5th October 2005 Archive

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  • Thank you. Did you mean to say 'get me an R&D team?' If so, say 'Yes'

    Yahoo! vs Nuance - judge declines injunction

    Media 05 00:29

  • Chavez heralds el cheapo 'Bolivarian PC'

    Cheap oil, now cheap computing

    PCs 05 01:52

  • Doctor Who to transmat onto PSP

    Daleks invade UMD

    Bootnotes 05 08:38

  • Business leaders team up to fight piracy

    Talk the talk, walk the plank

    Software 05 08:57

  • Sun lines Opteron kit up for grid and HP users

    Sends in Itanic lifeboat

    Servers 05 09:07

  • Apple calls press to 'video iPod launch'

    Movie-themed invite goes out

    Mac Channel 05 09:19

  • EC warns on roaming

    Still too expensive

    Mobile 05 09:21

  • Peter Jackson to appear on Halo movie credits

    More for the poster than the creative input?

    Bootnotes 05 09:26

  • Pentax Option S55 5mp digicam

    Could do better?

    Reviews 05 10:23

  • BBC blew $375k on bbc.com

    And for what?

    Bootnotes 05 10:28

  • Microsoft eyes disposable, play-once DVDs

    Better for MS' DRM dreams than the environment

    Peripherals 05 10:35

  • E-voting experts call for revised security guidelines

    'Black box that only a regulator can understand'

    Policy 05 10:41

  • UK Met Office to simplify weather forecasts

    How are they going to do that?

    Science 05 10:44

  • ARM pitches Cortex-A8 CPU at 65nm era

    Focus on media and security

    Mobile 05 11:00

  • Ofcom continues phone slamming investigation

    Slowly does it

    Broadband 05 11:45

  • Consumer body bemoans harsher Euro IP laws

    Copyrights and responsibilities

    Media 05 12:06

  • Envisat could track coral bleaching

    Climate change canary

    Science 05 12:13

  • 100 people to trial WiMAX for BT

    Belfast and Birmingham fingered

    Broadband 05 13:18

  • Nvidia G72 due 'early 06'

    90nm die shrink

    System Builder 05 13:20

  • EU to follow Google's lead with online library

    Our heritage, but whose net?

    Media 05 14:05

  • ATI finally unwraps Radeon X1000 GPU series

    Some still not shipping, though

    System Builder 05 14:48

  • £27m carrot dangling for Scots broadband

    Wot, no stick?

    Policy 05 14:58

  • Creationism and evolution can co-exist, says cardinal

    Darwin gets thumbs-up (again) from the Catholic church

    Science 05 15:11

  • Linux on desktop is a diverse market - really

    Move along, no monopoly here

    Software 05 15:21

  • Brit Prof will oversee Microsoft for EC

    Brussels' trustee

    Software 05 15:44

  • FIPR warns of danger of criminalising IP breaches

    Let's keep things civil

    Media 05 16:02

  • 'DEC hacking' trial opens

    Accused gives evidence

    Security 05 16:22

  • Read Microsoft's Linux reports, says Novell

    Get all the propaganda, er, facts

    Operating Systems 05 18:14

  • Microsoft FAT patent rejected - again

    On a technicality

    Developer 05 21:06

  • 'p2p is leagal its already bought its in the air'

    Morality lessons from today's youth

    Media 05 22:38