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Brazil cuffs 85 in online bank hack dragnet

In brief Brazilian federal police last week cuffed 85 people across seven states suspected of hacking online bank accounts and netting $33m, Reuters reports.
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Student constructs hamster-powered mobe charger

We've often wondered for what purpose exactly hamsters were put upon this earth, and now we know: to charge mobile phones.

Microsoft will make you pay for Virtual Server

No one would mistake Microsoft's server virtualization software team for a smooth operator. The group managed to change its stance on two issues during last week's Intel Developer Forum (IDF) event, telling customers they'll have to pay for an update to Virtual Server 2005 and shifting the release date for revamped virtualization software for the "Longhorn" Server operating system.

Intel abandons GHz war, embraces cool future

IDF in Review As we understand it, there are some of you who have lives or at least other things to do. So, you may not have traveled out to San Francisco for last week's Intel Developer Forum (IDF). (Or, maybe you work at AMD, and they had you locked down at a workstation, trying to get a production edge.)
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US taxpayers asked to build dams in China?

Should US taxpayers fund public works projects in China? Such a reality may be closer than you think if Chinese PC maker Lenovo gets its way in North Carolina.

Savings, not skills, driving outsourcing

There's been a substantial drop in the number of companies outsourcing application development in order to utilize external skills, as more companies instead turn to outsourcing for cost savings.
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This Commons Just Isn’t Creative

Letters What is creativity? How much does it rely on computers? And is copyright today abused so badly by rights holders that we face a new Dark Ages?

BMC and CFO have feelings of mutual resignation

BMC hit investors and customers with unexpected news on Monday, revealing that its CFO George Harrington has resigned.
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Server start-up says Dell is too hot to be cheap

Start-up Azul Systems has made an example out of Dell by pitching the server giant as a seller of hot, pricey gear.