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Belgium primes self-destructing briefcase

The idea of transporting boot in a mechanised and booby-trapped suitcase was already explored in the 60s in one the episodes of The Avengers. Now, it is for real.
Jan Libbenga, 15 Sep 2005

CD sales fall disguises a lack of choice

While music consumers in Australia patiently wait for the introduction of iTunes, they find they have less choice than ever.
Alex Malik, 15 Sep 2005
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Microsoft smack down with WWF

Microsoft's mission to "democratize" application lifecycle tools is moving into the creation and management of workflows with Windows Vista, the Office 12 family and business software.
Gavin Clarke, 15 Sep 2005

Microsoft expresses designs on website teams

Microsoft is moving into Adobe and Macromedia territory with graphics and web tools designed to improve the way illustrators and coders work together when building websites.
Gavin Clarke, 15 Sep 2005

Google swaps hippy talk for happy talk

Google has detailed its second public share offering. This time, it's dispensed with the Hallmark Card sentiments that characterized its first trip to the stock market - see Google files Coca Cola jingle with SEC - and the relief from the button-down Wall Street Journal is palpable.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Sep 2005

MS reveals Xbox 360 release dates

Microsoft will release its next-generation Xbox 360 games console on Tuesday, 22 November, the software giant announced last night.
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

German inventor denies cats-for-fuel story

Animal rights campaigners were up in arms yesterday over reports that a German inventor was making diesel from dead cats.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Sep 2005

Apple iPod Nano sales 'slow' - analyst

UpdatedApple is not selling as many iPod Nanos as it expected, a market watcher has claimed.
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

OneTel for sale

Centrica - which owns British Gas - has confirmed it plans to flog-off its OneTel telecoms business.
Tim Richardson, 15 Sep 2005

Small company chases big holographic storage

Tiny, privately funded, InPhase Technology is on the brink of replacing film tape with holographic storage in the broadcasting industries, offering densities beyond anything currently seen in other archival storage.
Faultline, 15 Sep 2005

Teen jailed over Paris Hilton hack

An unnamed Massachusetts teenager who hacked into the mobile phone of Paris Hilton and posted her celebrity contacts online has been sentenced to 11 months in a juvenile detention facility. The teenage tearaway, who can't be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to nine counts of juvenile delinquency last week before Judge Rya W. Zobel in US District Court in Boston. Judge Zobel also passed an order prohibiting the 17 year-old from owning any equipment capable of accessing the internet while behind bars or for two years of subsequent supervised release.
John Leyden, 15 Sep 2005

French to enjoy 50 mobile TV channels

Cellco Orange is driving up its French mobile TV services and has now reach 60 channels, according to supplier satellite services company Globecast.
Faultline, 15 Sep 2005

Intel founds Chinese R&D company

Intel has set up a software and hardware focused research and development subsidiary in China, the chip giant said today.
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

Blackberry 'Electron' details appear on web

Research in Motion appears to be preparing its latest would-be Treo killer, a classic form-factor Blackberry with support for the EDGE and EVDO GSM and CDMA data throughput enhancement technologies, not to mention integrated GPS.
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

Palm to pull Tungsten line down-market?

Palm appears to be gearing up to launch the successor to its Tungsten T5 PDA next month, along with a new low-end colour handheld.
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

888 flutter price set

888 has reduced the price of its shares ahead of its floatation later this month amid concerns that the online gaming market is running out of steam.
Tim Richardson, 15 Sep 2005

NZ finds Black Cocks hard to swallow

It was a bloody silly idea in the first place, but New Zealand's badminton world may finally have to concede that calling the national team the "Black Cocks" really is a bit too strong, the New Zealand Herald reports.
Lester Haines, 15 Sep 2005

Homeless quasar poses intergalactic mystery

European astronomers have discovered a true space oddity: a quasar without a detectable home galaxy. The discovery has led to speculation that the host galaxy could be made up entirely of dark matter, or that a normal galaxy collided with another object that happened to contain a quasar.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Sep 2005

