10th October 2005 Archive

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  • Mercury suite talks BTO

    And we are not talking Bachman Turner Overdrive

    Developer 10 05:02

  • Ofcom waves through wholesale line rental

    Yeah, yeah, yeah...

    Broadband 10 06:02

  • Wales sold on online procurement

    Substantial savings

    Policy 10 08:15

  • Anti-spam user authentication is 'worse than useless'

    Trivial to break

    Security 10 08:30

  • Ericsson set to buy Marconi

    According to reports...

    Financial News 10 08:40

  • Porn and gore man arrested

    GI Jane man collared for 'obscenity'

    Media 10 08:55

  • DDoS by mobile phone: is it a goer?

    SMS flurry worry

    Mobile 10 09:01

  • Crack-crazed squirrels terrorise South London

    Be afraid

    Bootnotes 10 09:56

  • Oracle buys Finnish developer

    Larry's list still getting shorter...

    Financial News 10 10:00

  • Oz investor swallows €400m slice of Eircom


    Financial News 10 10:16

  • Humans prime suspects in lynx extinction

    Should we bring back the wild cats?

    Science 10 10:24

  • Japanese supersonic airliner is go

    Successful test

    Science 10 10:34

  • Apple and Samsung could face Korea flash memory probe

    Flash prices...

    Financial News 10 10:43

  • Stanford wins the DARPA challenge

    Better result than last year

    Science 10 11:54

  • MS security bundling plan causes waves

    Symantec assists EU 'reconnaissance probe'

    Security 10 12:04

  • We're just getting revved up, Ballmer tells Irish

    Dublin jolly for jovial Steve

    Financial News 10 12:08

  • Ex-subscriber accuses PlusNet of 'paranoia'

    Legal exchange over 'email database' claims

    Broadband 10 13:06

  • Airstrike rocks Smurf village

    Death from the skies in Unicef advert

    Bootnotes 10 13:15

  • Shanghai takes big stick to net slang

    No more 'konglong' for you, sunshine

    Bootnotes 10 13:28

  • Google Sun (Office) not a threat, says MS

    'Just download the software'

    Applications 10 14:02

  • Wanted: new chairman of incumbent telco

    Please apply in confidence to BT

    Financial News 10 14:08

  • SMS kettle: best invention ever?

    Er, probably not

    Bootnotes 10 14:15

  • Chip and PIN gets loved up

    UK preps for Valentine's Day sign over

    Security 10 14:22

  • NO2ID: the big t-shirt restock

    Battle the ID card with cotton apparel

    Site News 10 14:53

  • Governments make net grab - Podcast Exclusive

    WSIS all about

    Financial News 10 15:26

  • Ballmer to bid for GOO61E licence plate?

    Yes, and then beat f**king Eric Schmidt with it

    Bootnotes 10 15:30

  • Mobile phone insurance 'waste of money'

    Night follows day shock

    Mobile 10 15:31

  • We'll index the world by 2310, says Google


    Financial News 10 15:42

  • RIM refused rehearing in BlackBerry case

    No, says Court of Appeals

    Financial News 10 15:49

  • IXEurope buys German datacentre

    Too much excitement for one day

    Financial News 10 15:51

  • Supermicro begins 'Ask, Don't Tell' Opteron drive

    Out of the closet with friends

    Servers 10 18:40

  • Intel emerges from innovation sabbatical with a case of Paxville

    Dual-cores and a Hot Carl

    Servers 10 21:46