11th October 2005 Archive

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  • Sony Ericsson flagship sprouts 3G, Wi-Fi

    P990 unveiled

    Mobile 11 00:44

  • Sun takes UltraSPARC IV+ upmarket

    New boards for old servers

    Servers 11 02:40

  • SAS sees Grids stopping 'paralysis'

    Snipe at rivals and be first on the Grid

    Developer 11 07:26

  • Man with 130 IDs steals £1m

    Five years jail for fake passport fiend

    Security 11 08:14

  • Yahoo! goes ga-ga for podcasting

    I want my MP3

    Financial News 11 08:17

  • Inland Revenue threatens EDS over tax fiasco (again)

    No I didn't, yes you did ...

    Policy 11 08:21

  • PayPal buys VeriSign payment unit

    Token effort

    Financial News 11 08:55

  • Check Point Snorts up Sourcefire

    ... reassures open source security geeks

    Security 11 09:25

  • Alternative Networks buys ICB

    Consolidation and jubilation

    Broadband 11 09:44

  • Seagate fattens Barracuda for high-spec PCs

    ... and low spec servers

    Storage 11 10:15

  • Estonia's local elections to be settled online

    High-tech nation

    Policy 11 10:17

  • Texas Chain Saw Massacre voted best horror film

    Wicker Man also honoured

    Bootnotes 11 10:23

  • Users want ISPs to filter spyware

    I don't know what it is but get rid of it

    Security 11 10:25

  • Japanese giant WLTM UK reseller with view to LTR

    When Sony met Jim

    The Channel 11 10:53

  • Fibernet ups revs, trims losses

    Yes but no but yes but no but yes...

    Financial News 11 10:56

  • Nations squabble over internet management

    US vs most of the world

    Financial News 11 12:13

  • BT names Openretch 'Famous Five' prefects

    Jolly good show

    Financial News 11 12:24

  • Kettles, frogs and fridges unite on the dark side

    The kitchen is not enough

    Letters 11 12:32

  • Can we have another go at CryoSat, please?

    Pleading with beancounters

    Science 11 14:11

  • Thailand pulls plug on unregistered mobiles

    Insurgency-busting move

    Bootnotes 11 14:14

  • Infosys beats estimates

    Outlook good too...

    Financial News 11 14:22

  • Security pros savage Tsunami hacker verdict

    Could conviction divide police and IT professionals?

    Security 11 14:23

  • Dell, HP and IBM hitch a ride to Intel's dual-core kegger in Paxville

    Sweet Xeon party, ya'll

    Servers 11 14:37

  • Skills shortage is back

    It's all about convergence

    Management 11 15:11

  • Microsoft to shelve per processor prices for users willing to get virtual

    Redmond gets licensing friendly?

    Servers 11 15:32

  • Group pushes for faster Wi-Fi

    The need for speed

    Broadband 11 15:45

  • China to launch two-man space-pod

    Crew will spend several days in space

    Science 11 15:53

  • Automatic software licence checks are 'users' choice'

    Well dangle my dongle

    Software 11 18:51

  • Microsoft gets Real for $761m

    Pride gives way to playlists

    Financial News 11 20:26

  • For Apple, Halo effect eclipses Osborne effect

    Stock drops 10pc on iPod anxiety

    Financial News 11 22:11

  • AMD cheers banner Q3

    Mobile, PC and server chips on the rise

    Financial News 11 22:18