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Oracle eyes logistics and transport with UK buy

Oracle has announced its second acquisition in two weeks with a deal that expands the vertical-sector expertise of Oracle's e-business software. Oracle has snapped up privately held G-Logic, a UK-based specialist in logistics and transportation management software. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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GoogleNet flickers into life

Five months after announcing its first Google-branded hot spots, covering San Francisco's Union Square and main public library, Google is enhancing the service. The ad giant briefly made a beta of a proxy server, Google Secure Access, available for limited download today before withdrawing the link.

Fewer chairs remain after Microsoft reshuffle

Microsoft has rejigged the company's reporting structure, collapsing the seven divisions created in 2002 into three new ones. It's a bid to deal with the process issues that have bedevilled the company, exemplified by the delivery of Microsoft Vista three years later than planned, and several features short.
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Orange launches SPV M5000 3G smart phone

Mobile phone network Orange today launched in the UK, France and Switzerland its anticipated take on the HTC Universal clamshell form-factor smart phone, the SPV M5000.
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Authors sue Google

The Authors Guild, along with a former US poet laureate, is suing Google for copyright infringement.
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Korean regulator fines Samsung

South Korean regulators have fined electronics giant Samsung for obstucting investigators looking for evidence of price fixing and dodgy contracts with suppliers.
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Christian rockers risk wrath of DMCA with DRM tips

The bassist of Switchfoot is teaching fans how to disable the copy protection measures in the San Diego rock band's own CDs, presumably upsetting Sony and perhaps unwittingly testing the anti-circumvention rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

IDC bumps up PC sales estimates for '05

The outlook is good for the PC market, with the market expected to stay strong in 2005 and long-term growth expected to remain stable at nine per cent.
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UK VoIP service is 'child's play'

A Bristol company claims its VoIP service is so simple to use - "it's child's play".
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ITN plugs in to web TV

News outfit ITN has become one of the first broadcasters to sign up to a new broadband TV service.
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Market 'not ready' for UK.gov shared services push

Suppliers would be unable to cope if the UK public sector now made a wholesale move to shared services, says a key government figure.
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Sony Europe boss quits

Sony Europe president Chris Deering is leaving his post after just 18 months. Deering, the man credited with the succcess of the Playstation, is retiring to "pursue personal opportunities in the US where his family now resides".
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NPL offers support to inventors

Inventors and entrepreneurs are invited to apply for a new fund that can help them bring their ideas forward.

What's the future of email?

Analysis Microsoft's recent acquisition of FrontBridge Technologies, which was finally completed at the end of August 2005, will provide a much needed functionality boost to Microsoft Exchange. A minor surprise in this is that the functionality FrontBridge delivers was already on the Exchange roadmap. Microsoft has decided to buy rather than continue to build, probably for the sake of speed. It makes sense in the circumstances.
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UK is nation of 'mobile download junkies'

UK mobile phone users are "download junkies" spending a whopping £740m on ringtones, games and pictures, according to research outfit Mintel.
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Hands-On Microsoft Access tutorial

Site offer Access is one of the most widely-used pieces of software, but many of its users find it vexing to really understand and use well. This is because you can't master Access without an understanding of how a relational database management system works, and many Access users lack that training. While there are many books on Access, most of them are either introductory tutorials on how to use Access's features, or big comprehensive references. Hands-On Microsoft Access fills this gap.
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Bagle blitz unleashed

Hackers have spammed out multiple new variants of the Bagle Trojan to millions of email addresses this week.
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World of Warcraft plague 'swamps servers'

When Blizzard introduced the God of Blood - Hakkar to his mates - in a new World of Warcraft scenario called Zul'Gurub, little did it know it was summoning up the online equivalent of Ebola or AIDS.
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EU GM maize impasse favours DuPont

The EU has failed for the second time to approve importation of a GM maize produced by DuPont Co. subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International and Dow AgroSciences offshoot Mycogen Seeds.
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Women rule the internet roost

Suspension of internet privileges has become the new way to discipline a unruly children, AOL UK has found, following a six month anthropological study of five British families.
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No2ID appoints parliamentary spokesman

Matthew Taylor, the Liberal Democrat shadow chancellor and MP for Truro and St Austell, has joined anti-OID card campaigners No2ID as the group's official Parliamentary spokesman.
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Intel chipset shortage 'extends to high end'

Intel's chipset shortage is spreading, with supplies of high-end desktop parts becoming as increasingly hard to obtain as its low-end offerings.
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Sex and drugs hit girls harder

Sex is more likely to lead to depression in teenage girls than experimenting with drugs or alcohol, research has found.
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Broadband set to smash 200m barrier

Europe has the largest concentration of broadband lines in the world, according to the latest stats from Point Topic. At the end of June, the European Union (EU) accounted for 47.5m broadband connections, followed by North America (44.3m) and Asia-Pacific (40.6m).

