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DVD-RAM backers promote rival format

Analysis Backers of the DVD-RAM re-writeable DVD format have a problem: how can they persuade PC users and consumers that their format is the best one to adopt? But in their efforts to promote the optical disc technology they could be their own worst enemy.
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Councils face huge workflow challenge

Only one in seven councils has so far fully implemented enterprise workflow within their eGovernment programmes, meaning that to a Whitehall target, most will have to rush through this crucial work at break-neck speed.
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Sony pulls the curtains at IFA 2005

Rumours that Sony wouldn't be present at this year's Consumer Electronics show IFA in Berlin due to its shaky financial condition turned out to be dead wrong.
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Sportingbet in acquisition talks

Sportingbet - the UK-listed betting site - has confirmed it is holding talks concerning the possible acquisition of Empire Online, the gaming outfit which helps promote gambling sites.
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Germans to get iTunes phone for Christmas

In brief T-Mobile said that it plans to sell Motorola's iTunes mobile phone in Germany by Christmas. Apple and Motorola are expected to announce the long-awaited phone this Wednesday. The many music phones on display at the ISF show in Berlin this week include the first models to be fitted with a built-in miniature hard drive. They are competing head on with MP3 players that also have a small hard drive.®
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Gamers give it up for Katrina comrades

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is hoping to mobilise players of Everquest II to support their New Orleans comrades and has activated a new command line to enable direct donations to the Red Cross, the BBC reports.
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Stem cell hype could trigger backlash

A leading fertility expert in the UK believes that the benefits of stem cells have been overhyped by some scientists, and will warn of a backlash from the 'right-to-life' movement when reality does not measure up to expectations.
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World chip sales flat in July

Worldwide semiconductor sales growth effectively stalled in July, the US-based Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) admitted on Friday.
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Drone aircraft to search for Big Easy survivors

Five unmanned, remote-controlled drone aircraft, intended to seek out survivors of Hurricane Katrina, are on their way to Baton Rouge after a US congressman took it upon himself to "obtain" the vehicles from a private company.

ATI to mass-produce R520 'by late Q3'

ATI's next-generation 5xx series of desktop graphics chips will enter volume production by the end of Q3, the company has allegedly told its customers.

Intel's 65nm Pentium Extreme Edition to get '1066MHz FSB'

Intel's dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition will gain support for the chip maker's 1066MHz frontside bus when it enters the 65nm era, if a company roadmap slide leaked onto the Web is to be believed.

Hi-tech no panacea for ID theft woes

Attempts to thwart identity theft and fraud through technology advances are likely to prove counterproductive, a British academic warns.
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iPod Mini to 'drop hard drive, gain colour display'

Apple's iPod Mini is to gain a colour display but lose its hard drive in a major, post-ROKR shake-up of the Mac maker's music player line-up.
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Microsoft's Ballmer: Chair-tossing potty-mouth

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer threw a chair across his office and threatened to "fucking kill Google" when told a key employee was leaving to join the search giant.
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Telewest duets with Virgin Digital

Telewest has paired up with Virgin Digital to plug its new music download service.
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Napster UK touts subscriber numbers

Napster UK's 750,000 users have downloaded or streamed 55m tracks since the service launched in May 2004, the digital music provider said today.
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Scientists tout civilian laser-fusion plans

A group of European scientists has put forward a proposal for a £500m facility to research new approaches to laser fusion that could potentially be built in the UK.
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Rules of Thumb (sometimes) considered harmful

Comment We all like rules of thumb - operational, design or coding shortcuts that don't need any tedious evaluation of alternatives. Effectively, they represent re-use of experience, which is a Good Thing.
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Kazaa owners, users infringe copyright - judge

Australian Federal Court Judge Murray Wilcox has ruled that Kazaa owner Sharman Networks and its principals are guilty of copyright infringement.
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No Jobs keynote at Apple Expo Paris

If Apple CEO Steve Jobs was to have given a keynote at this month's Apple Expo Paris, he certainly isn't now.
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DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-D mobo

Review DFI's popularity has risen steadily ever since it launched its Lanparty range of motherboards a couple of years ago. Since then the Lanparty family has grown with the introduction of a 'lite' version in the shape of the Lanparty UT, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
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British spooks hit AQ bulletin boards

British spooks plotted to use the internet to help promote two separate messages to the Muslim world - one of the engagement which we hear openly from politicians and diplomats and a darker, secret, message to groups of "more radicalised constituencies".

Russian phone retailers bypass distributors

Russia's two largest phone retailers Yevroset and Dixis will no longer buy electronic goods from Russian distributors in an attempt to crack down on smugglers.
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Enraged Brit trashes Bulgarian karaoke

An enraged Brit spent 24 hours in jail and was fined 60 quid for terminating a Bulgarian karaoke with his fists - a small price to pay for bringing to an end a tuneless rendition of Queen's We are the Champions belted out by a couple of melodicidal locals.
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Fire disrupts UK DVD rental service

Online DVD service Video Island is battling to restore normal operations after a fire in its west London warehouse last week. Video Island runs the DVD rental businesses for Tesco, ITV, MSN and easyGroup, as well as its own direct consumer brand, Screenselect.co.uk. The 150,000 combined subscribers to these services are warned to expect a "temporary disruption" and some delays.
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Computer crash threatens Martian photo-op

NASA has been forced to switch off the scientific instruments on board its Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) spacecraft, just a week before the photo opportunity of a lifetime.
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Skype signs VoIP JV in China

Skype is looking to make inroads into the potentially lucrative Chinese market after inking a joint venture (JV) agreement with wireless internet operator TOM Online.
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'Islamic Trojan' disrupts smut surfing

Virus writers have created a Trojan horse which tries to disrupt visits the pornographic websites by displaying messages from the Koran.
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Steve Ballmer: the ultimate online poll

Poll Steve Ballmer - an engima wrapped within a riddle printed on an MS licence agreement. Or is he? You must decide...