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Intel tightens revenue forecast

Intel today narrowed its Q3 revenue prediction and assured analysts that nothing unusual seemed to be occuring during the period.
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HMV digital downloads: sure it Plays For Sure

HMV rolled out its Windows-based digital song download service this week, going head to head with high street rival Virgin.

Horizon posts 20 per cent rise in profits

Horizon Technology Group has posted a 20 per cent year-on-year increase in pre-tax profits in its results for the first half of the year.
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Computer error destroyed 1m UK tax records

Almost a million taxpayer records were accidently deleted from Inland Revenue computer systems between 1997 and 2000 due to a software problem which went unnoticed for several years.

Intel 'sells out' of notebook chipsets

Intel has "sold out" of notebook chipsets, the company admitted last night.
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Three-parent embryo research gets green light

UK researchers have been given the go-ahead to create an embryo that will contain DNA from three people, after the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) reversed its decision to ban the procedure.

Solitary patch for MS September Patch Tuesday

In brief Microsoft plans to release a single, critical patch next Tuesday, 13 September. According to minimalist details from an advance bulletin notification from Redmond issued Thursday, the update is designed to address a serious Windows vulnerability. Redmond also plans to release an update to its malicious software removal tool. ®

Panic over: boom times ahead for chip biz

The world's chip makers will experience double-digit sales growth next year, market watcher Advanced Forecasting (AF) said yesterday.

Dell will comply with AMD subpoena

AMD vs Intel Dell has told the US District Court of Delaware it will comply with AMD's request for documents that the upstart chip maker believes will prove Intel engaged in anti-competitive business practices.
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Belgians plan to subsidise PCs

Belgium's government will next week decide whether to adopt a plan backed by secretary of state for IT, Peter Vanvelthoven, to offer subsidised broadband-enabled PCs to disadvantaged groups in the country.
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'Mobe' excised from Reg lexicon

Poll result It's official: the word 'mobe' has been struck from the El Reg lexicon after you, our beloved readers, voted 57 per cent (5,181 votes) to 43 per cent (3,841) in favour of kicking it into touch.
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Reykjavik nets €0.8bn in Iceland Telco sell-off

The Icelandic Treasury has received ISK66.7bn (€0.8bn) in cash for the sale of Iceland Telco to a group of local investors.
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UK PC mag in Tesco processor mix-up

UK retailer Tesco has begun selling processors. At least that's what the PC Pro website suggests, though anyone expecting to purchase the latest Athlon 64 chip at as discount and pick up some Clubcard points while they're about it are going to be disappointed, we fear.
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The unholy trinity: computers, taxes and evolution

Letters Collapsing tax computer systems have impressed no one. The following probably sums up the response so far:
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BOFH: Putting a price on the Boss

Episode 27 The Boss is in a particularly cheerful mood and I don't like it. Any moment I fear he's going to want to hug one of us or tell us we're doing a great job or something. It's just not normal! Someone's going to find out what's wrong and as it's the PFY's turn to 'tard himself down I give him a prod and point him at the boss.
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PalmSource bought by browser developer

Japanese mobile content company Access is to buy the Palm OS, it said today. The move has the blessing of Palm.
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Google and GEICO settle AdWords dispute

Google and car insurance firm GEICO have settled a trade mark dispute over the search engine's sale of sponsored search terms "Geico" and "Geico Direct". GEICO had claimed that this use was in breach of its trade mark rights.

