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Meg Whitman's $2.6bn spam goof?

Analysis "eBay looks less fearsome when you're upside down," says the young CEO behind the online auction house's great Chinese rival Jack Ma. To encourage new hires at his Alibaba.com, Ma asks them to perform handstands. Maybe that won't be necessary for much longer, as eBay is a lot less fearsome - and a lot poorer - after splurging $2.6bn on Skype (and $4bn in total if Skype hits the numbers).
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Bot herder websites in internet take-down

Bot herder websites that specialise in dumbing down the process of managing zombie networks of compromised Windows PCs are under attack. High profile bot sites such as ryan1918.com and 0x90-team.com have disappeared, reports anti-virus firm F-Secure. Another such site, known as "Neo, The One" (neo-theone.com.ar), which was hosted in Argentina, went offline on Friday (9 September).

DCC issues IT distie profit warning

Shares in Irish business services group DCC fell sharply yesterday following a profits warning from the company.

Computacenter profits down 70 per cent

Computacenter's interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2005 show a fall in turnover and profits but the reseller is confident it will get back on track for the full year.

Smut and personal data left on resold PCs

Seven in 10 re-sold hard-drives and memory cards contain pornographic material, according to research by a UK-based data recovery firm based on the inspection of 1,000 hard disk drives over the last year.
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Deutsche Telekom hangs up on MTS

Deutsche Telekom (DT) has bailed out of Russia after flogging its remaining stake in cellco Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) for €1.2bn.
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HP conference moved to Florida

HP's Technology Forum, due to have started in New Orleans this week, has been moved to Florida because of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
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Katrina: a tough lesson in security

In the waning days of August, a massive category four hurricane devastated the gulf coast of the United States, particularly devastating the city of New Orleans. In addition to the estimated $50bn in property damage, clean-up and reconstruction costs, and the hundreds of likely dead, and tens of thousands displaced, the hurricane and its aftermath have disrupted businesses throughout the southern United States. From this disaster, there are a few lessons IT staff, and IT security staff, as well as senior management should learn. The sad thing is that many won't take these lessons to heart.

Sony recalls 'millions' of PS2 power adaptors

Sony has asked certain slimline-model PlayStation 2 owners around the world to return their AC adaptors or risk what it calls "injury hazard".
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Drunk, stoned mice shed light on addiction

Researchers in the US have discovered that the part of the brain that makes it fun to get stoned, also makes it pleasurable to get drunk .
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EU stumps Clarke data retention plan

UK home secretary Charles Clarke failed to get agreement to his proposals for an EU-wide data retention regime at an informal meeting of EU justice and home affairs Ministers in Newcastle last week, according to media reports.
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Intel cans $700m Indian plant - report

Intel will not be building a $700m wafer-testing plant in India, a local newspaper has claimed.
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NHS staff oblivious to £6.2bn IT programme

Vast numbers of National Health Service front-line personnel are apparently oblivious to the £6.2bn national IT programme currently being rolled out, according to new research.
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Novell spies MS Vista launch opportunity

Twenty months after entering into the Linux market by acquiring Suse, Novell has outlined its strategy to counter Microsoft in 2006.
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Intel 975X chipset to support SLi and CrossFire

Intel's 975X chipset, the upcoming successor to today's 955X, will support Nvidia's SLi technology and the ATI equivalent, CrossFire.
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Albatron intros 'easy connect' Intel SLi mobo

Albatron today introduced an SLi-enabled motherboard targeting Intel processors, touting the board's ability to dispense with the daughtercard usually required to activate SLi.
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Chaintech denies mobo biz exit

Chaintech today announced its latest Intel-oriented motherboard, just days after it refuted claims it was quitting the mobo market.
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14,000 Telstra jobs at risk

There are fears that as many as 14,000 telecoms jobs could be axed in Australia following the privatisation of incumbent telco Telstra.
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Businesses will have graded access to ID database

The Home Office said yesterday that businesses and public sector agency access to the national identity card database will be allowed on a graded basis, according to need. The idea is that so-called trivial checks on people's biometrics should not be allowed to overload the system.

