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Apache cause celeb for Sun and BEA

Java vendors' growing captivation with Apache has resulted in expanded product and licensing support from BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Oct 2005

ITV trials broadband TV

ITV has become the latest outfit to dip its toe in the water of broadband TV with the launch of a pilot service on the south coast of England.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2005

Secret tracking codes in laser printers cracked

The pages that are printed by your colour laser printer may include tiny dots, almost invisible to the naked eye. The dots form a code that can be read by the US Secret Service, ostensibly to track down counterfeiters. Now, for the first time, the code has been cracked.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Oct 2005

OFT objects to Visa transaction fee pact

The Office of Fair Trading says that Visa and its members, including most major banks, are breaking competition laws by agreeing a fee that is payable on card transactions. It follows a similar ruling last month against MasterCard.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Oct 2005

Publishers join forces to sue Google

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) is suing Google over its plans to make scans of millions of books available online. Google announced earlier this year that it would digitise and index the content of five major libraries, and make the content searchable.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Oct 2005

Colt shunts more jobs overseas

Colt - the UK-based telecoms group that provides communications services to businesses - is still shunting jobs overseas as it continues to cut costs.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2005

Animal lovers slam Choke-A-Chicken toy

Aussie animal lovers are up in arms about a dancing chicken toy which squawks and slaps his wings when strangled, slamming the Taiwanese novelty as "grossly irresponsible", AP reports.
Lester Haines, 20 Oct 2005

David Copperfield to attempt stage impregnation

Not content with making the Statue of Liberty disappear or or having himself sawn in half by a circular saw and then reassembled, magician David Copperfield will attempt to impregnate a woman live on stage - without going anywhere near her with his magic wand.
Lester Haines, 20 Oct 2005

ISS astronauts see Wilma intensify

As Hurricane Wilma became the most intense category five hurricane on record, astronauts on board the International Space Station were on hand to capture the evidence.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Oct 2005

AOL erases 700 workers

AOL is axing 700 jobs in response to the hordes of users fleeing the service.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2005

Chinese babies for sale on eBay tentacle

Shanghai police are searching for someone called Chuangxinzhe Yongyuan (forever innovator) who offered babies for sale on eBay-owned Chinese site Eachnet. Ads placed on 16 October punted infants from the impoverished province of Henan for 28,000 yuan (£1,950) for a boy and 13,000 yuan (£900) for a girl.
Lester Haines, 20 Oct 2005

Irate Chinese threaten Google boycott

China has thrown a predictable strop at Google after the search monolith apparently bowed to Taiwanese pressure to stop calling the island a province of China on its popular maps service.
Lester Haines, 20 Oct 2005

Nokia ships beastly number of phones in third quarter

Nokia jacked up its estimate of the likely size of the world mobile market this year, as it revealed third quarter numbers which show it taking a third of the market overall.
Team Register, 20 Oct 2005
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Firefox hits 100m downloads

UpdatedThere's reason to crack open the champagne at the Mozilla Foundation today after Firefox browser downloads reached the 100m milestone. Yup it's party time and fans of the open source browser are invited to upload their celebratory snaps here.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2005

eBay names beancounter for top Skype job

Ebay chief beancounter Rajiv Dutta has been named president of Skype as the online auction site attempts to capitalise on its $4bn acquisition of the VoiP outfit.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2005

Netflix hits pause on movie download plan

Internet DVD renter Netflix has put its plans for a movie download service on hold after failing to agree terms with Hollywood.
Team Register, 20 Oct 2005
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New software lobby group to target EU politicians

Some of Europe's biggest software companies have joined forces to form the European Software Association, a new industry body set up specifically to lobby the European Commission and Parliament on behalf of the software industry.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Oct 2005

CA lights up storage with iLumin capture

AnalysisThis week Computer Associates strengthened its already robust storage management offerings with the acquisition of iLumin, a privately held supplier of enterprise message management and archiving tools. The move will add extra functionality to CA's existing line of storage management offerings, particularly in the rapidly developing area of 'information lifecycle management'.
Tony Lock, 20 Oct 2005

Microsoft becomes Wembley Stadium sponsor

Microsoft has announced a deal to becomes Wembley Stadium’s first founding partner. The deal - reportedly worth £5m over five years - comes with an agreement by Wembley National Stadium Ltd to take on the software giant as a technology partner.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2005

Starry future for broadband movies

Every home in the UK will download at least one movie using their broadband connection by 2010 giving filmmakers a potentially lucrative new source of revenue, according to research from Screen Digest.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2005

US Navy sued over dolphin-stranding sonar

The US Navy is facing legal action from environmentalists over its use of sonar in routine training, according to reports. The Natural Defense Resources Council (NRDC) argues in a federal lawsuit that the sonar can cause injury and death to many marine mammals, and that the Navy is violating environmental law with its sonar use.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Oct 2005
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Webroot guesstimates inflate UK spyware problem

The UK had the third highest rate of spyware infections last quarter, according to research by anti-spyware firm Webroot Software which lumps tracking cookies in with far more malicious risks such as Trojans and keylogging programs. The UK has 18 "spies" on an average PC if you include cookies but only 4.5 if you exclude these lesser threats, a figure which puts the UK outside the top 10 of spyware infested nations. The US - either with or without cookies - tops Webroot's spyware poll.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2005

O2 pushes ahead with super-fast mobile service

O2 is on the verge of flicking the switch on its latest super-fast mobile service. The Isle of Man will see the first commercial launch of an HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) network service in Europe when it goes live on November 1, say those behind the scheme.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2005

US regulators mandate extra eBanking security

US federal regulators want banks to adopt two-factor authentication as a means to combat the growing problem of online account fraud. Bank Web sites are expected to introduce systems that move beyond basic password access to accounts by the end of 2006, according to guidance issued by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), AP reports.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2005

Intel's Paxville: too slow, too hot, too dumb

When we nicknamed Intel's new dual-core Xeon processor "Hot Carl," we didn't know how prophetic this would be. A fresh set of benchmarks comparing the Xeon with AMD's dual-core Opteron chip show Intel's product to be a power hungry demon that doesn't perform.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2005
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OpenOffice challenges Microsoft on XML standards

The open source community has taken a further step towards unseating Microsoft's Office productivity hegemony, with the release of its latest suite.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Oct 2005

Zend scripts industry PHP push

Zend Technologies is rallying vendors and the open source community to promote industry wide consistency in PHP and promote greater developer uptake.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Oct 2005

Phone buy puts Adobe head-to-head with Microsoft

Macromedia is to acquire Mobile Innovation, a privately-held design and integration house in the UK with around 50 staff, for an undisclosed sum.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Oct 2005

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