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Zotob suspects arrested in Turkey and Morocco

Law enforcement officials in Turkey and Morocco arrested two men in connection with the recent release of the Zotob worm, the FBI announced Local authorities arrested 18-year-old Farid Essebar in Morocco and 21-year-old Atilla Ekici in Turkey on Thursday, according to the FBI. The U.S. law enforcement agency believes that Essebar coded the Zotob worm and the Mytob bot software, on which the worm was based, for Ekici, who allegedly paid the programmer.

Spyware creator – and his customers – indicted

The creator and several buyers of a keylogging software package marketed as a means of checking up on loved ones, have been indicted in the US for accessing computer systems without authorisation, the Associated Press reports.
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Intelsat picks up PanAmSat for $3.2bn

Intelsat is to buy PanAmSat for $3.2bn, to form the world's largest satellite operator, providing television and telephony services from 53 satellites.
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ATI predicts sales slide as margins collapse

ATI has slashed its Q4 revenue expectations, reversing an anticipated sequential gain into a decline, after its gross margin collapsed during the quarter.

Parliament urged to restrain EPO's software patenting

The European Parliament should pass a resolution urging the European Patent Office to ensure that it complies with the existing rules on the patentability of computer-related inventions, according to leading campaigner Florian Mueller.
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Diamonds lose 'world's hardest' title

Diamonds have been usurped as the world's hardest material, thanks to researchers in Germany, who have made a new material by compressing carbon-60 molecules. They have dubbed their new form of carbon "aggregated diamond nanorods".
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Powerline broadband on the up-and-up

Broadband over powerline (BPL) is hardly a new approach to bringing high speed access to inaccessible parts, whether these are villages or corners of the home or office. But it has suffered from low vendor interest and various technical hitches, until now, when it is finally taking its place alongside wireless technologies as a way to expand broadband access cost effectively.
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Pipex WiMAX play to shake up UK market?

The UK market for broadband wireless services is set to become highly complex – and a possible proving ground for various technologies and business models – as the main holder of 3.5GHz spectrum, Pipex, shows its hand. Pipex holds the national license for 3.5GHz spectrum but, to date, has scarcely used the asset, leaving the PCCW-owned UK Broadband the only significant player in licensed broadband wireless services with its nationwide 3.4GHz holdings.

Ireland unveils supercomputing centre

A new 'supercomputing' centre aims to address the growing need among Ireland's researchers for computational resources The Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC), which will be based in Dublin, is set to begin operations on 1 September, thanks to a €2.6m Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) grant.
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Reading council in audacious recycling initiative

The problem of what to do with clapped-out electronic equipment continues to tax the EU's best minds. The alternatives are straightforward enough: you can take it to be lovingly dismantled and recycled; or you can simply bury it. The former, while highly desirable, is expensive; the latter, an ultimately unsustainable option as vast tracts of countryside are converted into poisoned dumping grounds.
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Oracle ready to save the mobile industry by reducing costs

Brandishing its newly-discovered motto: "We're customer-centric", giant software company Oracle is making an all-out bid to take over the running of the world's mobile phone operators, by pulling all their multiple applications into a single stack.
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Apple books Freescale

Apple has contracted chip maker Freescale to supply it with microprocessors through to the end of 2008.

IT contractors 'neglect insurance'

Nearly two-thirds of IT contractors believe they do not need any insurance cover, according to a new study.
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UK.gov to ban violent porn

UK ministers are considering plans to make downloading violent sexual images from the net a criminal offence. Distributing footage depicting rapes or other so-called extreme pornography is illegal (under the Obscene Publications Act 1959) but current laws do not allow prosecution for simple possession. This contrasts with laws on the possession of images of child abuse.