RM releases rugged classroom laptop

British education-oriented PC maker RM today introduced a cut-price ruggedised notebook designed to be "secure, robust and able to function" in "demanding classroom environments".
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Executed Chinese prisoners skinned for collagen treatments

Skin from prisoners executed in China is being used to develop cosmetic collagen treatments aimed at the European market, according to The Guardian.
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Nokia unveils aggressive mobile email challenge

Nokia's Enterprise Solutions chief, Mary McDowell, said in July the company wasn't interested in acquiring RIM, and today she revealed why.
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Man flogs dead horse on eBay

Stuff devil dolls, second-hand breast implants and bare knuckle-fight DVDs, this has to be the tastiest auction on eBay for months: your chance to acquire a dead horse at a knock-down price.
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Ballmer: 'I've never thrown a chair in my life'

Steve Ballmer has denied ever throwing a chair in his life in response to the accusation that he launched said piece of furniture across the room when ex-MS employee Mark Lukovsky told the big fella he was off to Google.
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Google Earth threatens democracy

The recent news that South Korea is to take the US to task over Google Earth images which expose its military installations to close Commie scrutiny has provoked a mini stampede of other peace-loving nations eager to protect their assets from prying eyes.
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RealBasic 2005 for Mac, Windows and Linux

Review Since its arrival in the mid-1990s, RealBasic has been helping amateur and professional software developers create applications quickly by side-stepping most of the complexities other languages and programming environments throw at them.
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UK.gov ID card costings fit on back of (small) envelope

Analysis Earlier this year the home secretary condemned research from the LSE and Kable which costed his proposed ID card proposals at three times the government’s preferred numbers.
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Bloke called Pete seeks 1,999 namesakes

You know how it is: you're trying to find a few hundred people with the same christian name as you so you can all get together and beat the world record for the biggest en masse gathering of namesakes when, devastatingly, you learn that some bloke called Mohammed has assembled 1,500 Mohammeds in Dubai, thereby taking the Guiness Book of Record laurels.
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Aussies 'clueless about 3G'

Aussies are "still clueless" about 3G, according to a report by IDC.
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Police extract stolen mobile from woman's posterior

Just what is it about Romanian women and mobes mobile phones? Back in April, we reported on the sticky case of 34-year-old Ruxandra Gardian who attempted to make good her escape with a phone concealed in her vagina.
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HP UK job cuts detailed

Printer giant HP has detailed just how many jobs it is cutting in the UK.
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Good Technology confirms layoffs

Exclusive Nokia's mobile email software sidekick Good Technology today confirmed claims that it has made a large number of its workers redundant.

eBuyer 'fesses up to problems

Online retailer eBuyer has apologised to customers forced to wait for purchases and blamed a problem with its inventory management system for the problems.
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IT pros more aware of Sexual Offences Act

More than half of IT pros are now aware of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and its recent campaign to stamp out illegal content in the workplace.
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ID cards and eBay and whiskers on kittens...

Letters More on the tax office's computer error. This would be the unnoticed computer error which resulted in almost a million taxpayer records being deleted from Inland Revenue computer systems between 1997 and 2000. Yes, you read that right:
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Users play fast and loose with corporate PCs

Users are more likely to engage in risky internet behaviour at work because they reckon their IT department will protect them against viruses, worms, spyware, spam, phishing, and other security threats. That's according to a recent online survey of 1,200 corporate end users in the US, Germany, and Japan conducted by net security firm Trend Micro.
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Mobile WiMAX - getting there very slowly

Mobile WiMAX will happen, but don't expect it to be an overnight success, says analyst company Visant.
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Apple shot first, asked question later, say sued sites

Apple sent its lawyers after two amateur-run Mac news sites without conducting a serious internal company investigation first to demand who leaked trade secrets, court documents show. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which bid to have the documents unsealed, claims it deals a crucial blow to Apple's attempt to silence the webstes.

Microsoft CRM RSS feeds on the books

Microsoft is introducing RSS to its fledgling customer relationship management (CRM) suite. The company is working on features that enable users of its Dynamics CRM to receive updated sales information through subscriber-based Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. RSS is expected in the third edition of Microsoft's CRM software.
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Gates previews Windows Vista and Office 12

Two years after unveiling Microsoft's "biggest release of the decade" Bill Gates is back to preview features in the upcoming Windows Vista client, along with Office 12.