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Techies top cops' terror profile

If you think that the police's profiling of terror suspects is something that only happens to other people - think again. Today's panicky Plod doesn't seem to be very discriminating at all. And you could be next.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Sep 2005
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Oracle's Q1 disappoints on flat database sales

Oracle today handed investors an unimpressive first quarter report card, showing flat net income and only modest gains in database sales.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Sep 2005

Sun puts a plus on UltraSPARC servers

Sun Microsystems did its bread and butter thing this week by releasing a fresh version of the UltraSPARC IV chip that will slot into four- to 24-way servers.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Sep 2005
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Beware eBay bearing Skype

CommentOne of my stranger hobbies is collecting interesting and weird anecdotes I find in the news. I have a few areas that always fascinate me, such as finding people who miraculously escape certain death, or items about human memory and cognition, or eccentric individuals who embody some strange aspect of the human condition.
Scott Granneman, 23 Sep 2005

Treasury slashes local e-gov budget

Central funding for local eGovernment will be cut from £150m to just £7m as of next year, a senior official has disclosed.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 23 Sep 2005

Nvidia brings forward GeForce Go 7800GTX debut

Nvidia may announce its upcoming GeForce Go 7800GTX mobile graphics chip earlier than anticipated.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

Regulator eyes premium rate TV quizzes

The premium rate phone services regulator has launched a consultation on proposed new rules and a prior permission regime for premium rate TV quiz channels and TV programmes dedicated to premium rate competitions.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Sep 2005

Apple posts OS X security, iPod Shuffle updates

Apple has posted its latest Mac OS X security patch, geared toward versions 10.3.9 and 10.4.2 of the operating system, including its Server incarnation.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

Micro Focus migrates with Lift and Shift

Micro Focus' fundamental business started with providing a Windows development environment for mainframe COBOL/CICs developers (CICS is IBM's mainframe Customer Information Control System for transaction processing) – why waste expensive Mainframe mips (millions of instructions per second) on developing code? That gave Micro Focus useful multiplatform COBOL development tools – and its customers then started asking why they couldn't offload the mainframe by running production work in its PC development environment.
David Norfolk, 23 Sep 2005

Dixons to launch net phone service

Dixons is to launch a cut-price internet telephony service next week.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2005

Small.biz lacks software licencing policy

Forty-four percent of Britain's small and medium-sized businesses lack any form of software licensing policy, exposing them to legal and security problems, according to a survey by PC World Business.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Sep 2005

DDR 2 demand 'disappointing' - analyst

When will DDR 2 SDRAM outship memory based on the original DDR specification? According to market watcher iSuppli, not as soon as it had previously forecast.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

Glowing green sperm lights fertility research

Researchers studying male infertility now have a new way of studying sperm function, thanks to groundbreaking work from Oxford University.
Lucy Sherriff, 23 Sep 2005

Punters tune in to mobile TV trial

A mobile TV trial has kicked off in Oxford to test whether there's a market for TV on the move. The experts reckon that in Europe at least, the evidence suggests that beaming TV to mobile devices can be a mass market service.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2005

ATI to launch next-gen Radeons on 5 October?

It's (almost) official: ATI will launch the Radeon X1800 - aka R520 - on Wednesday, 5 October.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005
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Symantec hooks anti-phishing firm WholeSecurity

Security software giant Symantec yesterday announced a deal to acquire behaviour-based security and anti-phishing developer wholeSecurity for an undisclosed amount. The transaction is expected to close in October.
John Leyden, 23 Sep 2005

Mobile users are bloody rude: official

It's official: the UK's estimated 65 million mobile phones - or rather their users - are a pain in the bloody arse, irritating their fellow man with their complete lack of consideration for others when jabbering away into their devices.
Lester Haines, 23 Sep 2005

Palm TX Wi-Fi PDA presented on web

The cat's out of the bag, Palm. A comprehensive series of photos depicting the PDA pioneer's latest models, retail packaging and specification details has surfaced on the web.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

Cyber-dissidents get 'how to' guide

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) - the media rights group - has published a guide to help cyber-dissidents publish politically challenging materia.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2005

Nintendo to cut 10% off DS price

Nintendo UK is to knock a tenner off the price of its DS handheld console, the videogames company announced this morning.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

ESA grants Mars Express another (Martian) year

The European Space Agency (ESA) has extended its Mars Express mission by another Martian year. That's around 23 months in Earth money.
Lucy Sherriff, 23 Sep 2005

Spot the black helicopter, win t-shirt

CompetitionOur recent spate of Google Earth and Google Maps probes - highlighting how the firm's tasty satellite imagery is threatening all decent Christian, democratic values with its hi-res imagery of military hardware - has provoked a mini-airburst of reader activity.
Team Register, 23 Sep 2005

Palm makes Q1 sales gains

Palm saw sales rise year-on-year during its most recently completed quarter, the PDA maker said yesterday. However, sales remained effectively flat over the previous quarter.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

BOFH: What the hell's Dutch lobster?

