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A Million Nation States of One fears Google Balkanization

Some stories just take forever to come true. 30 months ago, we revealed Google was going to introduce a weblog search engine - and this week, it finally did. The story, so obvious in retrospect, barely merits the term 'scoop'. But now, as then, it has been eclipsed by a raging debate about the implications for bloggers and for the web in general.
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Microsoft issues HPC, web server challenge to Linux

Microsoft has taken its battle against Linux and open source a notch higher with a first beta of its Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Edition operating system for high-performance computing (HPC), and a modular version of its IIS web server.
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Swedish MP3 player maker refuses to pay levy

Swedish producer of MP3 players Jens, which offers a full line of flash-based audio players and recorders, is facing legal proceedings after refusing to pay a controversial copying charge on its products.

Hackers are all B'stards now

Comment If there's one thing I've learned in the past few years as editor of SecurityFocus, it's that there is absolutely no saving grace in the security world. Everyone is a target, everyone is vulnerable and exposed, and no one is safe from, well... anything.
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Key clicks betray passwords, typed text

Eavesdroppers armed with a shotgun microphone or a small recording device could make off with a computer user's sensitive documents and data, three university researchers said in a paper released this week.
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Typing: music to fraudsters' ears

Computer users should learn to type silently if they don't want to reveal intimate details such as passwords, according to a new study Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have discovered that a simple audio recording of keyboard clicks can betray what users have typed, possibly leading users to betray intimate details about their lives to virus writers and fraudsters.
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Chinese film warns of teenage net dangers

A new film has been released in China which tackles the gritty problem of adolescents and the net.
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BCS embraces professional contractors

Members of the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) can now fast-track themselves into the upper echelons of the British Computer Society (BCS), thanks to a deal between the two groups.
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30,000 volt synthetic jacket menaces Oz

Those readers who thought that the biggest threat from wearing clothes hewn from synthetic materials was to your street cred, be warned: they could transform you into a walking static bomb ready to discharge carpet-threatening voltages.

Zurich in talks with Capita

Capita - the UK IT and business services group - is holding top level talks with insurer Zurich concerning a "potential business relationship".
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Open access to research worth £1.5bn a year

The UK is losing out on its investment in scientific research to the tune of £1.5bn every year, according to advocates of open access publishing.
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Salesforce.com's new application shop

These days, even Bill Gates is bandying around the term 'software as a service'. But what does it mean?
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TechScape: Vint Cerf mulls the future

Interview In the third of TechScape’s three exclusive interviews with Vint Cerf, Bill Robinson asks the man to look into the future...
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Xbox chipper jailed and fined

Biren Amin, owner of US games store Pandora's Cube, has been sentenced to five months in prison and given a fine of almost $250,000 for the sale of pirated games and illegally modified Xboxes, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced yesterday.
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BOFH: Bloody computer room tourists!

Episode 28 Episode 28 Bloody Computer room tourists! It seems the Boss has been asked by the Beancounters to "consult" on their appointment of a new technical support person after the tragic accident that befell the last holder of the position after he stole the PFY's car parking space three days in a row... True, the PFY does take the …
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Finnish gov will not criminalise MP3 players - officials

Fears that Finland's upcoming new copyright legislation would de facto render MP3 players illegal are unfounded, Ministry of Justice officials have claimed.
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ESA launches Mars Express investigation

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched an investigation into the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) onboard the Mars Express orbiter.
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Arrest made in Berkeley laptop theft case

Police have arrested a man after recovering a stolen laptop that held personal data on more than 98,000 University of California, Berkeley students and applicants.
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Apple 'readies' dual-core Power Mac G5s

Apple is likely to ship Power Mac G5 desktops based on dual-core IBM PowerPC processors, perhaps by the end of the month.
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Govt pledges help for digital TV switchover

The Government has pledged financial and technical support for millions of people to help them cope with the switchover from analogue to digital TV.
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Toshiba touts fuel cell-equipped MP3 players

Toshiba today unveiled its latest fuel cell prototypes, this time targeting Flash- and hard disk-based MP3 players. The test units are integrated into the players rather than attached to them externally.
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MS shuts up on number of women engineers

Microsoft has once again fallen back on a discredited privacy defence to deflect questions on the proportion of its certified engineers who are women.
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LogicaCMG may buy Unilog for €73 per share

In brief LogicaCMG confirmed today that it is in “advanced discussions” that could lead to its buying French services group Unilog.
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RIAA calls time on P2Pers

The Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) has told seven P2P software companies to get with the programme - or face the consequences.

Intel invests in 200mm-wafer fab capacity

Intel will pump $345m into two US fabs in a bid to boost production capacity, the chip giant said yesterday.
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ATI ships Radeon X800 GTO

ATI may be gearing up to announce its R5xx family of next-generation graphics chips, but that hasn't stopped unveiling parts based on the previous generation of its technology.
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Securing the world for lost, bio-diesel car drivers

Letters A varied haul this week, that's for sure. We've got thoughts on security, women and Microsoft certification, technology and education, and of course, the question of whether or not cats should be used to make fuel. It seems this last one is a real opinion divider.
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Estonia phone scammers fined £100k

An Estonia-based company, Digital Media Ltd, has been fined £100,000 for running a premium rate phone scam.

US banks lose $50bn to phantom fraudsters

Reported ID theft losses represent only the tip of an iceberg, dwarfed by fraudulent losses run up by crooks assuming completely fictitious identities, according to analysts Gartner.
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Nintendo shows 'Revolutionary' console controller

Games console developers devote as much time to the launching of the controllers their machines will be played with as the game-hosting hardware itself. The latest company to do so is Nintendo. Today it told the world what the gamepad that will ship with its Revolution console will look like.
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T-mobile customers stuck in Walled Garden

T-Mobile UK has admitted that many of its customers cannot access external email even when they buy supposedly email-enabled phones from the service provider.
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Email slip show Clarke's softer side

Home Secretary Charles Clarke is learning first hand the perils of email, having accidentally appended a revealing early draft of a letter to an email sent to his opposite numbers.
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Predict next terror attack, win t-shirt

UK tabloid the Sun is in danger of succumbing to rage-inspired spontaneous combustion after discovering a website inviting punters to gamble on where the next terrorist attack will occur - and win a t-shirt saying "I Predicted It" if they're right.