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UK.gov backs SMEs for public sector contracts

The Government has given its strongest show of support yet towards helping smaller suppliers win more business in the public sector IT marketplace.
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China blocks Skype, VoIP

China Telecom is the country's largest wireline phone company, with the bulk of the broadband customers; and those customers are now finding they can't use Skype to call ordinary phones, using SkypeOut. But it may go further, and VoIP may be blocked generally.
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US takes estate agents to court over internet policy

The US Justice Department last week filed an antitrust suit over a real estate industry rule that it considers unfair to online estate agents and consumers by allowing estate agents to opt-out of having their properties exhibited on internet listings.

On Open Source data warehousing

YI greeted with some scepticism the initial launch of Greenplum earlier this year (here and here) and was unconvinced about the future of an Open Source data warehousing model. Nevertheless, the company has pushed ahead with its plans and has made a number of significant advances.

Mobile fraudsters sentenced

Four people found guilty of VAT fraud were sentenced for a total of 22 years at Maidstone Crown Court late last week.

Intel slashes 2MB Xeon DP prices

Intel yesterday pared back its price list, chopping up to 34.1 per cent of what it charges for its top-end Xeon DP processors.
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France Telecom to blow €1bn on LLU

France Telecom (FT) plans to blow more than €1bn installing its kit in incumbent telcos' telephone exchanges so it can provide broadband services direct to customers.

UK Govt wants you to lurve ID cards

The UK government has said it will go on a "charm offensive" this week, aimed at winning the general public around to the idea of a national identity register and identity card.
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Mozilla disables IDN to guard against Firefox flaw

Mozilla developers have acted quickly to release a workaround for Firefox hours after the public disclosure of a potentially serious security vulnerability in the browser software on Friday (9 September). The security flaw stems from a bug used in code to parse certain URLs which might be used to crash vulnerable systems or, at least in theory, load malicious code if surfers using Firefox are induced into visiting maliciously-constructed websites.
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eBay buys Skype

Online auctioneer eBay is buying VoIP provider Skype for $2.6bn.
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Oracle boss buys off insider trading claims

Oracle's boss Larry Ellison has agreed to pay $100m to charity to settle a case accusing him of insider trading.
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Battling nonagenarian grabs burglar by 'nads

Editorial note: No IT angle here, but plenty of entertainment from our ocassional series on criminal mishaps, blagging catastrophes and ne'er-do-well stupidity in general. Those who like their burglars grasped firmly by the testicles, read on. Those readers searching for something more technology-orientated, there's a piece on the Government giving its strongest show of support yet towards helping smaller suppliers win more business in the public sector IT marketplace, right here.

Time drags on for Granville administrators

There is still no end in sight to the administration of Granville Technology, six weeks after the company behind the Time and Tiny computer brands collapsed.
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SEC rejects Cisco option option

The Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected attempts by Cisco and other tech companies to reduce the impact of new accounting rules on share options.
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US fertility doc in web Lothario scandal

A Manhattan "reproductive endocrinologist" is being sued by two irate net lonely hearts who were duped by the online Lothario into believing he was single, Reuters reports.
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OneTel could be flogged

Centrica - the UK company that owns utility British Gas - is looking to flog its OneTel telco business, according to The Sunday Times.
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Politicians schedule 'space wars' meeting

Politicians from ten countries are set to meet in Washington DC this Wednesday, to discuss the future possibility of deploying weapons in space.
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MS pulls upcoming Windows security patch

Microsoft has pulled plans to release a critical Windows security patch on Tuesday citing quality concerns as the reason behind the late withdrawal. Last Thursday Microsoft announced its intent to release a solitary patch in September as part of its monthly patch cycle but by Friday afternoon the software giant had second thoughts prompting it to pull the planned release.
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Gizmondo preps widescreen console to rival PSP

Gizmondo maker Tiger Telematics will next year offer a widescreen version of the handheld games console, the company's CEO has revealed, the better to compete with the PSP.

Intel orders ATI, SiS chipsets to bolster mobo biz - report

Intel is said to be looking to ATI to keep its foot in the low-end desktop motherboard market.
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Developing with Workload Automation

Gartner thinks that schedulers will be taken more seriously if they're called Workload Automation Brokers - but don't let that put you off.

Adobe joins developer shift

The latest version of Adobe’s LiveCycle document management server offers a useful example of the changing role of software developers. It illustrates how the term `application development’ is drifting away from technology-oriented code-cutting and towards becoming a branch of business management.
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UK LLU still facing difficulties

The number of unbundled phone lines in the UK has topped 100,000, according to the latest stats available.
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Gateway rides Comet back into UK

Gateway is to return to the UK PC market, the company said today.
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Humanity fingered in pre-industrial pollution racket

Humanity has been affecting the climate for longer than previously imagined, according to scientists studying the history of the planet's atmosphere.
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Sapphire Radeon X550 low-cost graphics card

Review If you aren't a gamer, integrated graphics may seem the best imaging option to choose for your next PC. Integrated graphics engines may be cheaper than add-in cards, but they can hit system memory performance hard, and since on-board graphics are usually only available on budget chipsets and motherboards, you may also miss out on key features such as RAID storage or dual-monitor support, writes Andrew Miller.
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Chinese bats harbour SARS-like virus

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong hunting for the source of the human SARS virus have found a close relative of the disease in Chinese bats.
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Oracle conquers Siebel at $10.66 a share

Larry Ellison buried another pile of hatchets this morning when he sealed Oracle’s acquisition of Siebel Systems for $3.61bn.
Joe Fay, 12 2005

DRAM price slide over, says Micron CEO

Don't expect memory to become any cheaper this year, memory maker Micron has warned.
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Samsung to ship 16Gb Flash chip next year

Samsung will launch a 16Gb NAND Flash late next year, the company confirmed today.
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Man arrested over Ashes email death threats

In brief Police investigating email death threats against members of the Australian cricket squad arrested a 32 year-old from Stoke-on-Trent today. The man was reportedly arrested after being traced through his email address.
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BT looks to light up broadband black spots

Broadband have-nots in Northern Ireland and Yorkshire are to take part in trials designed to wire-up parts of the UK currently without DSL.
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Ebay's plans for Skype

Ebay has definite plans for what it is going to do with Skype, and Meg Whitman, eBay's president and CEO, is equally sure about what they are not going to do.
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Bango calls on PayPal

Mobile content provider Bango has done a deal to allow mobile users to use PayPal accounts to pay for content.
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Astronomers witness earliest ever star death

Astronomers have identified the most distant ever gamma ray burst, a cosmic event that took place when the universe was a mere 900 million years old, less than seven per cent of its present age.
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3 UK confirms mobile web plans

3 UK has confirmed plans to give its mobile phone users access to the web. From mid-September punters can cough up £2.50 a month to use their 3G handsets to access online content.