8th October 2005 Archive

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  • Segway's brains head for toy robot

    It's a balancing act

    Science 08 04:06

  • No Office suite from us - Google

    'See, we start with the toolbar, then we do the Talking Paperclip...'

    Applications 08 04:12

  • IBM drops SCO countersuit claims

    Hurry up

    Software 08 04:15

  • My prostate's as hard as an opal and ready to conquer Web 2.0

    Why isn't yours?

    Bootnotes 08 09:23

  • Fingerprint payments taking off despite security concerns

    Let your fingers do the talking

    Security 08 09:28

  • Cryosat crashes into the sea

    €135m firework

    Science 08 20:42