Nvidia ships first integrated chipsets

Nvidia has introduced its C51 AMD-oriented integrated graphics chipset, pushing the product as a graphics add-on for two new members of the nForce 4 chipset family.
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TomTom 'sorry' for traffic service titsup

TomTom - the satellite navigation service - is offering its punters free traffic updates for a month afters its website went titsup last week. Services suffered after a server migration fell behind schedule leaving TomTom punters unable to access the site.

Companies eschew supply chain automation

Analysis When we think of supply chains, we also tend to think of companies running highly automated systems with information running smoothly up and down the chain using technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards.
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Nokia sells Nigerian its one billionth phone

Nokia today said it had sold its one billionth mobile phone - in Nigeria.

Linux users warned over Firefox flaw

Security researchers have discovered a new vulnerability with Firefox that might allow hackers to seize control of Unix or Linux machines running vulnerable versions of the popular alternative browser software. The vulnerability can only be exploited on Unix or Linux based environments. Firefox users at risk are advised to upgrade to version 1.0.7 to guard against attack.

ATI says R5xx Radeons in 'volume production'

ATI yesterday effectively announced its R520 series of graphics chips, releasing the names of the upcoming products on the back of statement saying they are now in mass-production.
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PayPal hit by payment problems

PayPal has been hit by two separate technical problems that are causing transactions to appear more than once on some customers' accounts. Although the money is not actually being removed from accounts this can have the effect of freezing the account if spending limits appear to be breached.
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Nokia unveils low-cost 'emerging markets' phone

Nokia today introduced a clamshell handset for what it calls "emerging markets".
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Pammie tops Lycos top 50 search terms

It's official: the delightful Pamela Anderson has topped the Top 50 search terms for the last ten years, closely followed by Dragonball and Pokemon.
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955X-based mobo shoot-out

Review Which motherboard to buy? Determining the answer to this question is, arguably, the most important of all hardware choices. The choice of motherboard defines, in part, just how future-proof a system will be. Making a bad choice can lead to problems that aren't apparent for, say, CPUs and processors. Having to replace a motherboard usually necessitates a long-winded process of reinstalling an OS, programs and data. In short, your motherboard has to be good or your system won't be.
Hexus.net, 21 2005
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Northamber inks profit

UK disty Northamber increased profits by 18 per cent compared to last year.
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Mars: a changing, dynamic world

New features have been spotted on the surface of Mars by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.

Jens of Sweden 'declared bankrupt'

Swedish MP3-player vendor Jens of Sweden is back, reborn as Switzerland-based JOS, after declaring itself bankrupt in its home country.
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Caudwell to flog fixed line biz

Telecoms entrepreneur John Caudwell and the man behind phones 4u is looking to flog his fixed line telephone business after receiving "a number of approaches from third parties interested in acquiring Caudwell Communications".
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IPdrum plugs mobile phones into Skype

Norwegian company IPdrum yesterday launched a system that connects the Skype VoIP network to mobile phones.
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ASA stamps on Crazy Frog TV ads

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned Crazy Frog adverts from appearing on British TV before Nine O'clock in the evening in an effort to protect children from his tuneless squeaking.
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Airport PCs stuffed with meaty goodness

Businesspeople are treating public access terminals in airport departure lounges as their home PCs and in the process exposing confidential data and email messages to all and sundry. A mixture of curiosity and boredom led consultants from the Dubai-based network security outfit Scanit to uncover a plethora of secrets left by globe-trotting executives who log on in-between flights.
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Mandriva rejigs channel programme

Mandriva, the Linux distribution outfit formerly known as Mandrakesoft, is revamping its channel programme. It will offer better marketing support and four different levels of relationship.
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DVD Forum okays 30GB, dual-layer HD DVD-R

Toshiba today said the DVD Forum has approved its suggestion for a 30GB, dual-layer recordable HD DVD-R disc.
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US net entrepreneur sticks ads on bums

A US net entrepreneur has solved his lack of advertising budget problem by paying beggars to stand motionless beside Seattle Highway exit ramps with ads proclaiming his wares, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reports.
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Hot young stars baffle astronomers

New pictures from Hubble have helped astronomers identify the source of a mysterious blue light that emanates from a supermassive black hole at the centre of the Andromeda galaxy. However, in typical space-science fashion, the discovery poses more questions than it answers.