ATI preps 'five' AMD Socket M2 chipsets

ATI will next year launch five chipsets targeting AMD's upcoming M2 interconnect, if Taiwanese sources are to be believed.
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Infineon chips in with Xbox 360 security part

Infineon will provide memory chips and a wireless controller for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, the two companies both said yesterday, but it's the "advanced security chip" it will also produce that will cause more controversy.
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Whining American eBays 'devil doll'

Those readers who think that Hurricane Katrina is just about the worst thing that can happen to an honest, God-fearing American would do well to consider that your house blowing down is as nothing compared to the terrible calamity which has befallen the owner of the "Julie" devil doll - a porcelain manifestation of pure evil now available on eBay to anyone with the courage to face the truly apocalyptic consequences of making a successful bid.
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Job cuts loom for Legend

Staff at Lancaster-based ISP Legend Communications have to decide by today whether to accept voluntary redundancy.
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Rio owner quits MP3 player market

Rio owner D&M Holdings is to quit the mass-market portable music player market, the company said on Friday.
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Ingram Micro Europe talks up mobility campaign

Ingram Micro Europe has set up a business team to drive sales of mobile phones and other wireless products. Team members are Mark Moons, who joins the distie giant from Dangaard Telecom, and Remco van der Panne, an internal appointment.
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eBay in bare-knuckle gypsy fight kerfuffle

The Belfast Telegraph and Sinn Fein are leading a campaign to KO eBay auctions of DVD bare-knuckle gypsy-on-gypsy fight action. The newspaper has already provoked eBay.co.uk to pull two auctions for such material, although there is plenty of raw footage still available to eager punters, such as this sale (soon to be counted out, we have no doubt), which declares:

Censorware software fails to cut it

Parental control software is only partially effective and needs to be supplemented by parental supervision of their children's online activities, according to a study by Computing Which?, the consumer magazine.
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Dixons buys Equanet

Dixons Stores Group has bought Equanet, one of the UK's bigger independent resellers, for an undisclosed sum. No jobs cuts are expected, reports CRN, the UK channel magazine.
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The many benefits of SSO

Quocirca’s changing channels Single sign-on (SSO) can benefit the ease of use and security of IT in any organisation that expects its employees to use multiple applications, often from multiple locations. Until recently, it was mostly enterprises that have made use of SSO, but a new appliance, launched in Europe this year makes it practical for the mid-market and is an opportunity for resellers.
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UK Gov must meet biometric standards on ID cards

Any national identity card introduced in the UK will have to meet new international standards for biometrics.
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NZ to get next generation phone network

Telecom - New Zealand's incumbent telco - is to blow US$220m on a new digital phone network.

Stolen Windows source code fence pleads guilty

A Connecticut man faces up to 10 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to selling illicit copies of Windows source code. William P. Genovese, 28, of Meridan in Connecticut, this week confessed to unlawfully distributing stolen Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 source code over the net, CNN reports. He was caught last year after an unnamed security firm hired by Microsoft and an undercover FBI agent both made sample purchases through a site run by Genovese called illmob.org.
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EU invests in stem cells for the real world

The EU has committed $32m of funding to a research consortium that aims to commercialise stem cell tissue engineering technologies over the next four years, according to reports.
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Chinese go mental for nude web chat

Pity if you will the poor old Chinese authorities in their fight to stem the tide of internet-provoked social destabilisation. First up, you've got Sister Furong flaunting herself like a two-bit hussy, then there's the thousands of addicts relentlessly gaming themselves into online degeneracy.
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Orange offers cut-price broadband

Orange has teamed up with sibling Wanadoo to offer its new punters 2 meg broadband for £9.99 a month.
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Zotob arrests throws open trade in compromised PCs

One of two men arrested last week over the Zotob worm outbreak has been linked to the creation of 20 other viruses.

StorageTek shareholders cheer Sun buy

StorageTek shareholders appear thrilled to turn the company into a division of Sun Microsystems, voting today in favor of the acquisition.

Creative Technology beats Apple on MP3 patent

Creative Technology has been crowing after it was awarded a patent for MP3 player interface technology used by devices like rival Apple's popular iPod.

Fujitsu turns green over Opteron workstation

AMD has done a bit of public relations dirty work on behalf of a partner by issuing a press release celebrating a new Opteron-based workstation from Fujitsu Siemens.

Windows Vista in your Christmas stocking?

Microsoft has apparently put a date on the release of the next version of its Windows client, Windows Vista.