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Vendors tout DVD-RAM 16x gear

The Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC), the body behind the DVD-RAM specification, today announced its members have pushed the format's write speed to 16x.
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2005

Zotob worm perps: hanging's too good for 'em

LettersFrom time to time, we at Vulture Central get emails berating us for printing what readers say are straight plugs for companies disguised as fascinating and informative surveys or analysis pieces. This one is typical:
Lester Haines, 03 Sep 2005

Motorola-built iPod Phone next week? Not worth looking at, say pundits

It's been an open secret for a while now that Apple wasn't going to let Sony Ericsson's "Walkman phone" become a market leader in the new market for a combined music/comms toy. Word on the street says that the new phone/player will be announced next week, Sept 7th.
Guy Kewney, 03 Sep 2005

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