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RSS service developed for Salesforce.com

A consulting start-up is RSS-enabling Salesforce.com's customer relationship management (CRM) service, aggregating subscribers' data and helping users reduce information overload.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Aug 2005

On blocking Chinese IP addresses

CommentIn the 1980s, I was unbeatable in Trivial Pursuit, and to this day, I still possess a love of trivia. Here's some neat facts about the Great Wall of China. Did you know...
Scott Granneman, 31 Aug 2005

Disposable credit card? That'll do nicely

Permanent TSB and Visa are encouraging Irish shoppers to go online with the launch of a new disposable credit card voucher.
ElectricNews.net, 31 Aug 2005
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Three spammers face obscenity and CAN-SPAM charges

Three spammers were indicted in Phoenix last week for sending obscene spam in violation of US anti-spam regulations. The three were also charged with breaches of federal obscenity, money laundering and conspiracy laws.
OUT-LAW.COM, 31 Aug 2005

In search of shareware

Software is an expensive commodity. This has been recognised by many companies and reusability is the order of the day. Rather than reusing your own software, another strategy is to use somebody else's. There is a lot of shareware software out there. When you start a new project it makes a lot of sense to see if part of the work has already been done.
Tel Hudson, 31 Aug 2005

60 jobs under threat at Thus

Thus - the Scottish telco behind the Demon internet brand - could be about to axe 60 jobs at its Southend office and export the work to India.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2005

Enceladus presents a puzzle for Cassini team

Enceladus, a tiny moon orbiting Saturn, appears to be venting water into space from a series of fractures over its south pole.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2005
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NEC, Hitachi loosen Elpida ties

Elpida is to gain a measure of independence from co-founders NEC and Hitachi. By the end of September, its parents will have reduced their shareholdings to under 20 per cent and under 15 per cent, respectively.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2005

HTC smartens up bottom line

Taiwanese smart-phone manufacturer HTC today reported Q2 FY2005 net income of TWD2.49bn ($77m) on sales TWD15.44bn ($475m).
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2005

US develops hopping 'Lunar Penguin'

Despite recent military assertions to the contrary, it seems that the US is running a covert black op to militarise the Moon through deployment of a hopping, rocket-powered "Penguin" designed to cover vast lunar distances with a single bound.
Lester Haines, 31 Aug 2005

MS swallows VoIP startup Teleo

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of privately held internet telephony outfit Teleo in a deal that positions the software giant against Skype in the already crowded VoIP market. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2005

Apple, Moto, Cingular lined up to launch iTunes phone

Motorola's highly-anticipated iTunes-equipped mobile phone is expected to make its eagerly awaited debut in seven days' time.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2005

Be pilots 24 meg broadband

Londoners are being offered the chance to hook up to superfast broadband for just £20 a month as part of a trial for local loop unbundling (LLU) by operator Be.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2005

Man flogs bottled Welsh air

An enterprising Welsh businessman will tomorrow launch an invaluable service for expats yearning for a bit of their fragrant motherland - bottled Welsh air at 24 quid a pop.
Lester Haines, 31 Aug 2005

Virgin, HMV to launch UK music downloads

Virgin looks set to beat arch retail rival HMV by a nose when it launches a revitalised UK music download service this week.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2005

This year's ozone hole set to be a whopper

The hole in the Ozone layer over Antarctica this year is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever, satellite images from the European Space Agency (ESA) suggest.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2005

T-Mobile to ship 3G/ Wi-Fi phone Friday

T-Mobile will launch the MDA Pro - better known as the HTC Universal - on Friday, the mobile phone carrier's German operation said today.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2005
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Cisco adds 'self-healing' tech to Cat 6500

Cisco is rejig the software on its flagship enterprise switch, the Catalyst 6500, to support patching and updating of sub-sections of the switch's operating system without having to schedule downtime.
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2005

Gaming addicts do time for neglecting kids

The parents of four kids have been sentenced to three months in jail for neglect, after becoming addicted to internet gaming.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2005

NY subway perv busted by mobe snap

New York's finest are currently hunting a "smirking sicko" who, having exposed himself on the city's subway to a 22-year-old web developer, found himself exposed across cyberspace and the NY Daily News after the quick-thinking victim snapped him on her mobe's* camera.
Lester Haines, 31 Aug 2005

