor - thanks to the support of its creditors.
John Oates, 26 Oct 2005

Flash famine a threat, warns Creative

Creative saw its sales slide sequentially in its first quarter and was only able to declare a net income thanks to a big investment gain, the MP3 player maker and Apple rival said today.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2005

MP urges ISPs to come clean on child abuse

An MP is urging ISPs to come clean on whether or not they block access to websites hosting images of child abuse. Margaret Moran, the Labour MP for Luton South, is due to raise the issue in parliament by introducing the Control of Internet Access (Child Pornography) Bill, a private member's bill that stands little chance of becoming law.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2005

BT's broadband telly gets closer

BT has named Philips as its hardware partner for its move to broadband TV services.
John Oates, 26 Oct 2005

US nuke policy rethink prompts physicist protest

Almost 500 physicists in the US have signed a petition protesting a proposed change in government policy that would allow the US to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries. The proposed change in policy was reported in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Oct 2005
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Sun opens JES to Windows and HP-UX

Sun Microsystems has expanded the number of operating systems its server software stack is capable of running on while also talking up acquired SeeBeyond software.
Gavin Clarke, 26 Oct 2005

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