UK gov flies IT security kitemark

The UK Government today unveiled a quality award scheme designed to ensure that users of off-the-shelf IT security products are buying a product that meets Government-approved standards. An encryption vendor won the first accreditation today.
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Ethical concerns vex IT workers

IT workers feel less able to refuse work they don't agree with and more resigned to cutting software testing in the face of ever-shortening deadlines, according to a new study on IT ethics.
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Searching for failure? Try George W. Bush

Poor old George Bush: try as he might he just can't convince his critics that his handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster was - until he sort of pulled his finger out - anything other than a complete fiasco.
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Music phones no threat to MP3 players

Apple clearly doesn't perceive Motorola's ROKR phone as a significant threat, and neither does market watcher Canalys, which today said the MP3 player makers are, for now, safe from mobile phone manufacturing rivals.
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Phone cos and rights activists round on Clarke

Mobile phone companies and net service providers have slammed proposed European laws on data retention as illegal, expensive and intrusive.
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NEC wades into deeper channels, signs Interface

NEC Computers has signed UK distie Interface Solutions International to pump channel sales through smaller dealers.
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Wheelbarrow blagger cuffed after 2mph pursuit

A Devon criminal mastermind has been given a two-year community supervision order after pleading guilty to a burglary during which he attempted to make good his escape with a wheelbarrow - only to be cuffed after a two-hour, 2mph dash for freedom with his victim in low-speed pursuit.

Katrina to hammer silicon wafer production?

Hurricane Katrina could have a deeper impact on the world's semiconductor industry than first feared, market watcher iSuppli claimed today.
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Burning Bush fans turn flames on El Reg

FoTW Oh dear. It seems that these days even the mere observation of some simple facts can get a person enough properly abusive flames to start his (or her) own gas-ring-burner.
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Apple pipped to Nano name by arch-rival

Apple may have handed its loss-making MP3 player rival, Creative, an opportunity to win a significant victory in the company's self-proclaimed "war" against the iPod maker.
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War Child album goes down to the wire

It's been tight, but at around 5pm today UK time, music fans will be able to listen to the fundraising War Child compilation album Help: A Day In The Life - knocked together in a record-breaking 24 hours and featuring such luminaries as Radiohead and Gorillaz.
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Rollercoaster gets woman pregnant

Here's an interesting concept for anyone trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant - rumpy-pumpy followed by white-knuckle rollercoaster action might just do the trick.
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Over-the-air iTunes wouldn't choke O2

Tech Digest Are over-the-air downloads to iTunes phones coming next? The networks might be keener on Apple going mobile with the service than you might think.

Firefox blighted by unpatched bug

Security researchers have discovered an unpatched vulnerability in Firefox that might be used to crash vulnarable systems. Hackers might also use the security bug to trick surfers into running malicious code by simply fooling them into visiting a maliciously constructed website.
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Thousands of HP Europe staff to feel Emperor Hurd's axe

Europe will feel the pain of Emperor Hurd's HP job cuts with the region set to lose thousands of positions in the coming months, according to a union official.
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File-sharing Republican blogger tackles Hollywood Hatch

Interview A US politician challenging the pro-Hollywood Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is supporting file-sharing as a means to promote business innovation and keep the internet free.

Sun's Niagara: speeds and feeds emerge

Exclusive Sun Microsystems has said a lot about its 8-core Niagara processor, but it hasn't told you word one about upcoming 6-core and possibly 4-core chips. Luckily, El Reg can help.
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Subpoenas at 6Gbps? RIAA, MPAA join Internet2

The experimental high speed internet project Internet2 has two new members today: a pair of acronyms guaranteed to have researchers rifling anxiously through their "Stuff" directories. Both the Recording Industry Ass. of America, the RIAA, and Hollywood lobby group the Motion Picture Ass. of America, the MPAA, have signed up to the project to explore high-bandwidth DRM.
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Vint Cerf replies: 'I've been busy, you know'

Star Letter Google's newest star hire takes exception to our assertion that he's been in meetings for much of the time since inventing TCP/IP.
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Carly Fiorina joins League of Exiles

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina is the latest big name to join Steve Case's League of Extraordinary Banished Executives - otherwise known as Revolution Health Group (RHG).
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Former HP boss Platt dies

Former HP boss Lew Platt has died suddenly aged 64. Platt will be remembered as the last of HP's engineer managers: he joined HP as an engineer in 1966 with a technical degree from Cornell and an MBA from Wharton, and rose through the ranks.