Analysts trash rumoured Vonage IPO

We’re not quite sure which publication to attribute the leak/rumor to, but news organizations are awash with the idea that Vonage is about to apply for an IPO, hoping to raise $600m. Perhaps the Wall Street Journal, which is cited by many sources, was the origin of the story.
Faultline, 31 Aug 2005

Nokia makes the case for mobile TV

Nokia says that data from one of the world's first commercial mobile TV pilots in Helsinki, Finland shows that 41 per cent of pilot participants would be willing to purchase mobile TV services, and that a monthly fee of €10 ($12) is a reasonable price to pay.
Faultline, 31 Aug 2005

TechScape: Vint Cerf on the InterPlanet

InterviewIn the second of TechScape’s three exclusive interviews with Vint Cerf, Bill Robinson investigates the story of the InterPlanet (or Interplanetary Internet as it is sometimes called).
Bill Robinson, 31 Aug 2005

Sat nav suite plots course for Gizmondo

Tiger Telematics is re-pitching its Gizmondo handheld games console as a satellite navigation system, the company revealed this week.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2005

Telecoms spending on the up

Spending on telecoms services such as mobile and broadband continues to climb, according to the latest figures from regulator Ofcom.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2005

South Korea throws strop at Google Earth

The South Korean government is to take the US to task over Google Earth on the grounds that the globetrotting online service shows sensitive military installations laid bare in a way which might benefit North Korea.
Lester Haines, 31 Aug 2005

Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 500GB HDD

ReviewWe've never done a review of a single hard disk before, but this Hitachi drive justifies the attention. It's the first 500GB disk drive to hit the shelves - Hitachi has got its drive to market ahead of the likes of Maxtor and Seagate, who have announced drives but not yet shipped them. Half a terabyte in a single drive. Blimey! writes Leo Waldock.
Trusted Reviews, 31 Aug 2005

Chinese mobe sellers bundle smut to boost sales

Enterprising mobile resellers in eastern China's Anhui Province are bundling free porno clips in order to boost sales of the latest multimedia handsets. Xinhua, China's official news agency, reports that one of its staffers was offered mucky clips as a purchase incentive when he asked for a demo of the video playing feature of a Motorola E398 handset in a store in the city of Bengbu. Sadly the content of the clips remains a mystery.
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2005

IBM wins £10m deal from Kent County Council

IBM has won a five year, £10m deal to supply IT infrastructure and services to Kent County Council. The move is part of Kent's efforts to make its services more directly accessible for its residents.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2005

LogicaCMG racks up revs, profit gains

LogicaCMG claims its just-released preliminary results prove the merger which created the firm is showing long term benefits – almost three years down the line.
Joe Fay, 31 Aug 2005

Perkins get Azlan

Distie round-upComputer 2000 - as Tech Data is called in the UK - has promoted Lee Perkins to run Azlan in the UK. Former Azlan boss Simon Hill was purged last month in the a re-org which saw the loss of 60 jobs. Azlan UK now incorporates C2000's former networking solutions group - which Perkins ran - and its midrange hardware and software portfolio.
Team Register, 31 Aug 2005

Computer in poolside rescue drama

A computer system has saved a ten-year-old girl from drowning in a swimming pool in Wales, by alerting lifeguards when she got into trouble.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2005
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HP warns over OpenView flaw

Enterprise users are been urged to apply workarounds following the discovery of a potentially troublesome vulnerability involving a component of HP's widely used network management suite, HP OpenView. A security bug in Network Node Manager opens the door to possible hacker attack, according to work by security researchers at Portcullis Computer Security and NGS Software.
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2005

Bulldog lining up 20 meg broadband

Bulldog is on the verge of offering a 20 meg broadband service, El Reg has learnt.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2005
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Develop 'super-human' like powers... fast!

Spammers are capitalizing on Hollywood's love affair with superhero flicks to lure gullible email readers with offers of phenomenal superhuman powers.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Aug 2005

Boffins build cancer-spotting nanobelts

Research scientists at Georgia Tech have built nano-scale detectors so sensitive that they will be capable of spotting individual cancer cells.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2005
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Hidden-code flaw in Windows renews worries over stealthy malware

Last week, the Internet Storm Center, a group of security professionals that track threats on the Net, flagged a flaw in how a common Microsoft Windows utility and several anti-spyware utilities detect system changes made by malicious software. By using long names for registry keys, spyware programs could, in a simple way, hide from such utilities yet still force the system to run the malicious program every time the compromised computer starts up.
Robert Lemos, 31 Aug 2005

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