CPUs smarter than 'every human brain combined' by 2060

Computers will be able to out-think the entire world population put together within the next 60 years, the head of Lucent's research division has forecast.
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

TomTom website goes titsup

In briefServices from satellite navigation outfit TomTom have suffered after a server migration fell behind schedule. The firm's website has been sporadically unavailable since Tuesday while Reg reader Steve reports that TomTom's traffic update service was out for around 12 hours.
John Leyden, 15 Sep 2005

Govt backs digital TV switch

The UK Government finally seems to have made a decision about plans to ditch analogue TV and replace it with digital services.
Tim Richardson, 15 Sep 2005

HP iPaq hw6515 Mobile Messenger

ReviewJust as the great unwashed now think that all MP3 players are called an iPod, so there was a time when all handheld devices were simply known as iPaqs. This must have annoyed most vendors, especially Palm, but HP was never heard to complain, writes Stephen Patrick.
Pocket Lint, 15 Sep 2005

Intel Celeron to gain improved AMD64 compatibility

Intel's desktop Celeron D chips are to be the latest processors to get the chip giant's NetBurst core update, The Register has learned.
Tony Smith, 15 Sep 2005

Apple share of MP3 player market to shrink... sort of

Prepare yourself now for some triumphant headlines in the coming months from rivals of Apple's iPod - along the lines of 'Apple MP3 player market share drops'. And you know what? Apple half-expects them too. Why? Because its new iPod Nano is going to be so hugely successful, taking over as the world's most popular MP3 player from the iPod Mini, which it replaces.
Charles Arthur, 15 Sep 2005

Time Warner plots 'AOL - MSN merger'

Microsoft and Time Warner are holding "advanced" talks that could lead to the merger of their MSN and AOL internet businesses.
Tim Richardson, 15 Sep 2005
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Demon founder pleads guilty to email hacking

UpdatedCliff Stanford, founder of Demon Internet and Redbus, has pleaded guilty to email interception charges. Stanford along with co-defendant George Liddell were accused of conspiring to intercept emails sent to Redbus chairman John Porter (son of Dame Shirley Porter, the disgraced former Conservative leader of Westminster council) during a boardroom battle at the London-based hosting firm.
John Leyden, 15 Sep 2005

Defrosted sheep ovaries offer cancer fertility hope

Israeli scientists have for the first time successfully developed embryos from eggs taken from frozen, thawed and transplanted ovaries. So far, the procedure has been carried out in sheep only, but the research team is optimistic that it could one day be used in humans.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Sep 2005

Job losses loom at Siemens

Siemens could be about to announce a rack of job cuts as part of moves to restructure the business and stem losses, according to reports from Germany.
Tim Richardson, 15 Sep 2005

Massive sunspot has Earth in its sights

A sunspot five times the size of Earth could wreak havoc with satellites and radio communication systems, scientists warn, as it moves across the face of the sun and Earth moves directly into its firing line.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Sep 2005
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Techies don't get security either

Heads of information security functions are more likely to be business managers than techies in future as companies take a more strategic approach that balances IT security threats against business drivers. That's according to analyst house Gartner which predicts security will evolve into an element of a wider risk management strategy.
John Leyden, 15 Sep 2005

FileMaker Pro 8 advances beyond mere developers

If FileMaker Pro 7 was the technical redesign of the FileMaker desktop database product for the modern world, FileMaker Pro 8 makes all the new functionality more accessible – even to non-FileMaker users.
David Norfolk, 15 Sep 2005
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Abandon ship! Dell jumps off Itanium

Dell has become the latest OEM to abandon Itanium, Intel's ill-fated 64 bit chip. The processor's future has been looking downbeat since Intel decided to adopt AMD's 64 bit instruction set for its future servers, relegating IA-64 to high end niches.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Sep 2005

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