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Feds claim 'largest ever' CD piracy bust

Counterfeit software from Symantec and Adobe Systems has been seized in an operation that netted the largest ever crop of illegal CD manufacturing equipment in the US.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Oct 2005

Yahoo! targets! Stanford! students!

Geeks and overachievers at the prestigious Stanford University are to be offered access to more than one million online songs hosted by Yahoo! Music. But almost a quarter of the students are excluded, since the service doesn't work on Mac computers.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Oct 2005

Will you blother reading a bloring blook?

Some press releases are so simply, staggeringly indescribable, we print them without comment. These are most often related to corporate makeovers or rebranding exercises, which is quite appropriate in this case.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Oct 2005

'Be' Broadband updates on 24 meg service

Broadband ISP "Be There" has issued an update on the progress it's made so far in providing unbundled broadband in London.
Tim Richardson, 14 Oct 2005
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Adaptec slips SAS under the wire

Storage Expo, LondonAdaptec's upcoming family of Serial Attached SCSI adapters is on show here, even though it doesn't formally launch until next week. Already on sale is the 48300, a basic eight-port card offering mirroring and striping (RAID 0/1) on a 64-bit 133MHz PCI interface. It has four 3Gbit/sec internal SAS ports and four external, and lists for around £250.
Bryan Betts, 14 Oct 2005

Pillar pops up in Europe

Storage Expo, LondonPillar Data called its competitors "dumb" as it opened its European operations this week. The Larry Ellison-funded storage networking unstart-up is the latest to claim it will revolutionise the market with systems that do more than anyone else for less money.
Bryan Betts, 14 Oct 2005
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Evesham pitches leaner NAS

Storage Expo, LondonEvesham Micro is jumping into the low end NAS business with a compact Windows fileserver based on Intel's LeNA reference design. Called SilverSTOR XS, the NAS box can have up to four hot-swap SATA drives for up to 1.6TB of capacity, and runs on an Intel XScale processor.
Bryan Betts, 14 Oct 2005

Quantum taps DPM for low-end snapshots

Storage Expo Quantum has enhanced Microsoft's DPM software to fill out its disk-based backup line with an appliance that comes in under its DX series of virtual tape libraries on price.
Bryan Betts, 14 Oct 2005

In Motorola vs Palmsource, who catches the OS?

Motorola was pipped at the post with its bid to acquire PalmSource, and isn't happy. It's suing the software company and seeking a termination fee.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Oct 2005

UK broadband to get faster next year

Broadband speed across the UK are set to jump to 8 meg if trials of BT's new "Max" service prove successful.
Tim Richardson, 14 Oct 2005

Claranet buys French hosting outfit

UK-based ISP Claranet has snapped up managed hosting outfit Artful for an undisclosed sum.
Tim Richardson, 14 Oct 2005

Data retention compromise mooted by EU Ministers

European Justice Ministers have agreed not to immediately force through plans for an EU-wide data retention scheme, but opted to negotiate with the European Parliament instead. MEPs had objected to the proposal, claiming that it breaches civil rights laws.
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Oct 2005

Space age scanners headed for airports?

A scanning system inspired by bats could spell the end of airport metal detectors, according to the European Space Agency.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Oct 2005
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Start-up buys Solid State Solutions

Magnos Holdings, a new company set up to buy enterprise storage resellers, has made its first acquisition: Solid State Solutions (S3). Terms are undisclosed.
Drew Cullen, 14 Oct 2005

Oz Swiftel case settled in a shroud of secrecy

The long running Australian Swiftel case was settled today. All the important issues and players were involved in this case – ISPs, alleged BitTorrent and P2P users … film, music and other content holders. There were also allegations of large-scale internet-based copyright infringement. The case was supposed to represent another significant piece in the Australian judicial puzzle known as the “legal framework in the digital age”. So, why was this case settled, and why were the terms of the settlement sealed?
Alex Malik, 14 Oct 2005

ID card pricing announced

The cost of a new stand-alone ID card has been set at £30, it was revealed yesterday.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 14 Oct 2005

PlusNet buys into LLU

PlusNet has become the latest operator to sign up to Easynet's unbundled broadband service enabling the Sheffield-based ISP to cut its dependency on BT for high speed net access.
Tim Richardson, 14 Oct 2005

Researchers name gene suspected in Tourette's syndrome

US researchers said yesterday they had identified a gene that could be involved in Tourette's syndrome. Scientists at Yale University's school of medicine, writing in the journal Science said that although other genes and other factors probably also come into play, they had good evidence that a gene called SLITRK1 is at least partly responsible for the condition.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Oct 2005

LLU falters in UK

There's yet more bad news for telecoms operators keen to invest in providing their own broadband services direct to end users.
Tim Richardson, 14 Oct 2005

Compressed air could help bridge digital divide

BT is looking to wire up remote areas with broadband services by blowing fibre optic cables between existing telephone poles.
Tim Richardson, 14 Oct 2005

Turkey new hotspot for holidays and viruses

LettersThe postbag was positively groaning this week. But we shall ignore almost everything you've said in favour of a fabulous photo story. We got a note from a reader (thank you, you know who you are) that one William Gates III was holidaying in Turkey. And Lo! CNet has the confirmation.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Oct 2005

Google Earth: the black helicopters have landed

Competition resultsIt's taken our photo interpretation bureau the best part of two weeks to sift through the hundred of entries we had for our "Spot the Black Helicopter" competition - giving readers a chance to win one of our lovely Black Helicopter t-shirts.
Lester Haines, 14 Oct 2005

US firms get more for their IT bucks

Businesses that invest in IT reap significant productivity gains, according to researchers at the London School of Economics, but how the technology is used, and how the business is organised is just as important.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Oct 2005

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