Episode 29"Well I still want to know where the hell you were?!" the Boss snaps. "I tried you on your cellphone but I couldn't get hold of you."
Simon Travaglia, 23 Sep 2005

VoIP's gonna be huge

VoIP is going to be massive. The effects of internet telephony are touching technology, business, culture, geographic penetration and consumer expectations in a way that is certain to turn the telecoms industry on its head.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2005

iPod Nano owners in screen scratch trauma

People slavering to get Apple's "impossibly small" iPod Nano into their sticky hands may want to pause a moment: those ahead of them in the queue have discovered that it's also unbelievably easy to scratch the screen, nixing its photo-displaying abilities.
Charles Arthur, 23 Sep 2005

Navman iCN 320 low-cost GPS navigator

ReviewNavman is hoping to win back business from its PDA-based GPS rivals by creating a new range of budget units that offer a scaled down version of its advanced rigs but at a fraction of the cost. One of the first, the Navman iCN 320 is for the GPS newcomer. There's no large touchscreen, and everything is controlled from buttons placed on either side of the screen. As for the screen itself, although fairly large, it looks incredibly small compared to the unit, writes Stuart Miles.
Pocket Lint, 23 Sep 2005

Intel staffers to sleep rough

Intel employees will tonight be facing wind, rain, the reek of urine and stale lager, and probably no small measure of personal abuse when they kip down in a London street for the night.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

Ballmer's flying chair: the chilling truth

Following Steve Ballmer's recent denial that he had ever thrown a chair in his life, least of all during a head-to-head with Mark Lukovsky who told the fuming MS big cheese he was off to Google, we speculated that he might in fact have thrown a table or, better still, ordered a lackey to throw the chair for him.
Lester Haines, 23 Sep 2005

Telewest speeds up Scottish network

Telewest has increased the speed of its broadband network in Scotland to 10 meg as part of a planned service upgrade.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2005

US deploys satellite jamming tech

The US has created electronic-warfare squads capable of jamming enemy satellite transmissions. Fearful of losing its advantage of superior technology resources over its potential enemies, the US has established mobile teams equipped with electronic jamming gear capable of disrupting attempts to interfere with its satellite resources, The Washington Times reports.
John Leyden, 23 Sep 2005

Martian snowboarders download imaginary nipples

LettersA very musical haul in today's Letters round-up. That tends to spill over into questions of civil liberties and freedoms, and we've got a few thoughts on those subjects too. In between the issues, some of you were upset that we teased Nokia about selling its billionth phone in Nigeria, others were less than impressed with portable Flash, while others still just wanted to see nipples. You know who you are.
Lucy Sherriff, 23 Sep 2005

2GB iPod Nano costs $100 to make - researcher

Market watcher iSuppli has disassembled Apple's iPod Nano and, beneath the shiny but not entirely scratchproof casing, it has found almost $70 worth of assorted chippery.
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

Music exec: quit whining and dump Mac, Linux

Mac owners and anyone who runs the Linux operating system should quit whining about DRM and copy-protection technologies that are incompatible with their systems and "consider purchasing a regular CD player".
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2005

British scientist calls US climate sceptics 'loonies'

The chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, Sir John Lawton, has called climate change deniers in the US "loonies", and says global warming is to blame for the increasingly strong hurricanes being spawned in the Atlantic.
Lucy Sherriff, 23 Sep 2005

Larry's little man can't get a UK software patent

Oracle has been told that it cannot patent its method of converting a document from one mark-up language to another in the UK. Part of the reason was that a patent would give Larry Ellison's company too much control over sales of computer programs.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Sep 2005

Adobe CEO says bloated Microsoft has no heart

The pressure of competing with Microsoft appears to be getting to Adobe's boss. Its CEO, Bruce Chizen, today lashed out at his former employer, describing Microsoft as a bloated, heartless empire.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Sep 2005

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